Digestive issues and brain fog

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Hi ladies,

Having a bit of a rough go these last few weeks, and am convinced it is all menopause related, but I find coming on here and reading your words to be very reassuring.

For most of the month of July, I have been having digestive issues- nausea, painful gas in my stomach and abdomen as soon as I eat, lack of appetite, and weight loss. It's very upsetting! On top of that, I often have major brain fog. I can't think straight at all! And it feels like my head is fully of cotton.

I have an amazing doctor, and booked phone appointment for tomorrow, but thought I'd come on here, in case you ladies have any words of wisdom or encouragement. Have a great day.

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    hi cindy ive had these digestive issues for months now bloating, no appetite, running to the loo first thing in the morning, nausea & feeling like i have something stuck in my throat. its just horrible ive lost some weight too so forcing myself to eat at the moment its awful. i think i probably have acid reflux but spend a lot of time in bed because im so exhausted, good luck at the docs let me know what they advise x

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      I've had the sensation of something stuck in my throat a lot!! Doc said it could be hormones. Could be gall bladder related. I suspect it isn't- I had my gall bladder removed 7 years ago. Can't imagine this is suddenly appearing now! I've got myself convinced it is menopause related- especially when I read the comments of the many good ladies on here. Take care!!

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      hi sorry to interupt

      but i am similar to yourself

      been having awful digestive issues and bloating and no appetite

      i am defo peri too

      i called gp today regarding my stomach issues and dr asked me to do a stool test asap!

      my anxiety is sky high

      i did the test and handed in soo embarresing she put on form

      suspected "helicopacter pylori"

      i tjought "wat the hell"

      wont get results till tues sooo scared


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      ps she said i could have infection in stomach

      i also noticed my last blood tests showed i had low folic acid and low vit d

      never had this before

      all soo scary

      also have awful sore boobs ,palps, bad sleep and anxiety on top

      i thought these stomach issues were part of peri menopause

      my period was 38 days apart normal 28

      feeling sooo scared x

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      i have the exact same symptoms

      i called gp

      had to do a stool sample

      as told her my symptoms


      acid coming back up in throat and left rib feels uncomfatable

      get results on tues for "helicopacter pylori

      i tjought she was gunna give me acid reflux tabs but said i need to take this test

      its a parasite i read in stomach and can cause havoc


      hoping somone on here has been through this


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      oh really, well yes it could be something like that i guess? sounds like your gp is being very helpful to be honest, try not to worry (i know easier said than done my health anxiety is through the roof) if it is that then a guess antibiotics will sort, let me know the results. personally i know anxiety messes with your stomach too its a vicious circle

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      i find it gets worse on a period

      and as you said i suffer severe anxiety!

      the early wakening with palps are the worst and always feel off balanced awful stuff!!

      i am hoping soneome knows bout this test i did today

      thing is it has set my anxiety sky high !

      i started looking up symptoms and i have them all but then its also peri symptoms too

      sooo scared

      thank you for replying xxx

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      wonder if anyone else has had this ?

      well i wont know till tues omg gunna be a awful weekend

      i havent even eaten today as to scared too

      just took a diazapam to calm me down xx

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      poor you sending hugs, i had a glass of orange juice earlier which im now paying for with the acid feeling, just about to eat but no appetite again. can you try crackers or something plain. have you tried to meditate? i have a great app called 'insight timer' its really helped with my health anxiety x

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      also this is all part of peri, hormones play a big part in your digestion too, i read alot of woman suffer with digestive issues for months which suddenly disappear

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      thank u so much for replying its really helped me calm down

      yes i have read others but when u are in high state of anxiety its soo hard to see the positive side

      i am sure all these issues are defo hormones

      keep being asked to try anti deppressants but scared to try them

      also keep thinking bout hrt

      even though i am still having flows

      everyday there is a new issues to worry bout

      i wish i never called dr now lol

      i am sitting here now with like chest pains (not severe) but like unconfortable

      i also keep waking crack of dawn 3 or 4 am most mornings awful stuff right !

      just scary times xxx

      hope your ok and managed to eat

      i have defo lost weight too as my appetite is rubbish

      my monthlys seem to be getting further apart and worse pms symptoms

      sorry lol i could chat forever

      its hard also yo get everything in with the dr as u have 10 mins

      anyway will defo keep in touch and let you know the outcome of results tues x

      can i ask though that have you finished your cycles or still in flow

      and wat symptoms have you had

      but no worries if the list is too long lol xxx

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      i get the dizzy head too and off balance when i walk

      when i did my bloods

      it came out with low folic acid and vit d

      never have i had all this

      wondering if lack of vits are too do with my stomach issue or its just part of menopause

      i take 5mg folic acid daily and vit d

      wonder if i can take anything else (vitimin wise)

      folic acid ??? isnt that b12 or same family

      only thought that was for pregnant woman xxx

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      my cycles where quite regular really last few where maybe 24 days apart though lasting two days but litrally half a day heavy bleed then like dark brown bleed the rest. im on femoston 2/10 now (3rd week) & should get a cycle after 4th week its all quite new to me. have so many symptons started with headaches, dizzy spells, aching joints, crushing fatigue, digestive issues, itchy skin, dry eyes, receding gums, burning tongue, low mood, feelings of doom, health anxiety through the roof! google the 66 symptoms of peri pretty sure ive had them all, its so lovely to chat with you & yes i did manage to eat even though had to force it down! ive kept a diary the 8 months which really helps track symptons & put your mind at rest if they come back

