Ear pressure or is it?

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For goodness sake I feel like I'm always on here seeking reassurance, im driving myself mad with all these horrible things going on. Now I'm having a horrible feeling of watery pressure around my right ear and cheek - my anxiety is sky high and im having a lot of migraines that I take medication for - im scaring myself to death all the time and my heart is thumping seems like all the time. Im having counselling for other reasons and he calms me down at the time but then im home dealing with all these constant symptoms day in day out. Does anyone else have stange pressure in the face / ear / cheek ? It comes and goes but I'm just sick of it all, this is no life it's just a bloody miserable existance .

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    i sort of have similar stuff. i go on youtube and get guieded yoga and medtation. my T is a trauma sencitive yoga instructor, it has helped me a great deal!

    if you can think of the things the therapist says to you that help you calm down; write the those things down as a resource for later so when the T is not avilable, you will have it on hand.  whenever i am freaking out, i rely on the notes i took in session.  I do the work and it helps almost every time (as long as i do it), but i can't just think about it.  

    i have a migrain as I type, i have no idea how to stop them. i am starting menopause and they are getting worse, but less frequent. i just do as much self care as I can when I get them. hot baths sometimes make it worse for me. keeping hydrated might help. i have woken with them, guzzled down a bunch of water, like 3 glasses full, gone to bed and when I woke it is gone. it doens't alway work.  hot and cold backs back and forth helped a lot, but it's as short fix. 

    self care self care self care. hope you are better soon.

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      Yes dee a lot of it is about self help and that's exactly what my counsellor is teaching me - it's sometimes harsh when we panic with our symptoms especially bad heads, anything to do with the head is hard to deal with - neck, ears, face, jaw, we can't escape it. Im trying breathing techniques but again when in panic mode that's also hard but needs overcoming to cope in the long term. Yes water sometimes helps with migraines if you catch them early but dreadful if you wake up with one, I do too. I have to sleep with the window wide open otherwise im really sick - it's all horrible. Hope you're doing ok.

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      i tend to get angry when I have paqnic attacks. i cuss at it over and over untill it goes, then I am ready to  fight th rest of the day. migraines, bed. hot pads, pitty,  . . .i will go try a bath, it just sounds good!

      talk to you later!


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      Hi Colleen, yes I have but not on this scale -everything is amplified times 10

      . Hoping one day all this will be behind us. Why can't Mother Nature give us a time and a date rather than keep punishing us x

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    Hi Lou. You really

    are going to drive yourself mad with all this. I have had the lot and am STILL

    getting stuff on a daily basis. I am 56 and postmenapausal!

    I have learned to cope with these things as they happen and I have had most

    menapausal symptoms. The first thing you should do is try to keep calm. I used to

    get hysterical about things because they were so alien to me, but I learned

    if you don't get so worked up its not half as bad ( took me years to get this)I know

    You will think easy for me to say but honestly keeping calm really helps. Make the

    most of your counsellor, talk about it all, that will do you the world of good.

    Sorry no solutions just experience😊 all the best to you

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      Yes I certainly do drive myself totally I sane with it all I really do. Im trying so hard to stay calm mentally but I wake up in the early hours panicking with more symptoms all the time ( surgical meno )  - I constantly seek reassurance from anyone who'll listen, my hubby says im attention seeking but I really don't mean too - im just scared all the time and my family are tired of me going on about it all the time - I get help here and im practicing the relaxation tecniques and breathing my counsellor helps me with but it all takes time and inbetween they symptoms seem to overpower me. Im hoping to conquer the fear x

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      Don't beat yourself up over it, you really are doing well trying all

      you can to help yourself. Of course you will tell anyone about it but

      I haven't found many people who understand, that is why it is so

      great on here. My husband is great but I bet there are times when

      he can not wait to get to work so he doesn't have to hear me

      harping on about it all the time (I start again as soon as he walks

      through the door)lol😕😁.

      Waking up in the early hours is one of the worst parts because you

      do start to panic as the symptoms feel overwhelming. Try reading

      a book to take your mind off it, that is what I did and these feelings

      will pass after a while. It is all scary, I find it so, distraction is the

      way. Keep talking to us, I need to talk to all of you too!

      Best regards to you

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    Hi i know what your talking about it is the pressure in the ear and cheek thats cause ache and pain then which causes tendonitis ringing in the 👂 i have also experienced twitching in the cheek area which I believe comes from the pressure we feel its annoying and a bit scary but it goes away i know exactly what your speaking about its not fun the. Pressure alone drives you nuts is this how your feeling

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      Hi monique and thank you for replying. Yes it is pressure that makes my face feel heavy on one side and sometimes I think my face feels lopsided but when I look in the mirror it's the same the other side ! I look the same. Yes it is scary and unsettling - do you ever have similar as me ? It comes and goes , sometimes goes away for ages and then comes back - the ear thing is horrid too x

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      Yes same thing do you get the twitches in the cheek bone like between the eye and lip i got that as well but the ear thing yes it hurt really bad and it goes into my neck if you dont mind nbox me we can keep in contact and i can share as much as possible with u
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