Does anxiety cause light-headedness and fatigue

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Hello all, 

Hope you're all keeping well. I'm new to this forum and I was hoping I could speak to someone who could relate to my symptoms and maybe reassure me. 

I will keep this brief as possible. 

I'm male, 30yrs old and  haven't been well for best part of 3 months. 

Started of as acid reflux (apparently). Antacids etc didn't make any difference.

Had blood works done. not sure how thorough the tests were but doctor did say he checked alot of things and only the liver was showing abnormal results. So I went for an ultrasound and it showed a slightly fatty liver. 

Since then I've had symptoms including:

Lump in the throat 


Abdominal pains (right hand side) 

Urgency to pee

Feeling off balance 

Lack of appetite 

I do suffer from anxiety and have had psychotherapy for mild ocd not long ago although never really had all these physical symptoms. 

I'm due to see doc again on Tuesday to have blood work done again and maybe a ct scan of the liver but I am extremely anxious and worried. I Google everything. I know I shouldn't but is this anxiety or more likely something else? 


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    Hello, I think your symptoms are  anxiety, sounds like the same as mine, it's probably been brought on by your recent tests which can make you worry, this is what happened to me, good luck with your tests
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    The root of your problem with the liver could be from Hypo/ hyperthyroidism.

    Have you been tested?

    some is probably anxiety but again the root of the problem I believe is

    Metabolism and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    Ask your doctor for full tests to be done of your thyroid

    Unlike hypothyroidism which affects the metabolism, your metabolism affects nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a disease where fat accumulates in the liver cells. This disease develops from a lack of a protein needed to transport free fatty acids or from the high amount of free fatty acids in your bloodstream. As implied by the name, the fat abnormalities are not caused by alcohol abuse. They are primarily caused by obesity, diabetes mellitus and a high triglyceride level.

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      Hi Tinamn

      In answer to your question i'm sure my doc mentioned the thyroid has been checked but as to what extent I dont know.

      Mind you I didnt have all these symptoms when it was checked. All I had was the apparent silent reflux.

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    its quite common  fatty liver,nothing to worry about ,im the same,youre anxiety though is allso very common today, i sufferd terrible when i was in my teens ,the problem is best tackled  by getting to understand what anxiety is , mine was a feeling of dred ,i didnt know why.and i thought i was going mad , it was only when i discoverd that i wasnt allone with this problem ,and i wasnt going mad ,i came to terms with it ,and slowly became very strong, i used to have this nagging thought in my head ,and didnt know what it was ,and couldnt stop thinking about it, and it used to mentally exhaust me,once i understood ,that this was a common thing with people suffering from anxiety ,i came to terms with it ,and so will you
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    i have aver just started with these problems and I have to say I did the same as you when my symptoms started ie looking on Google. I think, for me, it is only useful if I know what the issue is (from a doctor) to use google, as when I fiest looked based on what I felt it brought up a huge amount of illnesses that I could have. Also, worst of all, I thought that I was dying and that I would see the doctor and he would confirm my worst fears. 

    Personally, I find reassuring and positive thoughts help, however, this is easier once you have seen your doctor as for me, this was the biggest help. I think once you know from a doctor that it's your body's response to what it perceives as a threat, or anxiety it is easier to manage. Keep in mind that no one on here can diagnose apexactly what is wrong with you, anxiety can make you manifest anything when you think that much about it. I tested this and when I felt anxious I thought about my leg hurting and I felt a slight pain, I thought about my back and same again, it was all manifested by me. 

    My my symptoms are:

    - light headed

    - difficulty sleeping

    - not eating properly (loss of appetite), eat little and often is key!

    - trembling in arms and legs

    - chest pains

    - palpatations

    - sore neck

    - blurred vision

    - dry mouth

    - feeling like waves are passing through your head (which is actually adrenaline and other hormones).

    I do really hope that you feel better once you have spoken with your gp, and that you try and find a strategy that helps you manage this.

    Feel free to private message me as I'm going through the same thing you are now.

    Simon :-)

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      Hi Simon

      yes I have to agree with the googling. I'm my own worst enemy but when you panic you want an answer there and then as it is a fight or flight response to a percieved threat.

      I have clamed down a fair bit since reading replies to my post. It is very re-assuring to speak to people who understand your concerns. All I can do is wait till tomorrow and hope my doc takes me a bit more seriously and to stop googling every single symptom.

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      i hope one it goes well, make sure you get a solution you are happy with, I ak lucky that my doctor never stops talking and is very supportive. The last thing you want is to come away feeling unsure or not confident about the treatment that is offered.

      all the best.


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    So, thought I would give you all an update. I went to see my physio last Thursday for an on-going chronic muscle condition which I recieve treatment for every few weeks. Anyway I expalined all my symptoms to her because it was the fatigue and lightheadedness that was worrying me. Also I was peeing alot, like every hr. 

    She told me to go to a & e and get myself checked out which I did that evening. 

    The doc took a urine sample and blood sample and found traces of blood in the urine. His conculsion, a urinary tract infection. He gave me a weeks antibiotics to take and then to have my water tested at a lab. I've been taking them for 5 days. I think they are working as I am lasting longer between each visit to the bathroom but the feeling off balance and lightheaded ness is still there espeically in the morning. 

    So what i've learnt is my doctor is incompetent and my physio bless her was more thorough with her questions than my doctor. The last month hasn't just been due to anxiety and if anything if you are not convinced keep pestering your doc to get you checked out. I've seen 4 doctors in the last 4 weeks. I haven't heard back from my doc re the blood tests last thursday so im assuming they're ok. I have an appt with another doc tomorrow who I used to visit so fingers crossed I have better joy with her. 

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    Your symptoms sound very much like mine. I suffer from lightheadness and dizziness, dunno what to do with myself sometimes get in such a state! sad anxiety is a horrible thing!! 
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