Extremely low with depression help please!

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 i would appriciate you giving me some tips to getting myself better im in a loop i am really depressed but dont no why and thus makes me more depressed not knowing why i feel so lonely rotten and unable to focus enjoy anything in life even things i used to be crazy for please help! I have spoken to people and they look at me like im a crazy person even medic help has made me feel worse as they say things like your not ill your wasting my time!

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    Not a very nice medic doctor to be like that with you.

    Any friends or family you can talk too, who won't think your from another planet.

    How long have you felt this way and can you remember anything in particular

    Which could of triggered your low feeling's..

    Must admit my family don't understand one bit of my depression, really winds me


    I feel low, I have had a bad headache all day, stressed about my work and future.

    I did a run today, felt better for about 2 hours then got really low again.

    But running gets me outside with the dog.

    Remember your not Crazy just unwell, try to focus on something you enjoy and try to get a good sleep.

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      Nothing i can think off really just everyday strains of life finances etc, its like the smallest problem could come up and im having anxiety attacks and in tears.

      I dont feel like eating i cant sleep my family dont understand if feels like the smallest job is like a marathon.

      Ive read mixed opinions on meds dont no wether to get something from the gp or not.

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    Firstly. Ignore all the ignorant people who think you can just snap out of this. They are not living in your head or walking in your shoes.

    Secondly,you are a perfectly normal human being who just so happens to be suffering from depression.

    People here will get exactly where you are coming from and understand your fears as they have all felt the exact same way you do.

    I am struggling at the moment and finding it hard the majority of the the time swing the positives but sometimes it's ok not to see them,it doesn't matter,some days we are allowed to let them feelings overtake us and not fight them......because deep inside us all is a little flame that refuses to be distinguished and on the days we can't be strong,that's what will keep us going until we do feel stronger and do have the strength xx

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    I think it would be worth your while speaking to the doctor about medication if you feel that is a path you are prepared to go down.

    Not everybody gets horrendous side effects and those who do,generally report that they subsided after a few weeks. I think it's around that time when you also know if a medication is suited to you.You owe it to yourself to get the best support system around you to help you through this time,kind of a little care plan that you devised,just for you,how it suits you xx

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      Thanks hun just having someone to talk to helps.

       i do not have anyone that would listen,

       i might try and give them a go it couldnt hurt that bad.

       have you found any methods that have helped you? Xx

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      I try my best to keep to a little routine...it's hard sometimes but it doesn't have to be set in stone...I just stick to it the days I can. I also try and have half a hour a day where I lay on my bed and try to relax my thoughts...I take deep breathes through my nose and out through my mouth while saying " relax" very slowly.. It kind of keeps me in the present for a while and calms my racing thoughts. I also try and focus on other things other than myself..that's the hardest. I will for instance look at my son and think " ok focus on him for five minutes" then a few hours later I might think " ok focus on the TV for five minutes"!!!! Don't overdo it..just do what I can when I'm in the right frame of mind. Training my brain to focus out wards instead of dwelling and overthinking of myself xx
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      It certainly can't hurt and you will know more or less right away wether or not the start up side effects are worth sticking with or not. The melds im on now haven't been too bad but I have been on some that I couldn't vole with side effects. Don't worry if the first lot you are offered doesn't suit you. Sometimes you have to try a few before you find one that suits but in my opinion it's worth it xx
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    Hi Kev sorry to read of your situation, thanks for sharing it.

    In my professional experience you are "depressed" on the basis

    that most people are, it's due to lack of awareness about depression.

    Please don't take the above statement as patronising, I'm just stating

    a fact. Depression is nothing more than anger turned inward, in other

    words if we don't work through our issues, real or imagined to a

    positive conclusion it all then becomes fixed into our subconscious and

    that leads to the depression, we feel sad, angry, melancholic, but yet

    we dont know why, and its this un-awareness that causes the problem.

    Start by peeling a few layers of your life back, to when you felt wronged

    when you felt angry at something or someone, and ask yourself did ever

    really get to the bottom of it, if you didn't that's were the problem is.

    In a previous post of mine entitled recommended reading there are

    a few books that may be helpful to you.

    Hope this helped.


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    Kev you dont.need the.negative people.in your life ! If you feel the doctors not helping ask for a second opinion ! Please use this group if you need to there are people who are in here that know.what your going through because they them selves are going through the same thing ! Take care (david)
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