Dull lower right abdominal pain going on two months

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Last month after jogging i felt a dull pain in my lower right abdomen that did not go away. The first gastroenterologist i went to acted like she didn't really care and just gave me meds for gas which did not work.

I went to a different doctor and she was nicer, she told me to do some work ups, i have done blood tests, urinalysis, pelvic ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, whole abdomen ct scan, gastroscopy and colonoscopy, all of which were normal/clear.

She put me on antibiotics for a week and meds for my GERD for two weeks, i have had gerd since 2007, the pain went away for about a week but came back. My doctor was out of the country when the pain came back so i went to a different doctor, He told me take Pantoprazole and Domperidone and spasmomen for 2 weeks, he suspects it's a movement problem. The meds help a little, sometimes theres dull pain, sometimes i feel nothing. The past few days i noticed that i feel the dull pain at night before going to bed, the pain moves to the left side now too. I have no diarrhea, I have no problems with bowel movement, i do that normally every morning. I plan to go back to my original doctor this week since she is back from her trip.

About the same time when i felt the pain in my stomach last month, i saw a bald spot on my head. About the size of a coin which freaked me out of course. The dermatologist said its alopecia areata. My thyroid was checked and it was normal, which is good news because it means the cause of my alopecia was stress and not something serious. Hair is starting to grow back in that spot now.

In the middle of going back and forth to the doctor last month, one night at home, i had a panic attack. I haven't had a panic attack in years and i had one again because of this. Maybe it was the stress of not knowing what was wrong, the stress of going back and forth and doing a ton of tests.

Since january, its been stressful and tiring at work. I have read articles that stress can cause tummy aches.

I am holding on to the fact that it's nothing serious because all of my tests are normal. But it would still be good to know what's causing the dull pain. I try not to think about it anymore, trying to live my life the way it was before all these happened.

Has anyone experienced something similar to this? It's very frustrating. I'm thinking could it be IBS? I am also thinking of talking to a psychiatrist, maybe it's all in my head? But how can it be all in my head when i am feeling physical pain.

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    Hi Michelle

    I also suffer from all the dull pains all over body, it's stops me doing things somethings but don't know why because it's not a pain that should stop me, I do believe a lot of the pains are in the mind, and health anxiety kicks in, one stress leads to another and it snow balls from there,

    Do you get pains in hips and lower back, I do and also pains that travel down top of legs.

    All the best

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    Your symptoms sound like IBS.  Stress makes it worse especially not knowing what is wrong, all tests being normal and getting no answers.  IBS can strike after a sudden stressful event or an accumulation of smaller instances of stress.

    Has your doctor mentioned IBS?   IBS pain comes and goes and doesn't always stay in the same place.  The intensity and type of pain also varies.  Everyone gets different symptoms and reacts differently to medication.

    I would not recommend going to a psychiatrist.  They will only try to rubbish your symptoms.  They only deal with mental health, not physical pain.  Pain is your body's early warning system that something needs attention.

    I started getting stomach pain,constipation and nausea this time last year. I later had loose stools.  I had a urine sample tested, a celiac test, an ultrasound and stools samples taken.  All were negative.  I suffered panic, anxiety, terror and despair for three and a half months before IBS was diagnosed.  All this began after a bad reaction to chiropractory and massage and a botched blood test.

    Also, keep a food diary to see if any foods or drinks are triggering symptoms.

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      Hi, i came from my doctor today and she told me its IBS. She mentioned that IBS is usually the waste basket diagnosis when every test is clear/normal. She told me to continue to take the spasmomen before meals since it seems to help a little bit. She advised to drink yakult and eat yogurt.

      And she also told me to have a food diary and observe what makes my stomach act up. I am thankful that it's not serious/fatal but i still hope that it goes away. Does it ever go away?

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      My pain never really goes away.  Some days there is more pain than others.  However, some people do get rid of symptoms completely especially if their IBS has been caused by an infection or bacterial overgrowth.  If it has been caused by stress, it is unlikely to disappear.  

      I suffer from from bouts of anxiety so the best I can hope for is to manage my symptoms.  Stress is a difficult one for me but Buscopan, painkillers and exercise help.

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    Hi Michelle

    I agree with Philippa, I wouldn't go to a psychiatrist, there is a reason you are in physical pain, it's more than likely the worry and stress of not feeling right that makes it worse, however I don't agree that stress, worry and anxiety makes it worse for everyone. I have been going through a bad IBS flare up for the last 4 - 5 days, and I am not one for being ill, I hate it. It upsets me when I'm going through so much pain for so long, and really stresses me out at points, yet it doesn't make my symptoms any worse than they were when I first started getting the flare up, sometimes getting stressed can actually relieve my symptoms.

    About 18 years ago I was unable to work due to a spell of depression and anxiety which I believed was caused by quite a traumatic upbringing and a bad divorce. I got over the depression, however the anxiety has stayed with me, yet all this time I had no digestive problems whatsoever. About 2 years ago my ex employers were going through a major expansion, which obviously meant more work for me. My job was physically demanding, but I was also expected to keep to the same guidelines as I was prior to my job getting more labour intensive. I kept working, asking my employer for help as I was finding it increasingly hard to do my job, but no help was given, just false promises. In the end, I was at work one morning and started to develop stomach and back pain, to the point where I had to have time off. Since then, my symptoms got so severe at points that I almost called an ambulance on a number of occasions.

