Easter holiday's

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what's everyone up to?

We decided this year that we aren't getting the kids eggs, stave's off any temptation, not that I enjoy chocolate these days but don't want to have the possible temptation there, but have bought them each new bikes and am looking at getting myself and hubby one each as well so hopefully some family ride outs, lots of dog walking.

My youngest is doing a 2 day football camp so might take the daughter for a couple of pamper sessions. Fancy trying out the fish pedicure's anyone had that?

Sorting out the garden and hopefully some garden tanning sessions if the weather stays nice.

Debating about popping over to France to see the inlaws but probably won't be able to afford it if we do manage to get the bikes for us both but they do have a beach hut nr Bognor Regis so may just pop down there for a couple of days.

Then it will be time to go back to school and work.

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    i work in a school so i've got the full 2 weeks off, i intend to blitz the house and do some extra gym/workout sessions

    i will be having 1 easter egg off my hubby, i still love chocolate (and no it won't be one of those ginormous ones lol!!)

    oh and i've got a spa day booked which i am really looking forward to!

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    Ooh easter, im looking forward to it this year. i wont be having any eggs tho! Chocolate was never really my downfall anyway! Although i do like the min eggs lol

    Easter sunday we are having a birthday party at my mums house. My brother and his gf have been going out about 4-5 months and he has taken on her 11month old, so now hes a dad, and she is 1 this easter so there's a big gathering of adults, 25 i think, and children, as its the first time we get to meet all there family too.... should be fun lol

    Other than that i will be in the garden or in my mums hot tub - it is AMAZING!!!

    Yeh that sticking your feet in a tankful of fish looks nuts lol i think i would like it lol let me know how that goes!

    Have a nice easter everyone smile

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    I'v taken the 3 days off work between Easter and the Spring Bank hol so got a nice 11 days break. Going to a wedding easter Sat in Moreton in Marsh so as it's a little way from home staying overnight. Food therefore may be a bit of a problem but hopefully I'll have the chance for a bit of a boogie.

    Other than that planning on sorting through the things I haven't yet since moving in with my partner last July. I was hoping to be sending lots of summer clothes to the charity shop but they still fit sad

    I haven't had the full fish treatment but I went somewhere a while ago and they had a small tank in the reception for you to try. Put my hands in. Very weird feeling, I thought the fish were going to come out attached to my hands. Mind you, I do regularly go to the chiropidist to get the hard skin removed from my feet so I think the fish would be full up after me smile

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    I also work in a school, in the kitchen, so glad of the time off with the kids.

    Wish I had the courage to book a spa day/weekend. would like to try the treatments but then shy about actually having it done. Hope you have a great time.

    Hot tub :!: wow that must be lovely in the summer, my BIL has just had one put in but I think it's in the garage sort of so not somewhere where you could enjoy the sun. Hope your new niece has a great 1st birthday, I love large family gathering's, it's something my husbands family does but not something my side of the family do.

    Hope the wedding is great and you enjoy yourself on the evening away and a bit of a boogie sounds great, it's something I'm planning to do with the girls in May, meal and boogie afterwards, it's something I have not done for a number of years so have offered to drive so I can't pull out at the last minute. :D

    I'm a bit worried about the daughter doing the fish thing as she is only 9 so not even sure if she would be allowed but worried she will scream and make a lot of mess trying to get her feet out so will need to call the place before hand and see what they say.

    Well here's hoping the weather stays lovely and we all have a few relaxing days ahead of us

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    Hi everyone I work in a school so I've got the two weeks off. I went out for a meal with some colleagues to celebrate birthdays - I had sirlion steak grilled tomato mushroom onion rings and chips but only drank a J20.

    I've been cleaning and took advantage of the good weather and done loads of washing, tidied the garden with help from our puppy who keeps eating or destroying my plants and digging for ants ! Then we chilled out in the garden with a cool drink and ice lolly.

    I went shopping yesterday an bought three pairs of size 16 leggings and a pair of black jeggers (to go with the blue pair I bought last week) form primark who I find their sizes are usually smaller than most shops. I looked around for some summer dresses but could not see any I liked or could afford ( alot of them seem to be 100% cotton which means lots of ironing; So I went home got my sewing machine out and took two dresses and two tops in by inches and still had to sew tucks in them to make them fit They look great. I didn't see any three quarter type summer trousers I like so I might have a go at taking the ones I've got in. I've been spending most weekends at my sister's- she lives about an hours drive away so my hubby takes me and leaves me there most weekends(I don't drive) She's asked me to come in the week to help her and keep her company while her partner's at work. She has breast cancer and has just finished a gruelling series of 8 chemo sessions - a session every three weeks. I have to take my hat off to her she has kept her chin up and is battling well with some really nasty side effects ; she is really tired, aches all over, has put on up to two stone with water retention which has made her legs arms stomach and face swell are just some of the effects.

    I have lots of things to do at home but my sister's needs come first; luckily my sons who live at home are between 20-24 years old so can be left behind but I hate leaving our puppy behind. She'll come with us tomorrow but my husband will take her back with him.

    My sister will have a breast removed on 9th May so she is preparing herself mentally and physically (as much as you can for such an ordeal). She only went to her doctor's in September because she had marks that looked like scratches that were still there after 6 weeks so message to everyone if you notice anything unusually go to your GP like she did.

    We've bought Easter eggs but I asked for a triple pack of Turkish delight as my husband got me an easter egg last year and it gathered dust on a shelf until I recently threw it away.

