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For four years i suffered from Dizzyness and fainting feelings, my GP treated me for a year for depression, i cut out coffee, white bread, chewing gum (asparteme) and stopped alcohol completely, and tried to stop anything which would bring the dizzyness on, 

i had eye tests because i was having freeze frame like vision. Imagine walking through an airport and looking at the people walking up and down the immigration queue then they all froze untill i shook my head, then they started to walk again. Or driving along the road and all the road signs  and white lines flying towards you. This went on for four years with heart check ups ear and eye tests. And apart from the happy pills my GP gave to me no one could determine what was causing the problem. 

Anyway one day whilst at work i was standing in a queue,and the dizzyness and fainting feeling came on, so i walked to the medical centre and told the doctor to put me onto the heart machine, The result was i had Atrial Fibbrilation, after another two years of different medications they finally got it right. And now no more dizzy feelings or feeling faint. 

Thinking about my condition,  the times when i thought i was going to faint  were actually when my heart was kicking in properly and the rush of blood to my head was what was making me feel faint. 

If you have these symptoms try putting your finger onto your pulse and see if it is beating normally. If it is irregular then you may want to suggest to your GP to test you forAF. Good Luck

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    Hi Ian, Ben here.

    Thank you for the information about A-Fib.  You are a great person to share your firsthand information with the forum!  I wonder about the other effects A-Fib has, like a stroke possibility, because my brother-in-law just had a spell of problems with A-Fib and just as they thought he was doing ok he had a stroke.  He has survived to this day, but he cannot talk and he cannot swallow. For a couple days he was not aware of what was going on.

    I am profoundly thankful that you have shared this, although I personally have read about A-Fib causing dizziness, there are a lot of people who come on this forum asking why they are dizzy, thinking someone is going to tell them why.  I try to tell them that it can be so many different things, that they must seek medical attention, and it really makes it believeable to have firsthand information about it.

    So, thanks again.  Hope to hear from you more.


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      Hi  Ben Thanks for your kind comments, 

      i think i was very lucky not to have had a stroke, My GP put me on anti coagulant. Clopidogrel to thin my blood as i cannot take asprin because of a recurring duodenal ulcer problem. 

      To be honest during the time before AF was dignosed i thought that i was going to die everyday. Even after the diagnosis i was given different medication one of which nearly killed me. However with the correct treatment and dosage of Bisoprolol to slow my heart rate down and. Reduce my blood pressure. I have been fine and can  have a drink as well.

      most of the doctors had no idea what it was from the symptoms i was telling them, it usually takes an emergency for the real cause to be diagnosed. 

      I hope your brother in law recovers fully in the near future and good luck to everyone on the forum.

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    Hi Ian

    Thank you for the information you've given. This has certainly made me more aware. At the moment I've been diagnosed with Vertigo which usually comes on when looking up or lying down in bed and the room spins etc. but thankfully no fast heart beats or feelings of fainting etc. 

    It's good to know that you've finally got results and the right medication. 

    All the best.



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    Hi Ian I'm so shocked they didn't pick this up a long time ago? Why didn't they?

    I keep having the same faint feeling ect

    They shuved me on anti depressants thinking it was that ( it's not that Iv had counselling ect and she thinks it's more )

    I am depressed well now I am ha but I was a happy 23year old before.

    ENT said it was MAV

    Pyshio says it's possibly that too. So having accupunture ect ATM.

    I'm shocked why they didn't pick this up for you? They check my blood pressure most time I go in and say it's fine? Surely they checked yours tho? Sorry just think that's odd.

    All best Michelle xx

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      Hi Michelle 

      they can only diagnose AF.  if Your heart is fibbrilating at the time when you go on the ECG machine, i did running tests blood tests BP checks throughout that time.

      however once i learned about what it was. I could tell by feeling my pulse in my neck that my heart was not beating properly 

      i had weired symptoms like the freeze frame vision which non of the docs or opticians could explain. But thinking about it. If the heart is not working properly then the reduced supply of blood to the brain is bound to cause some effect which will differ in different people. 

      Good luck with your problem and try to trust your own instincts  you know your own body better than anyone 

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      Hello Ian

      How bizzare

      So I couldn't get this done no?

      I'm going to private hospital soon for vestibular testing I hope something works. Iv felt nauseous & dizzy v bad past couple days ( was in bed all day yesterday I also had chest pains eg maybe heart burn issues took couple tablets )

      I'm phoning Drs today to try get a appointment for later. Wish me luck.

      Hope you're well now. All best to you x

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      Hi Michelle. 

      To be honest i cannot see how accupuncture would help anything like this. 

      However i am no way qualified to suggest anything, Or any treatment. Probably the worst thing you can do is look on the internet for symptoms and cures as you will find a host of things which are related to what you are feeling. And 99 % will not be relevant so be very carefull

      if you are not happy with your GP and his diagnosis then i would suggest that you ask for a second opinion or to see a specialist if things dont improve 

      the reason i posted in the first place is because it was my 60 th birthday and i received birthday wishes from a website called dizzytimes which i posted in and looked at when i was going through my problems. I tried to post on that website but it wouldnt let me in. So i thought that i would post here just to give people some hope and give them another option to check out when they are having dizzy problems.

      with AF sometimes there are no symptoms and a lot of people dont realise that they have AF. 

      AF itself is not painful and there are very few dangers apart from it can cause a stroke due to the blood pooling in the bottom chamber of the heart. Hence the reason doctors start to prescribe blood thinners. 

      If the problem is in your ears then im sure that it can be diagnosed. 

      Im sorry i cant be of anymore help 

      good luck and hope that you get it sorted soon


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      The acupunture is for my neck! & it has proven affective. They do it at hospitals.

      I just realised you're age too were complete age difference I'm 23 you're 60 no offence but I think maybe we have completely different things. But I'm going Drs again today & always get my heart ect checked so will ask again today.

      Iv terrible migraines & sickness this week & yesterday was just stuck in bed ( maybe a bug or maybe this )

      But I'm getting it checked out as feeling sick dizzy & headache all week is horrid.

      All best x

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      Good Luck Michelle. Theres no harm in asking About AF when you are at the Docs, sorry i mis read the reason that you Were having accupuncture. 

      Take care and ince you get it sorted then let people know on here please


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      I do get heartburn but thats a dietary problem with me.  Ie. Too much fatty meat hehe. 

      The AF problems i had were not related to that. only the dizzyness fainting feelings and vision and sometimes after a night out drinking the next moring waking up and feeling hot and heart beating fast, or sometimes after eating a large meal then fast heart beating and fainting feeling

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      Yeah Iv same feeling sometimes heart races it hurts ( I fort was heart burn ) I get the feeling I'm gonna faint all time dizzy weird vision. But ENT says its MAV. So Hense why going to see vestibular therapy as they are more involved.

      Felt migraine & sick all this week. So going back today. I'm hoping they put me on some pain killers & anti sickness xx

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