Feel creepy and weird like I know it's the end

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all I want to do is sleep because I just feel odd and creeped out like I know it's the end!! I keep having so many strange symptoms! The main ones are dizzy spells, weak arms and legs, feeling like I'm going tomfaint, head goes all weird and I feel like it's heavy! I just feel odd! I feel like this time these symptoms ARE real and because of my health anxiety nobody will believe me!!! I'm sure I'm dying! Sure!! I was in sainsburies last night and I get this hot weak feeling and I just have to walk out!!! 

Anyine experience these thoughts/ feelings ? 

The only thing helping me right now is alcohol of a night time sad bout that makes things worse the next day cod I think iv got something wrong with my liver xx

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    I feel  exactly like this atm .. I really struggle to believe it's anxiety ..the dizziness is killing me I can't go out. I reckon the weather is affecting us tbh, do you feel okay ish when you wake and then it gradually gets worse?  Does it give you shortness of breath?
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      I know how you feel. And yeah dizziness is bad like it doesn't feel like I could imagine it if you no what I mean! And so many people say it's in your head but it's like how do they even nosad yeah the first moment I wake up then I get worse more I think about it dx
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    Hi I was wondering if you have taken steroids for your liver issues? Sometimes long term steroid use can result in extreme muscle weakness and muscle wasting (muscular myopathy) which can be painful. It can also effect blood pressure which can cause dizziness. It can also cause fatigue and depressive symptoms etc. Just a thought. If you are or have been taking steroids it is important that you investigate your cortisol levels, and make sure they are neither too high or too low.

    Otherwise if you are a person who suffers from anxiety on a regular basis you might be suffering with what some people call "adrenal fatigue" because prolonged periods of anxiety can have a serious impact on your body's adrenal performance.

    Lastly, depression and anxiety themselves can be physically painful. And have many physical side affects.

    Please seek help from a compassionate

    doctor. Advocate for yourself and don't give up. Sometimes the medical community treats people who suffer from mental illness's poorly and are dismissive. If you are sick, keep seeking help until you find it. Just because you may be treated this way doesn't mean you deserve to be. Research patient advocacy groups in your area. Best of luck to you. I hope you figure this out.

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      No never taken steroids sad ... It is almost like the more anxious I get the more symptoms I get ranging from stomach pains to dizziness and all sorts !!!! I just can't accept its anxiety causing these symptoms!!! Thank you for your advice xxx
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      That sounds terrible, I'm sorry that you are suffering so badly.

      In my experience anxiety can certainly manifest itself in your body in many different physical forms. Getting anxiety under control can be a significant challenge, but you have taken the first step by talking about it. Sometimes when my anxiety felt to physically overwhelming I felt paralysed with pain and fear. I would grab a water bottle and walk for hours until my body and mind where both exhausted in order to get some relief and it worked.

      Try working on some breathing techniques when you are in a general state of anxiety and not a panic attack. Take a deep breath in for 5 seconds, hold it for 1-5 seconds and then exhale for 5 seconds. Make sure the inhale and the exhale are the same length. Also make sure that you are breathing 'right'. Tummy fills up on inhale and goes down on exhale. (Put a hand on your stomach to check) I know it may sound strange but many people do not breathe correctly. Also make sure you have deep breaths into your diaphragm (make tumb and forefinger into an L shape, and then place hands on either side of your body on your lowest rib. Close your eyes and imagine your breath filling up your lungs and heading in the direction of where you are holding your hands. You will feel your entire rib cage expand to accommodate more air). Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose/mouth. You can increase the time of your breathes until they are 10 seconds with practice. Breathing techniques create a bio-feedback loop that oxigenates your blood which slows your heart and calms body's ' fight or flight' response which in turn will help your anxiety to dissipate. Breathing techniques are a practice and help more and more as you use them over time until your body subconsciously activates this manner of breathing for you in high anxiety situations.

      This tecnique will also help decrease the physical symptoms you are experiencing which sounds directly related to the 'fight or flight' response.

      If you are ready to seek medical advice, anxiety medication can work wonders in that it gives you space to learn and practice techniques that can moderate anxiety while you are not actually in the throes of it.

      Best of luck again, I hope the breathing works. It did for me, a great deal.


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