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Why is it ,that I have been eating fresh air and boiled potatoes for six

days, I look ,and feel as though I have eaten three Sunday  dinners???

"BLOAT""   .I understand is part of a  Flare  side effect. What  causes it,? 

it's not food, or poo .it's not painful. just unsightly

Mebeverine will flatten it out for a while ,but it returns  ,so it's baggy sweaters to hide it .that makes me look as though I've eaten four sunday

dinners .  Any suggestions  how to flatten it, without using drugs???


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    Potatoes are high in teh Glycaemic Index so it is wise to switch to sweet potatoes instead which are lower GI. Perhaps look up some Low GI recipes? hope that helps.
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      Hi D.G , I don't know why or what or if, anthing regarding this D'D ,

      as no one medical tells us how to cope with it ,and why things happen ,or how to make them go away, except to stuff us all with drugs ,that 

      make me feel 100 times worse It's in your face full on  every day.

      Worrying about what's going in the top end, and then worrying if it's 

      going to come out at the other end, without causing any havoc

      on the way

      How are you,? Very well I hope .


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      Hi DG.  It really isn't potatoes (sweet or otherwise) that DD sufferers should avoid (may be if one is diabetic - but that's another forum).  There is a known list of'avoidables' and potatoes certainly doesn't feature.
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      There's a list somewhere in the great beyond?!?! Point the way and I'm there.

      On another tack, does anyone have a view on the efficacy of aloe vera for DD? There's liquid, tablets, ones to sooth, ones to cleans (I'm assuming laxative effect here).

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      I'm good thanks Jacqueline, I think it is so sad that we all have to deal with this without help. I asked my doctor for an appointment with a nutritionist and was told that they didn't offer this service...service...I ask you!
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      Way back when Jacqueline and me (as the first repondent) started this forum, I explained and listed) what and what not my qualified nutritionist and dietician told me to take/avoid.. Mostly avoid.  She was  NHS appointed  and I referred to her by my Consultant.  Have any of you sppoken to a Nutritionist/Dietician?  Have you asked your Consultant about a referral to you hospital's practitioner.  It would be helpful.  What is not helpful is 'imagining' that all sorts of things are causing you problems.  Diet is the key.  I could re-list but I am sure you could find it somewhere on the Forum.  Barmy Prince Charles may be able to help a few of you.
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      Hello DG,thank goodness one of us is good I went down the same road 

      as you, got the same response Seems as though there is an opening for

      some enterprising medical to start a nutrition clinic It's all very well us all helping each other but it would be nice to be told the reasons why we

      should avoid products My food intake is now sooooooooooo boring

      and tasteless. I'm losing the will to eat.

      you must be doing something right biggrin cheesygrin question


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      Hi Jac,  I take acidophilus as and when I need to. But I honestly think that having a gallstone balances out both constipation and diahorrea.

      I went to Dublin last week and had a week of eating in a pub. This is not low fat food and I had about three halves of beer each night with lots of water and I never felt better. We had a mile walk to the city centre each day and back again and I felt great. I come back home and the niggling pain in my right hip starts uplease.

      I also think that because I am so active I keep the nasties at bay. I have no idea how but I think water has a lot to do with it. Hopefully I won't get any more aches from my gallbladder after bamboozling it with fat!

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      Morning DG, I take the Acid whatsit tabs 2 a day  Holland &Barratt,s

      it's about the only thing my doc nodded his head to 

      I lived in Southern Ireland for 15 years, down in the South east corner 

      5 mins from the beaches  Avoided Dublin like the plague Driving there

       was like formula 1  free style , I suppose you got charged the earth for

      everything you ate ,drank or bought.The water over there was good mostly spring water at least where I lived out in the sticks If you were

      drinking Guiness it should have sorted your internals out I horse ride

      think I told you ,but it will have to go on hold until after the shoulder

      op on Wednesday  No driving ,using  arm for at least 2 weeks  and probably longer for he gee gees

      Mega case of Body Rot is what I tel my doc , He is soooooooooooooo

      not interested i'm going to swap him x

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      I Know. Driving in Dublin is like in Italy lololol.

