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Dihydrocodeine (Dicodin/DHC) and vicodin

I have more of a question. I have searched the internet and cant seem to find much about it. I have read in a few sites that Dihydrocodeine can be used like methadone. Though that isnt was it is usually prescribed for. So my question is..can you take Vicodin or other opiates with Dihydrocodeine? Sometimes if Vicodin doesnt work well enough I would like to take a Dihydrocodeine to see how that works for pain but I dont want it to block my Vicodin. I have called a pharmacist and he didnt even know what Dihydrocodeine (Dicodin/DHC) was.If anyone has any information about this...personal experiance of a website..anything I would really appreciate it.Thank you.


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