doctor not helping me about work, what do i do?

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I've been at work for 8 months but I've had another relapse with depression. I'm a manic depressive sufferer and have been on/off for 7 years - 2007,2008,2011,2012,2013 and 2014. I've been through the stages of where I've self harmed with alcohol, drugs and razorblades but now I'm in the rut type of stage where I just can't get out of bed and I'm being nausea and really have low mood in regards to things.I always cry everyday for no reason and I have this thoughts in my head where I want to go back to self mutilation. I started work at the company on a department which was supportive and I could easily talk to others with depression and they used to support me if I have episode but now they moved me onto a different department. This different department has supervisors who never been managers before this department and they're making my life a living hell. I achieve targets but if I have a episode with a piece of work I.e. for being out of my seat for 30 seconds asking a question to a supervisor - I get a disciplinary. I get sarcastic remarks of supervisors and they undermine me constantly even though we probably know more than them. Now, I went to the doctors this morning to go and see and all they were like 'oh you should retrain (with what money may I add) and blaming it all on me. I want to get out of this rut but I don't know how to do it sad I'm so stressed out, I have a house to run as well. The worst thing is that they know I suffer from severe/manic depression and I said I wanted to move department to something to help me and work flexible hours but they said no sad I really am stuck 

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    I'm sorry you are going through this. It's pressure you don't need when stable,let alone when you are feeling down and vulnerable.

    Now it's in your best interest to speak to your managers and let them know how you are feeling. It's in there best interest to listen and take you seriously.

    Why not go to the citizens advice bereau,,tell them that you are planning on speaking to your managers because your work conditions are causing you mental anxiety and triggering depressive episodes and ask them if you have no joy and things don't change at work,what steps can you legally take xxx

    I really do know how this can effect you. I'm going through the same now because of to much of a workload and not being taken seriously when I voiced my concerns to management. I ended up just leaving it got so bad xx

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      It's horrible pressure - maybe I put too much pressure on myself, I don't know but I always want to help people out if they're struggling. That's always been a flaw - I'd rather look after everybody else than myself. 

      I've spoken to project managers and operation managers on the campaign about it but they won't do nothing for me. They're like I can't move you because we need people (they just hired more people). 

      I'll go and see citizens bureau for advice but don't think they do employment law ones around where I live. But solicitors have free appointments so I might see if I can see if they broke the law in regards to equality law (everyone is aware that I'm on medication and going to appointments) as its a reoccurring illness of manic depression sad its ruined my teenage years and I don't want it ruin my adult years. I'm just lucky I have a supportive boyfriend who backs me all the way when it comes to these issues.

      I'm tempted to leave but I want to give them a chance. I just can't face them at the moment. Its like gonna make me cry if I see them. 

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      I know. It's very distressing when you have to force yourself to work in a job you are not happy in.

      As seen as you have already spoken to management then I would certainly go speak to a solicitor or maybe if you are in a union,your union rep and explain all that's going on. You work hard for your employer so it's only fair they take your feelings into consideration. Is it not possible for you to speak to somebody higher up in the company? Xx

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      It is - its horrible because they appreciate some people for doing less than if you do more. 

      I will see if I can get in touch with them and get a free appointment because the worse thing about this depression is that one minute I'm fine and then next minute I'm having a breakdown. It's always worse when its around about women time when I'm like a walking disaster zone and that's when I get into trouble at work sad

      They don't bother taking people feelings in considerations because they're too focus on targets than their workforce. And I don't really know them that's the thing rolleyes I can try and talk to HR to see about it but I think I need some time off first and have to go to doctors next week about the note. It's the first time in my working history I've had a day off in 5 years rolleyes

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