Diverticula Dismissal

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I think that i have just had the shortest appointment time with a doctor.ever

Four minutes max. Told I had severe Diverticula Disease, to eat a high 

fibre diet, ,and to look on the inter net if I wanted any more information, then  he was out of the door, and that was it ,,except for a parting shot

delivered in the corridor ""to come back if I had  it again"

  Who do I now ask my shed load of questions ? Oh yes    The Internet.

Silly me, to think that anyone cared  !!!!!!

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    Bet you are a tad disappointed Jac! Wanted to have so many questions answered from a professional but sadly not the case. The dr told you info that you already knew. Annoying. Chin up lass, we won't be beaten by this horrible disease. 

    Try and have a good Sunday :-)

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    Typical dr my hospital gave exactly the same advice! Internet? Where is all the helpful information this forum is the best place for that and we are no experts. Hope you will be feeling better soon x
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      So, do we all wait until we are writhing in agony and ring 111,or if  worse

      do 999?  When a little  (I would settle for a little) information and guidance 

      to tell us all how to take care of ourselves seeing as they don't want to

      You have got it right about the forums Linda especially the Diners one

       Feel better now that I know you are still there x

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    Jacqueline.  I can uderstand your cynicism, but why are you surprised?  I was one of the first people to post on this forum and, if you go back to the beginning, you will see my lengthy comment.  I have always been met with short, dismissive shrift and this has gone on for 30 years - it's jsu palling.  Treatment does seem to vary and it's sketchy and often useless.  I was told immediately after sigmoidoscopy and diagnosis that surgery (once used) was not now considered an option.  And yet, other contributors to this site have had surgery - some with good, others with bad results.   It's an ignored disease suffered by thousands (which is exactly the dismissive answer given by a GP) and, if it were something apparent like, say cancer, it would receive immediate attention.  I am careful over diet (I have a dietician) and it helps - but it is palliative and not the answer
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      Morning Jonn, you are up early. Don't quite know how to get to the 

      beginning of your forum, there are only six on here . A lttle guidance 

      would be good 

      Have you had this awful scary for 30 years ? I consider it scary ,because I never know when it's going to come on,and the intensity of 

      the pain that it brings.

      I really did not expect to be treated like a pain in the proverbial,for 

      wasting the doctor's time by being there with such a trivial matter

      (to Him)  He did bother to tell me that I had a severe case,and left it at that. Iwanted to ask, How severe,  what will happen  , will it get any 

      worse ?? But I couldn't ask questions to a disappearing back.,and ,

      I have not been given the opportunity to ask the next time, as there will be NO next time. 

      Have you joined the diverticular  (Privacy ) forum ? Seems to be mostly Americans who are on it ,and operations to them is like going to the

      dentist for a tooth extraction,and they all seem to be having bits ,or/ all of the pouchy probs removed. probably because they pay 

      I still don't know if the  ---answer to everything, Paracetamol---- helps

      dull the pain. I don't take anything.

      I did read somewhere on this endless information  PLC that Vitamin D

      and probiotics might help, so, as one would, try anything, started on

      them probiotics in capsule form ,as the constant shopping for Yakult

      did not appeal to my dislike of shopping at the best of times ,

      Results so far are good I started on 28th August and not had a twinge


      I can't get over your 30 years, Jac


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      Hi Jac.  Yes, an early bird (and an insomiac, I suspect). I blame the kids!

      Yes, it really is 30 years and, let me tell you, you will always get short shrift from the medical profession.  I was a career civil servant (Diplomatic and others) which has, over the years, required 15 moves of home. Disturbing for all including the children (and, don't ever send them to boarding school - a lesson I learned when one of my son's told me when he was 21 of a master's bullying).  As a result, I have had to re-register a number of times back in UK.  I recall when just telling a GP that I was a sufferer of Diverticulosis, she said " Yes, you and millions of others"  I am a champion of our NHS (I fear for it though) but I did have the 'priviledge' of Harley Street.  I was told categorically that operations to remove the infected Sigmoid were not now carried out.  The gut simply re-stretches and the diverticuli return.  I have  a lot of wind (let's not hedge with euphamisms - I fart a lot) embarrassing and anti-social.  I am careful with my diet and avoid extra spicy foods, onions and others.  I find pulses helpful but farty.  Yoghurst is good but don't buy expensive.

