Domino effects happening from a GERD attack

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Hello all, I am a 21 year old male and have been diagnosed with GERD & EoE for 4 years now. To give some quick background info of this, my first endoscopy was at 17 years old where the GI told me I had the esophegus of a 40 year old man .. lol. Many biopsies where taken and EoE was found. I have always kept my GERD under control with diet and medication since then. Fast forward 4 years later, I experienced my very first panic attack - This attack started with a lot of swallowing of my spit>Fast heart rate>Shortness of breathe with the feeling someone was choking me and ultimately freaking out, Then BOOM. The feeling of doom. At the time I was leaving my GF's moms house to come back home(she live's 2 hours away) I contiplated on going to the ER because I felt like I was dying but decided not to, had tingly hands and a weird feeling in head whole drive home. Woke up next day feeling okay. About 3 weeks later I noticed I had a feeling of mucus sticking in the back of my throst that I couldn't get rid of - this was a very annoying feeling eventually leading up to my second panic attack which happened the same as the first. This time I went to the ER, where they ran a soft tissue of my neck and chest x-ray both coming back normal, so they said it was my GERD, Doc also ordered me a ultrasound of thyroid>which a month later ended up coming back pretty normal with some swelling of the right thyroid. The next day after the ER visit I just didn't feel right.

3 day's later woke up and had another panic attack but this time accompanied with right arm pain so went back to the ER.. 5 hours later doctor orders me an endoscopy. 

(Note that I'm sure some of these symptoms where anxiety related).

Symptoms I Experienced: 

Gritty/Blurry vision - kinda like a brain fog/vertigo feeling.

Thick mucus feeling continued - Got worse if anything.

Shortness of breathe(at times)

heart palpitations(often)

REALLY bad anxiety to the point everytime I laid down in bed the feeling of doom came back.

Tingly hands/feet(at times)

Annoying feeling in legs - kinda like RLS

Loss of appetite

Warm radiating feeling in sternum area(at times)

Sweating feet(often)

Constant bloating/stomach gurgling/stomach pain(5)/diarrhea

Pressure in head

Plugged ears

Frequent urination

Chest tremors/uncontrollable shaking of chest. (Only experienced this two times between now. 

Really didn't feel like myself, you know?

Week 2 of the ongoing nightmare - Saw my GP ordered some thyroid tests all came back normal.. so not my thyroid. 

Symptoms experienced, Week 2: 

Stomach problems continued - no more diahrrea but weak stool.

Mild loss of appetite

Often when eating large meals severe bloating and pain

Thick mucus feeling in back of throat continued

Re-occuring "annoying" feeling in lower part of legs - I quote "annoying" because it's really hard to explain:o.

Neck stifness

Waves of muscle aches, more accurately neck and lower back dull aching pain often accompanied by a mild headache (usually occured night time)

Constant urge swallow/cracking sound when swallowing

Got in for an endoscopy, turns out my esophougus looks a lot better than it did 4 years prior, Biopsies showed that I still have EoE & has progressed to stomach lining. Stomach was swollen. He prescribed me an oral inhaler thing that's supposed to help with EoE. 

Current experienced symptoms: 

Muscle ache waves continue

Cosntant bloating/gas/stomach gurgling continue

Plugged ears - AT TIMES, often night time. 

Swollen lymphnode left side above collar bone, I say "swollen" because I can feel it lol, right side feels nothing alike. 

Clicking/popping sounds when swallowing.

Weird pressure feeling in right side of chest when stretching a certain way:o

Constant muscle spasms & oh are they annoying. 

Urinating noticeably more

Anxiety has really calmed down and how to keep it that way:3

That is about it for now.. And I went really in depth with everything that has been going on because I know there are many people just like me searching threads for answers, and I really hope to help fellow humans out by posting this and keeping everyone up-to-date on my medical journey which will not rest until I find meaning to these symptoms that came straight out of right field. We want answers, and we want to know where to begin to look for them! Feel free to post in relation what you may be experiencing or going through, feedback is always appreciated. 

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    Wow Cameron that was quite a post lol.

    Very efficient and organized in presentation.

    I'll just say rather than a lot of background and detail on my own situation (since I've posted all that many many times).. that i have indeed experienced almost all the same symptoms.

