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hi guys

im after some help and would be so grateful of some advise.

i was diagnosed with an inflamed esophocus last April after having a camera down me and up me, they never really gave me any advice   after that... Typical 

At that time I was only having pains in my throat, fast forward almost a year, I've just finally managed to stop smoking and have been following  a Paleo diet for 6 weeks.

my overall health seems to be gradually getting better which is great but last week I started to get this like a burning sensation all the way up my esophocus .. It's not heartburn and I don't know if it's what acid reflux feels like. I'd be surprised if it is that because of how I have changed my diet over 6 weeks ago.

the pain is all the way up my esophocus and its there everyday almost all the time now. Not really in my throat. 

im getting worried that it's something more serious now like cancer, could this of changed in the last 10 months to be something so serious or would that take years to form before I felt it?

or is it possible that for some reason it's just really flared up and will eventually go back down?

ive just started to take my lansoprazole again a week ago but no change, my bed is lifted up as advised on info I've read, I don't lie down after eating and my diet is the best it's ever been for last 6 weeks

I would be very grateful if someone could put my mind at rest 

thank you so much 


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    Your oesophagitis was caused by acid refluxing from your stomach into your oesophagus.

    To reduce the inflammation, you must first tackle the acid. The diet fads may or may not be suited to you. We are all different and react differently to foods. Keep a food diary to determine your own particular triggers to avoid.

    Next do take your lansoprazole correctly. The normal dose is 30mg per day, taken pre-emptively every day preferably half an hour before breakfast, but to eliminate your oesophagitis, you may need to take double this for a few weeks. These drugs become more effective after a few days but, depending on the extent of your oesophagitis, it can take a few weeks to eraditicate it.

    It is extremely unlikely you have cancer. However, the persistent acid reflux can cause a permanent change to the cells lining your oesophagus - Barrett's oesophagus. These cells are less sensitive so your pain would actually reduce. However, Barrett's cells do have the ability to mutate over time via ldifferent levels of dysplasia to cancer but the risks are very low and usually take years if they are to happen.

    Visit the website / book www DownWithAcid org uk to learn more.

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      Hi Barretts

      thank u for your reply

      so do u think the pain I've tried to explain is acid reflux ?

      as for my pills, I was given 15 mg ones so take one before bed with a probiotic and one again before my breakfast with another probiotic 

      do you think this is ok to carry on like this.

      i did a stool sample 6 weeks ago and was diagnosed with a parasite and yeast infections, I've been taken all the herbs required to deal with that although it is still on going and like i said I've changed my diet drastically for the better 

      thank u so much for taking the time to reply to me, I have got myself in a bit of state as I lost my friend two years ago to cancer of the osephocas 

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    Hi I have that pain like a burning pain up and down the esophacus for 14 months i have been on omperozole 40mg and gaviscon had two cameras down the nose and diagnosed with a inflamed red pharynx probarbly caused by acid reflux.The pain was in a scale of 1 to 10 a 10. I have changed my diet and for rhe past few days have stopped the meds to see what will happen and my throat feels a bit better , am going for a barium swallow in ten days i dont know what this pain is either and it does scare you as you dont get any answers off the ent specialist so know how you feel
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      Hi Michelle

      The most frustrating thing I find is I went back to my doctors the other day and told him how bad it was and yet he treated my like I was a hypochondriac

      I wanted him to put another camera down my throat to check the cells haven't changed but he won't.

      The waiting list to have that done where I live is nearly a year. WTF

      All I can do is try and eat healthier and hope it's gets better

      Good luck to u too

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    Hello Nogs,

    The pain I've often felt, with gastritis, was not always quite like the usual heartburn feeling, and during the worst era of the trouble it was very persistent, and often involved stomach, rib and other chest pain too.

    As Barretts says, the food matter can be variable between people, but some foods which commonly cause heartburn feelings or aggravate reflux and other stomach troubles, are fried foods, high-fat foods, high-salt foods, carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol and chocolate. Spicy and hot foods can also aggravate the trouble for some people. Minty foods relax the lower eosophageal muscle, which can allow acid to come up easier, so they are bad. I use a fruity toothpaste.

    Wholewheat bread, cereals, bananas, hardboiled eggs are a few of the foods that suit me, but there are pulses, rice, various beans (not kidney beans) and many other things you could try. Chicken was the best meat for me, due to its low fat, but even that could impact on me at times.

    Also best is several medium meals per day, rather than fewer bigger ones, so that you don't overfill and stretch your stomach. Eat relaxed and chew well. Be sat upright for and after meals, not bent or slouching, so you don't squash your stomach and press its contents upwards.

    Stress and excercise that affect the stomach are also to be avoided. Be as calm and stress-free as you can.

    Another thing which helps me is to not burp after about ten or so minutes after eating, as this can bring acid up.

    It's a hard thing to have to deal with mentally as well as physically, so you're not alone in that. I hope you gain some improvement in time, for it can take a while.

    Best wishes.

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      Hi paul

      Thx mate I really appreciate the input.

      I think I got on one worrying about getting cancer..

      After watching my friend die from it I guess it freaked me out, I'm 45 now.

      So I guess I do have acid reflux then and maybe it is that, that causes the burning all the way up my esophocus .. As I said it's not like heartburn.

      Pretty sh*t really huh

      Anyway thx again man


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