Divi Diners Episode 2

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I have just under gone my second Colonoscopy (not 100% succesful)

where it was dicovered ,again, that I had severe DD

I tried again to ask about diet, and if ther was a dietician, or nutritionist

that we ,the sufferers could get some guidance from.

The answer was no, and I was given a leaflet ,which said

""If you get pain or bloating eat ""





Back to square one, I think

I was duly despatched, and was not given a follow up appointment

with a consultant. What came to mind was  ,Not worth bothering with !!

No doubt there will be an Episode 3 in the no too distant future.


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    Hi Jacqueline!

    I have found diets for DD online by googling "diverticulitis diet".  I've also noticed, for myself, a low fat diet with less meat and less processed foods works best.  I also cannot eat seeds and nuts, but there are some people who cannot have any berries or even the tiniest seeds like those in bananas.  I'm not that bad...yet.

    Some diets will have you stop eating cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower, while others will say these are good for you.  I don't have a problem with roughage, but you may.  Popcorn is a killer for some people, I'm fine with it, but fried foods and dairy are not for me.  This is what you have to find out for yourself.

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    Sorry konnie, I must have given out the wrong message. I have endured Divi

    for well over a year,and know what to,and know what not to eat I was trying to point out ,that the information from the hospitals .has changed. The last info sheet,a year

    ago ,said to avoid all the items listed ,and now we can eat them. 

    There seems to be no definite menu, for us .Everyone's  colon is obviously 

    happy, or unhappy with what we send down, and reacts accordingly

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      Blah, my mistake!  I'm new to the forum, or I would have probably known you already, sorry.

      I'm having the same issues with a recent flare up because I followed the new guidelines and stupidly ate all kinds of seeded breads and rolls this past summer.  It took a while, but finally my DD had enough and I've been suffering for a couple of weeks with pain and diarrhea.  I put myself on a liquid diet and got the antibiotics and codeine.  

      I am finally pain free, but not better.  From what people are telling me here, I'd say, follow your instincts and not any guidelines.  If it's bothered you in the past, don't eat it.  I'm not making that mistake again.

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      Hello.konnie, I think we all learn very quickly to avoid seed, pips. nuts

      and veggies with skins or shells, but we all fall short of knowing

      everything that hurts, it's usually the things you enjoy most.that leads

      us into temptation  We sadly don't get better, but pain free is good,

      keeping pain free is the hard one 

      You could ask your G.P to give you a course of anti biotics to keep

      in hand, in case you have a flare, better to take control before it

      sets in

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      Yes, this one was a sneaky one.  I had no pain for the longest time and couldn't figure out why everything I ate was passing right through.  Until finally that feeling of not having enough room for all of my internal organs hit me, and then I knew.  Then the pains on the left side came, all the way up to my rib cage.  I was glad I had the meds on hand as you say.  Too bad I didn't know what was going on a week earlier, but this is only the second time I've ever experienced an actual flare up.  It is lasting longer than the first one, but I'm not feverish, so I'm not concerned.
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      you will get to recognise the pain ,as it is like no other.It only needs one

      bit of something to stay in a pocket too long,and then the infection 

      starts I do take a laxative now and then if I feel i'm not getting rid of everything.

      Such a sod, to have to be constantly aware of something that is so uncontrolable.


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      That's what was, and is, so odd about this bout of it that I'm going through.  Until I had that sensation of bloating, even though I had diarrhea I had no pain.  Not even the bowel cramping you normally associate with diarrhea.  I just knew I had to go, and then it was, "Run Forrest Run!" hoping I would get to the loo in time.  Then I had the bloating and the pain, which, as you say, is so recognizable.   Most of it radiates up under my left ribs where I feel it the most, unless I press on the duodenum itself.

      You're lucky you can take laxatives.  I have an unfortunate constitution that only likes a few medications, and when it comes to my bowels for some reason it doesn't like those, lol.  It doesn't like the stuff that shuts them off either.  Laxatives turn them on like a volcano, and the others turn them into cement.  I'm okay with the stuff for children, like Pepto Bismol.

      Thank you for chatting with me.  It's nice to be able to discuss things like this with someone who knows what I'm feeling.


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      Morning konnie,we seem to have the same type of stroppy body.

      Mine reacts to most prescription drugs, so I made the decision not to take

      any, except one,and of course the "cure all"  Paracetamol.After my

      last blood check with my G.P he said everything was looking Good.

      so I said ,,that was because I am no longer stuffed with chemicals

      Have you tried Probiotic capsules from the health shop, ? Quite

      a few of us take them with good results, most of the time..

      Has your doc given you Mebeverine for your bloating ? That is a

      good one .I only take one or two  when I get "The Fuller figure "

      No probs chatting konnie, as they say,,, It's good to talk,cool

      Keep doing it

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      I even have problems with Paracetomol! It has always made me feel that I am not urinating enough and I am convinced that taking it for ten days after my bike accident to quell the pain in my ribs contributed (along with the stress) to my first attack of diverticulitis. I have not taken any since.
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      Well, I must say I have a few prescriptions that I must take like thyroid hormone because I'm hypothyroid, and high blood pressure medications because of problems from pregnancies.  Actually, that seems to be when my body was shot to hell!  I also take Olfen Uno, an anti inflammatory for fibromyalgia pain.

      I have just started taking probiotics this summer.  I don't think I've been taking them long enough for them to make a difference yet.  

      I live in Poland, and they have different medications here, not much in English, so I haven't seen Mebeverine yet.  My husband's aunt was just diagnosed with DD here, and they are treating it with simply a strict diet - after her hospital stay.  No red meat, no roughage, no fried foods, very low fat, low sugar, no seeds, no nuts, no raw fruit only stewed.  But she had quite a scare, she went all summer in pain without doing anything about it.

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      I actually decided to stop my anti's because they seem like they make me worst when I take them. Have been off since Friday and started feeling a lot better going into Sunday and today.  Still have 4 days left but think I'm done with them.  I personally don't think my flare up is that bad but the gastro just pushed on my guts and said here's some meds.Why make myself worst and end up creating super divi's who are impervious..no thanks. I've learned quickly myself what works. This is second time on the anti's and  the reaction to the meds was the same as the first.
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      Hello konnie, no wonder your meds sound strange, as you say ,different

      country, different names, they are all horrible as far as I am concerned .The

      side effects are often dreadful

      What strength of probiotics do you take ??

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      Hi sunni ,I think they decide that the same anti biotics are good enough

      for everyone, but I am allergic to penicillin so they have to put their

      thinking caps on. Have to admit they came up with the right combo

      to stop the inflamation spreading from the burst abcess, saved me a trip

      to the theatre.

      I feel a bit sore from the endoscopy ,seemingly they had a hard time

      moving up my colon, because it has gone rigid, What next ??

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      Hello konnie,just had a thought about your laxative problem. There is

      a very mild one, that you can get on prescription, or buy over the counter.

      It's called Lactulose,  It's a liquid, which tastes like honey.and does not

      cause the ""Rapid Response "

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      Thanks!  I'll see if they have it here.  Now I need to find an anti diarrhea medicine that isn't cement forming.  Yesterday my husband came home from the drug store with something that was mild but only gave me gas.  More pain I don't need, thank you, lol.  My entire gut was rumbling with it.  Not good.

      I am feeling somewhat hungry today, so that's a good sign of improvement!

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