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      I've had every stomach test possible. All came back negative. Was tested for h pylori too and it came back negative. I would'nt be surprised if some of your issues really are peri related. Take care of yourself. This is hard!!! xo

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      woow that has really eased my mind !

      did u find it hard to burp

      its like i have unconfatable chest feeling

      and i just cant burp

      thank u for kind reply

      you guys have really helped me today xxx

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      i was offered patches but then another dr said no dint use them as i am still having montlys

      different drs say different things

      not heard of your ones ?

      i been watching "louise newson "

      menopause dr she is amazing but private so no chance

      so do you think i am defo menopausal?

      i am 48

      well 49 nxt week

      i just want to feel normal and laugh and socualise like i used to

      now i am like a hermet no life just at home doing nothing

      i would do anything ti be able to sleep through the night and wake up normal instead of a nervous wreck xxx

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      you sound peri menopausal to me because you still having your cycle, you are menopausal when you havent had a cycle for at least 12 months. the femoston is a tablet. 14 with estrogen & then 14 with estrogen plus progesteron to protect my womb i think my energy levels are slightly better after 3 weeks but can take 3 months to see full benefit. theres lots of different hrt you can take if you still have a cycle, keep researching & dont let the dc fob you off, quality of life is so important but remember you are not alone as you can from this forum! have you downloaded the 'balance' app its another great one with info & other ladies posting stuff on too

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      been offered

      mitazapine citrapram prozac and others

      but dont wanna take that route as i know my body and drs just say to me "no we saw ur blood tests and your fsh levels are normal but i know my own body

      yes they do fob me off x

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      No worries! We have each other on this forum. You sound just like me in your symptoms. Scary, but likely just fluctuating hormones. We are just too sensitive! And it's hard. And other people just don't get it. And yes, about the burping. xo

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      hi again

      hope ur all good?

      just wanted to ask if u ever get really teary and emotional like the top of the hat ?

      also i kept getting like my chest is tight and pressure

      last two days

      scary xxx

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      really thinking bout maybe a anti deppressant lol tbh

      as i feel so anxious day and night just really struggling xxx

      wondering if they may help me

      or hrt

      i was given esterderm 50 mx patches btw

      but i know you cant take this on its own

      i need progestisn cant spell it !!!

      just in two minds wat to take or do !

      woke again at 4,30am been up ever since

      my eyes bags are awfull and lok like a 90 yr old

      my body is sagging like my muscle is gone


      sorry just feeling alone today and so confused bout wats happening to me

      this time 2 yrs ago i was happy healthy fit working going out all glammed up but now i am a different person like i have been hijacked out of my own body xxxx

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      yes my muscle tone has really gone the few months, also can cry at the drop of a hat too! its all very scary my throat is so sore today from acid & my stomach also just feel very fed up & tired today tight chest etc like you i was fit & healthy two years ago now i dont feel like leaving the house

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      was gunna say its weird how symptoms change then you start worrying bout that one

      first it was my stomach now its like muscle tension and low mood xxx

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      thank you sweetheart, no improvement yet but the doc said to give it at least 3 months sometimes i think hrt has made me feel worse but then at times i start to feel okayish i guess hormones fluctuating daily still xxx

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      thats good news, i think you have peri digestive issues like me! i have a really painful stomach again today with bloating & back ache, no energy, no appetite etc etc i hope one day it all sorts itself out but difficult when everyday seems the same

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      i keep getting palps weird heartbeats scares the life out of me

      tbh i was hoping it was a infection as then i can feel better but now i know its not that it worrys me i have omerpazole at chemist waiting but scared to take that now

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      was going to ask you bout the dizzy head

      does it feel like u are wearing someone elses glasses lol thats how i get xxx i tend to get my palps nightime and mornings are yours like funny beats or fast beats i get both

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      yes its a great app, makes you understand all these strange symptons which seem to be our new normal, yes i get the glasses thing, feel quite unsteady at times. my palps are a bit of both to be honest i seem to get them during & after i eat which i think is the anxiety of not wanting to eat but forcing myself too but get them at random times all day. i dont smoke, but havent drank coffee for months i cant even stand the smell anymore!

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