difficulty losing weight on mirtazapine

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Hi everyone,

I've been on 45mg mirtazapine for a year and a half, during which time i've put about 19lb. I've been trying to lose this for the past few months but nothing i do seems to work - i lose a pound, then my weight shoots up 3 pounds for no reason, then i stop losing at all. I'm feeling very well at the moment and so am out exercising 5-6 times a week (intensive cardio workouts, eg squash) and watching what i eat very carefully but the weight won't shift.

Has anyone else also experienced difficulty losing weight while on this med? I've been on medication for 10 years and mirtazapine has worked the best by far so i don't want to come off it, i'd just like to be able to lose the weight...

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    I was on 45mg Mirtazipine for just over a year as gained nearly 3 stone! I have just stopped them five days ago so hopefully the weight might start dropping off

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    Hi everyone,

    I have never been on any of these forums before, but I am glad I have now! I am 27 and on 30mg mirtazapine, Ive been on it for about 3 months and put on just over a stone and a half. I was beginning to think I was ill, I am super active, climbing, biking hiking, dancing and heading to the gym. Being so active and putting on fat when I've always been able to control my weight was making me more depressed!

    I am throwing them in the bin I think!! I hope the weight comes off!

    Thank you all for sharing, it certainly helps when you have a reason as to why weight just keeps flying on!!

    I hope everyone is ok and manages to sort it all out!

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    hi, i know this thread is a little old but thought id add my exp.....

    ive been on mirtazipine for a few months, ive stopped taking them now. I also got diagnosed as having an underactive thyroid. Both these things combined i put on FOUR STONE in a year! gone from size 10, 10 stone (im 5' 7") to size 16 and 14 stone, BMI 30!!! surprised

    ive lost almost 1/2 a stone this week from dieting and not taking the mirt..pine. I would say this is a bad drug for weight gain and i dont think its a gd anti-depressant. Ive stopped taking any, except my diazepam which i need for my anxiety/panic attacks. 

    I guess you could keep weight gain to a minimum if you hada very strict diet and exercised cardio alot but id rather just eat sensibly and not take the tablets...

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    Just started on met. Put on a hit of weight.  What are your tips to loose the weight would u advise? 
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      I have lost nearly half a stone in 9 weeks on mirtazapine. I have been on it 3 years and gained a stone and a half. I lost half a stone in ten days when I tried to come off it, mainly because of severe nausea, so went back on it. So I was one stone heavier than my pre mirtazapine weight at the start of my diet. I decided to diet after Christmas and have stuck to a rigid calorie controlled diet since then. The weight has been gradually coming off.

      My advice to anyone wanting to lose weight on mirtazapine is to wait until your weight stabilizes and then try and diet. I don't think weight loss is possible until your body has fully adjusted to the mirt, which can take 6 months - a year.

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      Hi Evergreeen! 

      That's very interesting! Thanks for sharing! Would you mind to share more about your diet? I mean, is it low carb, low fat, low-cal.  How many calories did you allow yourself per day? Did you take any supplements? 

      My pdoc just started me on Thursday on Mirt but since I am already obese and have just lost 20 lbs successfully I am absolutely not willing to give those up! LOL On the contrary. I want to keep losing. 

      So right now I am following a very low calorie diet, low fat and am using PGX (over-the-counter stuff that makes you feel full). 

      I'd love to hear more about your experience!

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      Do not be too disheartened if you do gain weight at first even while you are dieting. My own take on it is that your body needs a few months to adapt itself to the mirt and correct the effect it has on your metabolism. The less you are able to eat during this time, the more you will limit the almost ievitable weight loss. However, once your body has adjusted itself, weight loss is no harder than without the mrt.

      I have a physical job and I have worked out that to stay the same weight my body needs 2126 calories a day. If I eat less than this, I lose weight. I don't eat meat, only fish but I do not cut out fat or carbs or anything else. I just stick to an average of 1800 calories a day. This is working really well. But the slimmer you get, the less food you need to stay the same weight, so it does get gradually harder to lo weight.

      Good luck with your weight loss. You have a really good attitude and I'm sure you will be successful. Just don't get to disheartened it you gain weight to begin with.

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      Thanks so much for replying so quickly!!

      I think the hardest part of dieting is actually not to get disheartened when the scale doesnt respond to your efforts. A vicious circle when you are depressed. wink

      Just one quick question:

      When you wrote this "The less you are able to eat during this time, the more you will limit the almost inevitable weight loss."

      Did you mean that dieting now will make it difficult to lose weight later or would you rather say that dieting now will limit the inevitable weight gain?

      I hope it's the latter. 

      I've been losing nicely on Wellbutrin for the last 2 months, eating about 1300-1600 cal a day. With Mirt now I am trying to keep to 1000-1200. Obviously hoping to lose weight or at least sustain it.


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      and 'yes' not 'yess'!
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    Hi, I've always been slim till last year! I was on 25mg of mitrazapine. I put one 4stone in 6months. I do find it helps me sleep, but couldn't handle the weight gain! Put myself down to 7 and a half mg.Lost 2stone. !But my weight hasn't budged for last 2 months. Please if anyone could let me know if the reason why is the half a tablet I take at night the reason why? Appreciate any comments.
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      I'm afraid that even the smallest amount of mirtazapine makes you gain weight and makes it extremely difficult to lose it even if you follow a strict diet and exercise program. I was on 30mg a day and am now on 11.25mg and there has been no difference in my weight. Although I did manage to lose a stone whilst on 30mg a day, it was extremely tough going.
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    Hi everyone I have been on 30mg since August due to depression and insomnia it knocks me out at night but the weight gain is terrible nearly 2 and half stone since being in this does anyone know if it is safe to just stop this ? I can deal with not sleeping if I stopped this but I can't keep taking the weight gain
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      No, please don't just stop it because it can cause terrible withdrawal symptoms if you do. You need to speak to your GP first, but then taper off it very slowly. It is possible to lose the weight whilst still taking mirt. I gained 20lbs and lost the whole lot over the course of a year whilst still on 30mg of mirt. It is much harder than if you are not on it though because it not only makes you crave food but also lowers your metabolism so you don't actually need as many calories in a day to stay the same weight. That is why people still put on weight even if they are not eating more than they usually do. I cut my calories right down and worked out daily.
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      Thank you for quick reply I'll speak to my GP about tapering off then I'm very active and not eating no more than I was before I'm only 5ft2 so the weight gain really notice on me I'm paranoid as it is about my weight I wish GP had mentioned this when I was put on it hopefully I'll be able to lose the weight

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