      We're hoping to tour Eire next year in our ancient campervan.

      I only drank one half of Guinness in a fab pub, but all the other pubs couldn't hold a candle to it Guinness wise. 

      As well as change yoru doctor have you thought of going to an acupuncturist or something. I will look up in my Diverticulitis book for you this evening and get back to you.


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      Hope your tour will be a long one ,or you will not get to see much. The edges of ireland has superb beaches Some of the towns aren't so nice 

      Whatever you do DO NOT kiss the Blarney stone!11 Hundreds of years of spit  Yuk

      I didn't realise we disease riddled Divis had a book about  us.


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      Surprise ,surprise D.G. just having a trawl thruogh the forums .wondering

      how everyone is .Just dropped onto my shoulder op. which did happen .no pain for 3 weeks, then wham, lots of it joint ,muscles of arm ,up the neck into my head I won't bore you with ALL the details, but I am still having physio.and next week. acupuncture, so, not a happy bunny at

      the moment Good news is I can  drive ,automatic. And my D.D has been quiet ,since I started taking the probiotics

      Hope you are O.K 


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    Don't eat at all.  Just ride. Induce farting - that helps
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      Jon, I was looking for some intelligent feedback on this serious body

      disfunction Wish I could walk, let alone ride. Felt really awful yesterday, my sense of humour took a real nose dive

      I feel heaps better this morning so the suicide has been deferred for 

      now Didn't your Harley ST medicals suggest anything for your

      farting prob? Or are they just part of the "don't know " brigade as the

      commom or garden NHS variety ??

      You should have a flag made saying  FREEDOM FOR FARTERS

      or a lapel badge .   

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      Sorry, Jacqueline 01135.  I just thought (how stupid of me) that a touch of humour might lighten the load  (no double entendre).  Glad you are a llittle better this a.m.  It seems to me that you suffer far more than do I.

      Now let's get this potato thing straight.  What are these wild minds going to use as an excuse next?  Potatoes are harmless,bland staples of our diet. They are easily digested and move through the digestive system without even looking a the diverticuli.  Find something else to ocupy the mind!

      My Harley St. consulatations were to do with the hernia (s) and a bout of prostatitis (during which the consultant poked his finger up my ass.)  All was well.  The surgery (for the 2 hernias) was carried out at their hospital in Kent.  DD was not discussed; in fact I may not have been a suffer in those days.  My first memory is coming home from Canada after a posting there and feeling very farty on the RAF flight. I blame them (after Thatcher).

      Keep well and keep eating spuds. 

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      Hi Jon sense of humour reinstated -----see previous------

      Your fellow fliers were all looking at each other  AS YOU DO ,to see who 

      the bummer might be , Don't suppose you fessed up !!!!!

      So your Achilles  is Farting big time with this D'D Don't you bloat atall /question

      and if not. why not ??

      This pending shoulder op is looming. making my knees knock a tad.

      but mt Wuss department is low on thrust at the moment. (back to air

      removalcheesygrin again 

      Why do you call me by the full title thingy? It makes me feel like a convict


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      Hi Jac.  It's simply because you chastised me once for calling you jac.  I thought I would go the whole hog!

      Darling, Jac the whole thing (about this wretched disease has drifted somewhat from it's original format.)  Acupuncture (and it must be Eastern) will not cure DD - fact.  My nutritionists friend who is a physio and a (Western) acpuncturist (for the Sydney Games) assures me of that.  For Christ's sake let's get back to basics and tht is diet and a healthy (as possible) lifestyle.  In the beginning, I said (amonst other good advice passed to me) was drink plenty  - not to excess... and you know the rest.  All this Aloe Vera and potatoes is, frankly, bullsh*t (that's right Jon tell it like it is).

      I'm aware that people must experiment but don't follow the path of loopy Princes (and adulterous ones either).  The basics are: eat in moderation; reduce or cut out red meats; avoid acids ad fart copiously.

