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So, first off,one day about 4 months ago it felt like my throat was closing up. At it's worst, it felt like my throat was like 30% open. It was a struggle to breathe. It passed after an hour or so and by the next day it was totally gone.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago and slowly it felt like it was closing/getting tighter again. I have this feeling constantly now and it feels like my throat is maybe 70% open this time.

Here are some other symptoms to point out. These all developed within the last 2 weeks:

I had the need to constantly swallow. This lasted about a day.

I had the need to constantly bring up mucus in my throat and swallow. This lasted about a day.

I'm still bringing up a fair amount of mucus. Not as much or constantly as that initial day though.

I had one morning where I was in the showing and bringing up mucus and instead it was blood. I brought it up and spat it out maybe 3-4 times and afterwards there was no blood. Have not brought up any blood again since.

I then felt like I had a lump stuck in my throat. This lasted for about a day.

Then in the right side of my neck, right under my ear, it felt like there was a build up of pressure. Wasn't too intense and went away after a day.

Things felt like they were going back to normal. Doc gave me Amoxil anti-biotics in-case it's some sort of infection.

Developed a slight pain in the lower right side of my neck. Don't know if it's related. Its mostly gone now anyway.

Just last nigh, within an hour after dinner and taking the Amoxil, I quickly felt like I had something stuck in my throat again. It lasted the rest of the night. More worrying, I felt a moderate amount of pressure under both my ears like last time. This got really strong. It wasn't painful, but it got to the point where I felt some serious pressure both on and right below my ears as the night went on. It felt like I needed my ears to pop, but they wouldn't.

Fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night with what felt like the beginning of a sore throat. But woke up again a few hours later and that was gone. Sore throat hasn't come back since.

Then the pressure in my ears mostly went away, but it felt like it moved onto to my actual ears themselves. One in particular is sort of sore. It feels a bit like when you get water in your ear.

Also, this same day, I've felt a bit sick in the stomach, but that might be a result of the anti-biotics.

Now, it feels like there is pressure in and right below my ears. It's pretty frustrating. Seems to be a bit worse when I woke up this morning.

This has all happened over a 10-14 day period.

I thought it might be a cold but don't have a cough or runny nose, though. My immediate thought was it could be some sort of cancer or something, but symptoms appearing from that wouldn't come and go, would they? They would be persistent?

Doctor said it might be some sort of reflux and put me on some tablets for it, but I don't get heartburn or anything so I don't know.

I'm 30, male. I'm generally fit. Not overweight. I don't smoke, do any drugs, drink alcohol, etc. I drink pretty much only water.

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    I also wanted to add, that I was feeling around my throat and felt what I thought was a lump a little but up and to the side of my addam's apple. I was a bit worried and kept pushing it (I know I shouldn't have) and it eventually became infalmed, red and tender to the touch. It was on the same side that I mentioned my ear pressure got the worst. I eventually found something similar on the opposite side of my throat so i'm pretty sure it isn't some tumor or anything, but it isn't as noticeable.

    Would this just be lymph nodes or something?

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    Yes some of the symptoms of reflux are felt in ears, nose and throat and commonly misdiagnosed as something else like an infection. Reflux can definitely effect swallowing.

    As it's infrequent this might be triggered by a certain food you eat or combinations of food together that dont sit well with you.

    I posted something earlier and someonr suggested I keep a diary of food eaten and reflux, might be a good.idea.

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      Thanks for the reply.

      Yeah, some symptoms are infrequent, but some are constant. My throat for example, always feels closed to some degree. This seems to change throughout the day.

      I haven't really changed up my diet, so I'm not sure. I like the idea of keeping a food diary though and what symptoms arise throughout the day. Good suggestion.

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      I am also having these symptoms that all started four months ago as well. I woke up with a lot of pressure beneath my breastbone and then after a couple weeks I felt the lump in my throat periodically but only for a few hours and then it would go away for days. Now the lump is pretty constant and gets worse at night and better when I lay down. Mine feels like a trapped burp and I can feel the pressure in my ears and in between my shoulder blades. I also have a lot of pressure in my sinuses but no congestion. The pressure is in my nose and roof of my mouth and forehead. I don’t know if this is related to the lump feeling but overall I just feel a lot of pressure. I am takinf acid reflux medication but it doesn’t help with these symptoms. I am scared I’m having spasms in my upper sphincter of my esophagus and that it will never go away. I can’t imagine living like this forever as it totally consumes me. Is your tightness in the throat like a lump or air bubble trapped as well? Do you feel any pressure in your back?

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      Hi Chandra.

      With my throat, it feels like a lump most of the time, but the feeling changes throughout the day. Sometimes it feels the same as when you get upset and your throat sorta clogs up.

      I don't have any back pressure. The pressure for me is all around my ears. When it flares up, it feels like I need to pop my ears, but I can't.

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      Yes i think that what I am feeling like when you hold back from crying and your throat tightens up I also feel it in my ears today really bad  and my throat feels swollen but it also gurgles when i swallow. This is really getting to me mentally and I pray it goes away for all of us. 

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