      It's strange because one guy on the forum says how unaffected he is with hot specy foord - in fact relishes it!  I suspect it's try and retain or try and discard.  I take Co-Codmol 30/500 for pain relief.  They are, I am told, liable to make one constipated.  I don't care.  Relief from having to 'go' is good because contiual 'going' can make for a very sore bum.

      Jac. I really am not very clever and I have no idea how to gt back to the top of the forum.  It would be interesting, however, because I did list a long diatribe about diet (prescribed by my dietician) which some found useful.. and you might also.

      Let's hope the MODERATOR sees this and gives us guidance.

      Let me know how you progress.  I'm not sure that we can pass emall addresses but, in case we can, mine is


      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service. I have reported this to myself and will advise on how to find other users' posts etc when I get time


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      Hello again Jon .I well remember you from Divi Diners purely because of

      your farting your way around Sainsbury's. where did you disappear to ??

      You went on holiday, and gone!!!! It must have been a hell of a holiday.

      I'm glad you are back we had some proper laughs,, well, I did.

      Has no-one offered to do a removal job on you ,after all these years of

      suffering you must have endured ? Surely by now Harley St must be

      a tad more enlightened after 30 years. Those tabs for pain that you are taking, would have me on the ceiling The best painkiller invented was

      Co- proxamol, which was pulled off because some pillock over dosed

      on them  I'm a lot anti -tablets because of the god awful side effects

      which cost me a holiday 4 months  ago and money  Are you still being

      treated for the  dustbins ,? have you acquired any  more, and have you

      had further colonocopy's to see how they are doing. ?

      Sorry about all the questions ,but there are more, if you can stand it


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      Jac, Hi.  Where have you been?

      Dug this out when sorting junk  From dietician 30 years ago!  Hope (think) it still applies.


      Vitamins A,C,C




      L. Glutimine

      Cabbage Juice


      Cucumber (not for me!)




      Hope you are well.  You were having a bad bout the last time we 'spoke'  b.w's Jon

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      You v'e got lost AGAIN, Was Houdini your mentor.

      Now .Iam a wee bit ahead of you on the vits and things.

      Started taking Vit D and probiotics Capsule form,on August 28th

      Magic, no pains ,no probs, and of course no side effects. 

      just thought about the Co enzyme to add, 'cos Ive a shed load of them, but been hanging back whilst the other two get sttled in.

      You sound like a Hoarder I have to do  a crafty removal of stuff whilst my ma has been in respite.

      I think the last time we "Spoke" was after I came home after the op

      on my shoulder, and brought some of the hospital bugs with me

      So. which of the vits and things are you going to try ?


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      I am hopeless, aren't I.  I take some Vitamins ACE and Glucosomine.  I also eat quantities of Greek yoghurt (not Activa or probiotic) I don't have any of the greens (Cabbage Water - sounds like Sarah Miles drinking her own pee) Ugh. I eat/drink peppermint BEFORE meals (genuine strict medical information) and ginger (only as an additon/content of a dish) .

      I drink (and never to excess - well not these days), Wine (usually, Merlot, Rioja or, when I can afford it, Chatauneuf du Pape. Spirits Gin, Brandy, Scotch and Vodka (when the Gin runs low) and..beer.

      No ill effects. Now, the shoulder. I have had two arthroscopies on my right shoulder. The second (about 2 years ago and successful). Apart from picking up those germs in hospital, was it a success?  Are you feeling the benefits?   Had an 'uncomfortable' day yesterday - today OK (so far).  Jon

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      Morning Jon. RAIN .Why don't you try the probiotic  capsules ? One a.m

      one p.m then you don;t have to consume vast amounts .AND they don't 

      go off Holland & Barratt sell them.Can't see what the cabbage water does. apart from make you pee and in your case ,add to the "windy city" 