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      Dear Jon, my bestest fartiest friend,  "'ere your avin a larf "

      Juliet and me , Jac Jacqui ,Jacqueline have tried to re-activate the 

      Divi Diners, I even tried to get the stuffed shirts on the D Privacy whatsit

      forum ,but all they do is moan so I evicted them. R .  Soles  

      I have a prob finding diners forum  THE mentor said he would  "put it

      near the top " whatever that meant.

      So JON cheesygrin scoffing it is.  I am back to square 1 after the uproar,

      You are awash with heavies who guide you down the boozy road

      Does one put the Aloe Vera on the spuds  ?or ,t'other way around? Right, every boring D.D entrant will be directed to the diners,  See if anyone 

      takes any notice ,and is REALLY interested in  the Food Help line,or 

       really cares what they put in their gobs 



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      Three hearty cheers.  Iv'e actually had a nasty two days. I know exactly the cause - irresistible fresh fruit salad two days running (and was I running!)

      My gut (why do people think that the word gut is crude - it is correct and used by the medical prfession) has really been extraordinarily painful and I now know (as if I needed reminding) what DD really does to one.  Diet DOES matter.  Square one is where we should get back to.  Leader... lead on!!!  Jon

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      OH JON stop leading yourself into temptation  frown It's as though you are back in the Garden of Eden. Couldn't you stop the spoon going into your mouth ? Go to bed and lie flat on your back, and as my very knowledgable

      doctor   !!!!!! says drink lots and eat sloppy stuff

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      Fine again, Jac and Juliet.  Here am I (trying) to tell others about the dangers of diet, and what do I do!  At least it does prove that my nutriionists advice all those years ago was right. Bland fruit only (bananas - not too many, they raise potasssium levels) pears etc.  I'm afraid I have to repeat the acid advice.
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      How can you be "fine" again so soon. ? It must have been one of your

      mega farts on it's way out.  .Whatever -------glad you are out of the pain zone

      You are now expected to put your words of eatable wisdom on the Diners forum to guide all the lost souls who haven't  a clue

      Mangoes peaches ,nectarines plums ,are consumed by Moi. after


      Diners forum to help all the 


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      It's the (ecomomy) diet stupid.  No, Jac it really is controlling the diet.  I know I keep on about diet but, we know that what we eat is who we are. I can eat magoes & peaches (lesss acidity) but not plums (although, I think, one of the best tasting fruits) or nectarines.  Plum jam (I devour) has no adverse effect.

      I know that skins are a thing for you.  Others might also be affected.  I thought that is what this forum was about to share cause and effect.

      I don't want to harp on about my dietician/nutritionist (difficult, it seems from the comments from other 'sensible' forum contributor's who are unable to see such an animal)) but she also suggested digestive biscuits and a glass of milk mid-morning.

      How do we get back to the original strand which you started?  Jon

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      When you find  Diners , put it on your bookmark list, until it gets up and running proper  OY ! who are you calling stupid, me or the diet ?

      Be careful Jon------ be very careful

      Iv'e just been scrolling through the Diners Lots of stuff I had forgotten about, your farting appeared a few times No change there thencheesygrin


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      Maybe we should start a new forum as the old one is hard to find for the 

      newbies OOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRR you could ask our mentor 

      to help  It's your turn, he was a tad short with me on the last suggestion

      I made

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      Jac Listen & learn.  Bill Clinton (famously said) It's the economy, stupid, when addressing the nation.

      I was simply saying (unsucessfully) to make a pun by saying "It's the diet, stupid"

      I liked Bill (so did Monica!) - he  wore my colours.

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      I knew that !! what do you think I am  stupid. ?? It was a bit of Lateral .

      Don't suppose Monica cared what colour it was..

      Number 2

      Speak to Juliet about my ability with this machine .she has been trying to guide me how to do it with hand ,Yes , All  right.

      I believe you know the pathway to the terminator .say something 

      off key ,and he will jump in, then you will have a direct contact

      however ----------- see Email


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      I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to underestimate you (quite obvious) intelligence.  I will be back tomorrow - I am desperately trying to sort out a problem with some carriers.  They haven't delivered to my recipient - he's calling me a liar - the trouble is, one can't SPEAK to these people, it's always 'Ask Jacqui or..   Speak tomorrow.  It's bringing on the fartts!!!
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