    I've now managed through diet changes to keep my symptoms generally under control, present flare up excluded, but I believe the physical and mental stress I was under at work bought these symptoms and my IBS on, it was my body's way of telling me that I couldn't go on like I was anymore. I have to say my diet prior to getting IBS was poor, and I was consuming a bit more alcohol than I normally would on a daily basis, which I am sure probably helped contribute to my IBS. However, all the traumas and stress I have been through all my life are the main causes, I'm sure of it. I can be feeling fine, not a care in the world, just getting on with what I'm doing, then suddenly start to feel nausea, or start getting random abdominal pains at any random point of the day, and then the anxiety kicks in.

    You've obviously had loads of tests done, all inconclusive, which sounds exactly like me. I have accepted my diagnosis of IBS, but it doesn't make it any easier to live with, but the changes I have made to my life have helped a great deal, and stops me experiencing too many flare ups.

    Take care and all the best.

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      Hi Paul,

      Thank you. I saw my doctor today and the diagnosis is IBS. I am thankful that it's not serious but it would really make me happy if it goes away completely. I do not drink alchohol anymore and i am staying away from carbonated drinks, i guess thats a start. The doctor told me to keep on taking spasmomen since it helps a bit. I was advised to keep a food diary to keep track of what i eat and eliminate whatever makes the symptom worse.

      I am trying to remember the situation i was in before my stomach started acting up. It was after jogging. I jog to cope up with stress and for exercise. My work is mostly in front of the computer, sometimes i go to the office sometimes i can work from home, one of the perks of the company i work for. But working from home does not mean i am relaxed, i would be in front of my laptop all day answering questions and doing reports non stop. Sometimes having lunch in front of my laptop. Sometimes i squeeze in errands during lunch break, like a quick trip to the grocery or pay bills. Then after work, when i log out, i do household chores like the dishes, the laundry, cook dinner for me and my fiance. Plus, we were thinking of having a baby. I am 34 years old and if i want to have kids i should start now, i am not young. There were a lot things on my mind. Then i suddenly i had alopecia which added to the stress. I remember waiting at the doctors office and the pain would flare up then subside after talking to the doctor.

      After the colonoscopy and everything was cleared up my anxiety toned down a bit, learning that everything was clear made me feel a bit better. I was able to go out of town for 3 days and spend time at the beach with my family. I am praying that it goes away completely. The pain is more of discomfort and it really bugs me. For now, i'll watch what i eat and hope that i'll feel better.

      What changes did you make? How are you feeling now?

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      Hi Michelle

      I'm having a good day today, and after about 5 days, my latest flare up is easing a lot. It certainly helps change my thoughts and mood. Long may it continue.

      It is, and was for me, a very comforting feeling to know that there wasn't anything serious going on. It sounds like you you work very hard, and that may well have contributed to your problems. However, we are all different, and I've heard from others that it just suddenly happened to them, with no warning at all. Still its good to know that you aren't in a great deal of pain with the IBS.

      As for changes I made, I have a discussion on this site, named 'What's going on with my digestive system?'. It may be worth you reading through it, especially the latter part of it, in which I have described some of the trigger foods I have discovered, and what sorts of foods I eat to stop me having a flare up, and when I'm having one. Saves me having to type it all out again, not being lazy of course!

      Take care and all the best!

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      Hi Michelle...

      I came across this forum today as I was surfing the net. I am from India.

      I read about your health issue that you have mentioned here. Well, this may sound crazy. But, trust me it makes sense. I would like to look at your problem from an astrological point of view. I am into Vedic astrology and would like to provide clarity and help through the knowledge of astrology. If your completely new to astrology and how it works I request you to gain insights about it. If you feel it would help you on what I am suggesting kindly reply me. Then we can take it forward.

      P.S. please be informed that I am not doing this for any monetary gain. It's only a small wish to help people who are facing health issues.

      Have a good day. Regards..!!!

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    I have similar pain 6 weeks now and i am overseas without insurance.

    One week before I will be home.

    I have been going mental!

    My pain is dull and mostly annoying but it scares me.

    Can't wait to get back home for a full check up.

    I think the worse now thanks to my own stupidity and dr. Google. I know it is stupid but can't help to fear the worst.

    Pain travels around to my lower back and on the side.

    I can't help but to think i have pancreatic cancer.

    Although i am only 44 but i have had ulcerative colitis for the last 15 years and suffer from depression and alcoholism.

    Just felt i need to share this.

    Sorry for not being of help.

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      hi roma i'm going through the exact same symptoms for 1 month i also suffer from anxiety and alcohol..went to the E/R last week and the Doc took blood tests he felt my side and took chest X ray and said everything was normal and sent me home and told me to take ibuprofen..going back this week to my doctor and asking for more tests..i also having all these bad thoughts about whats wrong with me..i have very good health insurance so i guess its time to start using it..

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      Hi, i was told it was IBS since all the tests were clear/normal. I am very happy to share that i do not experience pain/discomfort anymore like last year. Occassionaly it comes back though, when it does, i was told to take a medicine called spasmomen which helps with the movement of food through the intestines. They suspect it was just movement. The doctor told me that it might be stress related, which i think is true. I was under a lot of stress that time. I started doing yoga and i feel better now a year after all these happened. I keep a food diary, it helps a lot. I have noticed that the pain/discomfort kinda comes back when i get constipated. Now i make sure that i eat fruits and vegetables to help regulate my bowel movements. The discomfort comes back also when im about to get my period. Apart from that, everything is fine. I would suggest that you do all the tests, ultrasounds, scans etc for your own peace of mind. If they come back clear, which im sure they will be. You don't have to worry anymore. Don't worry about it too much, it makes it worse. Good luck, i am sure you are fine smile

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