Does this sound like anxiety? Please help 😔

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I'm a 21 year old female and for the last six months I've been really suffering with pressure behind my eyes, headaches, dizziness as if the floor is moving beneath me and it's destroying me. My doctor originally said it was sinusitis and gave me a steroid nose spray which hasn't worked.

After researching I am convinced it's some kind of anxiety issue. I've never been diagnosed as having anxiety because I've never spoken to anyone about it but these symptoms mainly, if not always arise as soon as I leave the house and go shopping. I'm ok at home but as soon as I go out I feel dizzy, faint and it's horrible. I've had about 6 panic attacks this year- all being when I've been out with lots of noises and people. The last one I had was yesterday, I was in the kitchen and everyone was talking at the same time and I had this over power in sense that I was overwhelmed, I started sweating buckets and thought I was going to faint and then just cried hysterically. I don't feel nervous when these dizziness and faint feelings start but I think I panic more which makes it worse. I have always been a hyperchondriac and have convinced myself over the years that I have about 50 cancers and it's ruining my life. When I get like it, I don't want to leave my bed or do anything and i feel ill and horrible. After last nights panic attack I have woken up with the same headache and fuzzy head feeling. My dad suffers with panic attacks so maybe it could be in my genetics but as I've got older and over the last year the dizziness and feeling faint has really intensified. I have convinced myself I have a brain tumour and everything I have points to that conclusion (in my eyes) and I have basically told myself I'm going from it. (I know it sounds really dramatic).. Please could anyone tell me if this sounds like anxiety or whether it probably is just a longstanding sinus issue or... A brain tumour. Symptoms include:

Pressure behind eyes everyday


Facial/jaw pin

Fuzzy feeling in head

Dizziness and lightheaded especially when I go out

Feeling nauseous

Constant fatigue and I nap every single day

My back and neck feel really tight

Sweating and then feeling like I'm going to faint

Please help me or offer any advice/reassurance before I lose my mind ?? Thank you x

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    ** also maybe worth noting that my grandma died of a brain tumour before I was born, when she was just 24 which is where my constant fear of brain tumours has come from.
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      Thats understandable. Im so sorry about your Grandma. The jaw part and some of the symptoms you noted ..maybe you have some TMJ any dentist that removes wisdom teeth is probably able to examine you for that, and would know within five minutes. I used a maxillary surgeon to get that diagnosis and she made me a soft mouth splint to sleep in for my jaw to calm down. I still get symptoms from it anyway but that helped me i had ear issues from it.The tmj i think is caused by a lot of stress.anxiety/ Panic disorders do run in families too. Genetics and kearned.Anxiety disorders just make a big  mess out of most  of us. It all gets frustrating doesnt it? 
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    I know exactly how u feel I get really bad pressure through out my whole head! And for a long time I was feeing the floor away under me! It was horrible but someone on here saved me! They told me to hold my nose and my breath and blow until my ears pop! Do it a bunch of times! I did it probably 8 times for a day and the next day it was gone! It came back weeks later and I did it a couple times and it was gone again and hasn't come back! It's an inner ear thing!

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    I have the same symptoms. I keep going back and forwards to doctors and they say it's anxiety. I'm on antidepresents and they seem to help. I started having these symptoms (all of them) when I was 21 and I'm now 48 and having a hard time. I'm still alive so all the physical symptoms seem to be caused by anxiety rather than anything else. Try to get help now in some way as it has held me back so much in my life. Meds can help but retraining your brain is required through CBT etc.

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    As I was reading I was thinking "wow that sounds just like me!" I would bet it's anxiety. It all is for me. Diagnosed and have been dealing with it for years. Just recently started taking meds daily. Try some relaxation techniques and see if you can get your dr to give you something to try for anxiety. Also, it runs in my family too.

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    have you considered glaucoma. you can test for this with an eye test at an optician.
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    We can support you but you owe it to yourself to go to your GP and ask the questions too. When we get anxious & panick we breathe too quickly which leads to hyperventilating, & in turn light headedness.

    You could have anxiety but first you must get a checkup to eliminate any other medical possibilities.

    Anxiety is hard - I've lived with it for over 20 years. However, there's medication & therapy to help. You have to find a good therapist that you like & trust & the same with your Dr & family & friends support is invaluable too. But most important is to learn how to be good to yourself through CBT.

    Good luck.

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