    I find that my most annoying and dehabilitating symptom (and i DO mean dehabilitating) is the lump in the throat sensation. It's not a feeling of mucus or congestion although I did have that the first months of my Gerd. It's just a lump feeling lol. The thing is it makes me insanely nauseous the entire time I have it , and laying down , sitting up, nothing will relieve the nausea. And to make it worse the few times when the lump has seemed to subside...I sit in complete dread that it's going to return. And then the fright and stress of worrying that it's going to return...BAM returns!!

    Ya so stress definitely plays a part , hence followed by a useless trip to the ER with a panic attack.

    I'm so tired and fed up with all these many many symptoms of this ailment and even if there's a few moments when the dreaded lump hasn't reared it's ugly head..sure enough another symptom shows up to take it's place.

    Anyway I hope true answers and proper solutions can be found rather than basically just having to

    Live With It.

    Yes do keep us posted on your journey CameronCruz.

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      Hello Carol, and thank you, I have always been good a writing lol. I am very sorry you are experiencing that horrible sensation, would'nt wish it upon my worst enemy. Every panic attack I have experienced(3) did start with the "lump in throat sensation" and I did experience it for quite a while, minus the nasuea feeling and it was the way I always worded it to the MD's but they really didn't take that term seriously lol. It did seem anxiety had a really big role with that, for me atleast. Was just very stressed about the panic attacks and stupid lump in throat, but I got the stress and anxiety under control within a month(NOT EASY). I am not condoning this is 100% stress related but I believe controlling the stress does help a bit. There are a few things I do to help control my stress - mind you I have never been a stressful hypocondriac anxiety monster until that lump in the throat occured haha. One particular thing that works wonders in time of dire panic for me is a homeade distasteful cocktail of Passion flowers, Kava kava & Valerian. I don't normally believe in hippy witchcraft but it really seems to work. Also take melatonin sometimes. 

      How long has this feeling been persisting with you? Have you ever had an endoscopy?  Are you taking any medication for GERD? Do you have allergies

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      Hey Cameron,

      I've had the Globus effect which is the medical term for the lump sensation for about 2 years now however it has worsened with time. I've had 2 endoscopies whereby they discovered a small hiatus hernia but Doc says it's not likly cause . not sure about that one but if that's what he says I guess. I find doctors dont really prefer dealing with reflux because I present with too many symptoms and unless they're complete experts in the field they kinda look at me like I'm nuts ( hypocondriac style) lol.

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      Oh yes and i take Pantrapazole 40 mg per day but mostly to no avail. ( or at least in my mind to no avail). Thank you for your suggestions on what helps in time of panic for you. I will surely look into it.
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    I have the same lump in throat that started AFTER the upper endoscopy. I am so disgusted that I even had that test and made things 1,000 times worse. I was just having IBS type cramping in my upper stomach so they ordered the test.  The test showed no GERD but a small hiatal hernia. Went to ENT he went down throat and said throat is inflammed so take PPI's. Been on Omoprazole for over a month and the lump in throat is still there. Barely can eat anything because it feels like food just sits in my esophagus and stomach. Don't know where to turn anymore. I also had a thyroid ultrasound that showed 3 cysts but they were too small to biopsy so now I wait to get another ultrasound in 6 months to see if they have grown- all this time not knowing if they are cancer or not. I have also had uterine cancer 4 years ago so my health anxiety is through the roof with all these problems. Just want to tell you you are not alone in this. I wish there was something that could cure us all.

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    Wow cameron...

    ive waited so long for a post like this....I thought I was on my own with those symptoms.ive got to a point now we're I don't even bother with the docs as I suffer from time to time with everything you mentioned. I thought I had cancer. I had the panic attacks .ive simply changed my diet and tell myself this ain't real and I'm not having a heart attacks and I've not got cancer.i used to suffer with acid but I've kept that at bay with nexium. I exercise a bit more and drink about 3 litres of water a day.most of all I think positive. The anxiety attacks are few and far between. I last went docs two years ago but I've learnt more from these forums and become a bit of an expert. I could go and have a tube stuck down my throat but they will probably tell me what I already know.... These symptoms come and go but they ant gonna beat me....

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    Exactly have the same symptoms as yours pain on my left arm , clicking near the ears the globus. I feel better when i eat.

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