      I damaged my shoulder pruning a large shrub two years ago. I

      actually felt it tear, but was ignored, sent for physio NHS method

      No Hands System. had steroid injections ,off the mark/ Finally did

      a bit of frustrated shouting at the G.P and things started to happen

      Out come was had excess calcium growth shaved off .Keyhole surgery

      No driving of course, execises ,to ward off a frozen shoulder SO,

      the four days in bed with germs gave me lots of time to do more

      exercises. Did good ,as thw Physio let me drive again after only one

      week See the consultant who operated, and expect to be sacked 

      Some pain with some movement  to be expected as bones do hurt,

      so I was told  Can't ride yet  boo hoo. Glad it has been done  Jac  

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      I will try the capsules Jac.  Why not?  Anything for a bit of relief when things get bad.  I am told that the calcium will re-grow and that I may have to have more shaving in the future to release the tendon.  I haev, to some degree, learned to live with DD, its pain; discomfort etc.,  I will never come to terms with the continual farting.  Do you know about Petaman (I think he was Irish.  I may have spelled his name wrongly).?
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      the calcium shouldn't grow back if you have full use of your shoulder joint

      The surgeon wanted to repair the tear, but I said no, because the 

      recovery time is about a year ,and it doesn't hurt. 

      The tabs are called Acidophilus   mega potency 100 tabs

      Iwas told hat D.D sufferers lacked Vit D  ,so I am building my internals

      with it 

      Thought all Irish men were called Paddy??

      Ask the staff at H&B if there is a fart remover.tell them it's for your mother.



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      Did you think the physiotherapy was doing any good (hard tell tell after one session - what a silly question!)  I had a few sessions (in and out with the elastic around the door handle) but found not really worth the journey to hospital. I'm O.K. and so it doesn't seem to have done me any harm by passing the physio. Interested to know what YOUR man has to say about re-growth. 
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      I was given a sheet of exercises to do when I left the hospital.About

      5  Had to spend a few days in bed at home,a little hospital buggy. so I 

      did 3 of the arm swinging thingys, which obviously kept the socket  .

      moving .and when the physio saw the action ,she sacked me, but as the days moved on I began to stiffen a tad particularly with the arm behind the back one . So I am to be returned to the physio, who .hopefully.

      will not give me a hard time, because of the consultant

      Strangely, the muscle at the top of the shoulder is swollen and tugs

      when asked to lift ," Nothing."  Was shown piccies of what had been done, and quite a chunk of growth had been removed by what looked 

      like a mimi bacon slicer Good thing is, even though I am not happy about it ,a couple of Paracetamol does remove the painI

      Ithink you have missed a couple of my notes!!! probably because they

      are on different forums .It;s a bit like ""hunt the thimble ""

      Jac Pain free and full of breakfast cheesygrin


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      I love  'tell them it's for your mother.  Le Petomane was a professional farter.  He ould fart at will; fart tunes and performed on stage.  He could isert a tun and blow candles out at (I thin 20ft.)  His audience included the (then) Prince of Wales.   And, I did read, that Queen Victoria asked him to perform. He was French, obviouslt.  Look him up in Wikopedia.
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      Have you ever thought of writing a Fart Guide For the afflicted 

      I know that your sense of humour is almost on par with mine,  your lateral

      needs working on a bit !!!!!! Then you could start a new forum Strange

      that you are the only person with this affliction. maybe it's hereditary 

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      Well, what a coincidence.  Somebody has already beaten me to it.

      Whe I retired, one of my staff (anonymously) gave me a book called the Little Book of Farters.  Not because I farted in those day but because I was know to call anyone who was incompetent - a fart.

      Incidentally, we have a friend who has the same problem.

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      Must hae been a Filly.  Was it the nag or the rider who were the three day eventers?  Those were the days.  I do miss riding.  Never Badminton, but close pot-hnting events.  Never won a pot, though!
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      just found this note  of yours, how did it get onto this forum ?   Whatever!!

      You didn't mention you were into horses, now I like you twice as much

      Have you ever eaten horse meat ??

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      ..because you said you had a three day eventer who farted.  I've told yo before that I used to own a Forester/TB, broke it and sold it on (thro'Horse&Hound) to a guy in Essex.  \When I lived in Farbhan, my neighbour had a bad back and she asked me if I would exercise her 17h gelding hunter for her - only in the menage.  Thank god it ws in the menage - a horrible, wall eyed creature - h orrible ride.  I would have haed a croos country with him. 
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      that  must have been AGES ago. The wall eyed varmint you never mentioned. There are no bad horses born, it's humans that destroy them. with "BAD" breaking and cruelty . Bu, You already know that ,, Don't you???
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