    Hope the weather stays a good as it has been today and hope everybody has a great week xx

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    I really take my hat off to you and your sister try hard, I have a neighbour going through the same thing and wished I popped in there more often!

    I can't wait until i'm taking in my clothes! I have 4 or 5 next summer trousers or cropped bottoms that still have tags on from 1-3yrs ago that I'm really looking forward to wearing!

    I have 2 kids (5 &7) , I'm a housewife so 2 weeks solid with the kids, I have also got 'shin splints' (running injury) :cry: in both legs at the moment, was looking farward to long walks with the dog and kids but will have to re think!And hoping I can get them baby sat for a while so I can catch up with my lenghs swimming!

    Chocolate was never a issue for me can take it or leave it (more of :twisted: crisps/savoury fan me!) so not too worried about easter :idea: maybe persude hubby to buy me a new top in the next size down for more insperation!!!.

    Got a few things planned will have to make sure I don't forget to take my tabs with me when I'm out!

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    Having those new clothes to look forward to fitting in will inspire you to be good. Asking your hubby for a new top in the next size down sounds like a brill idea to me.

    I'm 5ft 5 and weighed 107Kg (16St 11.9 lbs) with a BMI of 39.3 a year ago. Now I weigh 80 Kg (12st and about 8 lbs with a BMI approx 29.4): the weight loss as slowed down but I'm really looking forward to the scales saying seventy something kilos.

    I can actually look in a full length mirror now :D and now find I have to check that something doesn't look too big or baggy rather than avoiding looking in the mirror and getting upset whenever I caught a glims of my reflection.

    Have you tried Velvet crunch Thia Sweet Chilli Cassava snacks ?- They come in packs of 6 I found them in Tescos and Sainsburys 81 cals 1.9 grams of fat.

    I find it harder to remember to take the tablets when I'm not at work as my routine changes but am good most of the time.

    I hope your injuries get better soon so you can go for the long walks. I hope you get to go swimming and get to have fun with your kids. Can't you take turns looking after friends children in exchange for them to look after yours so you get a break too?


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    i always keep a strip of tablets in my bag for when i am out and about, that way i havent got the excuse of skipping.

    suza, i think you should go for it at the spa, i am a size 16/18 and i usually find when i go that i am one of the smaller people there surprisingly, plus most spas give you a dressing gown to wear over your cozy when you're not in the pool/jacuzzi/sauna etc

    its great what you're doing for your sister trying hard and i hope she recovers soon smile

    i'm almost 2 months into being back on these and if my scales are right i have lost 10lbs so far, clothes are looking nicer and i can feel the difference in my body in terms of less wobble, more muscle and a bit more toned, hopefully will be getting back into my old clothes soon and then may have to buy some even smaller ones for encouragement, nothing like dangling the carrot infront of the donkey!

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    Well Done Sparkles :!: That's more than 2/3rd of a stone You've lost so far :D

    I agree having something in a size smaller is a great incentive to lose weight

    Keep it up. :D

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    Suza the hot tub is amazing, been in it tonight after having a bbq and taking my neice for a walk to the park, soo relaxing! We have it outside in a purpose built, wooden lean-to, with loads of privacy too - it really is perfect!

    Enjoy your wedding sally, i havent got any friends this year getting married sad

    Trying hard its lovely that your so supportive and selfless with your sister, your lucky to have each other. We recently found out my grandad has prostrate cancer bless him, hes not on chemo just yet, they are hoping to just use injections first because of his age etc.

    Im the same olive, pack of crisps over a choc bar anyday lol

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    Trying hard - Thats the 2nd time i have seen you mention turkish delight and now i am craving one lol may treat myself to a fry's one tomorow lol
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    Well Sian did you treat yourself to a Turkish Delight ? x
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    Trying Hard I hope things go well for your sister, it's good that you can speand so much time supporting her. Sian_B that it works out good for your Grandad. My Dad had that quite a few years ago but has recovered fully.

    Where do you get the minin Turkish Delights from? I am more of a savoury person but the odd bit of chocolate is nice smile

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    I havent yet trying hard, i have had a couple of bbq's over the weekend, although i ate salad and potatoes with my steak, veggie burgers and veggie sausages i was a bit naughty and had a bit of ice cream - so like you i will ask for some fry's turkish delight for easter!!

    Thanks sally

    im more savoury too. Dunno about mini turkish delight but trying hard was on about a pack of 3 smile tescos do a pack of 4 they r 3.4g each and cost something like £1.90

    Actually i was searching the aisle in the supermarket for those velvet crunch things that you were on about trying hard - i met a lady there who used to come in my shop, havent seen her for months tho, she looks amazing she has lost 2 1/2 stone! when i asked her how she said she had a VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND fitted by hypnosis..........is this a new craze? anyone else heard of it? i havent even had time to look into it online yet!

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    Yes my mother in law went to one in Harley st, it was £150 for 90 minute sesh, her friend and her sister have had it done also and they have lost up to 3st, I do want it done myself but with the kids, a holiday coming up I have other commitments at the moment!

    A friend of mine went upto manchester and had this tread put on one of her nerves in her ear and when ever you feel hungry you rub it, its only done at a place in manchester over here at the moment but she lost lots of weight and looks fantatic! Again I think its about £150-£200.

    One day I'll get round to getting something like that done! Happy with the tablets at the moment, will consider once I hit a 'plateau'.

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