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hey all

i started the gym proper today. i was there about an hour and worked proper hard. i got a wee dizzy turn and had to sit down. which shows how unfit i am! but i feel good for going.

this along with the pills and the diet i think im going to make such a life change here.

I just keep thinking..... i will be fit enough to play with my grandkids when they come along, i will be able to go climbing without taking the arms of my belayer, i will be able to dance for an hour without sweating like a pig.

keep those good thoughts coming!!


(hope you all dont mind me telling you about it!)

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    morning MissP

    of course we don't mind you telling us what you get up to

    Its all motivation and encouragement for ourselves and if we can support and encourage you too .. then the way I see it .. Jobs a good en :lol:

    I'd love to go to the gym but my finances are really tight and gym money is impossible for me to find, but I do have an exercise bike and make an effort to give the dog a good walk every day, 4 months in and a walk that used to take me 2 hours now takes me 45 minutes, and I've just started using my sons weights to try to tone up my arms a bit .. ooh I do ache some days lol

    have to say tho dizzy spells arn't good, make sure you eat well, before you go, a banana is often recommended before any exercise, full of carbs and energy that you need and speak to the trainers at the gym if that continues, they are the experts .. not me :-(

    keep up the good work

    you'll be running after those grandkids of yours, and giving it some moves on the dancefloor in no time lol

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    thanks kaelea smile

    i think your right with the eating before i go thing.

    i slept thru the alarm today, then the wee ones were giving me jip in the ear so i didnt have time for me and my induction appoinment was at 9.

    i even forgot to take water with me!

    im gonna go again tomorrow morning with a bowl of cereal in me and a bottle of water in my bag!!

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    *whispers to MissP*

    don't be overdoing it, your muscles do need days off to recover smile

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    Hi Everyone

    After reading this I feel more motivated but my problem is that I can't exersise due to having M.E. and Fibromyalgia.

    I am sure that some will tell me that I can do this that and the other but really I can't!

    I have to limit what I do even if I am having a good day and feel full of energy. I find it frustrating as it is as I can't do alot of the things most consider to be part of their daily routine on a lazy day.

    There are lots of times where just climbing the stairs leaves me feeling like I just ran a marathon, this and the Fibro on top makes almost everything I do painful and even when I am resting I am in severe chronic pain.

    I am sure losing the weight will help ease the pain a little but it will most likely be a long slow process.

    I believe my doctor has given me the tablets as she is aware of my limitations due to my health and is giving me an opportunity that I maybe wouldn't of got otherwise.

    I am determined to make this work but I believe we all feel that way when motivated. I have had days I just wanted to cry through pure frustration either because of the pain I am in or purely because im finding it hard work thinking what I can eat that I will enjoy.

    Not only do i have my M.E. & Fibro to think about but I am also Coeliac, have a nut hypersensitivity and I cant tollerate eggs or bananas, and I suffer terribly with a dry mouth which isnt nice when eating dry foods like crackers (which I have to get on prescription) I was reliant on being able to have sauces, gravy etc on my food to help me to swallow it. Now I am finding that most of these have quite a high fat content! :evil:

    Swallowing tablets is also a problem, I have to take between 15 and 23 tablets a day at present :cry:


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    Hi Jenny

    I also have food allergies, dairy products, eggs, artificial sweetener & citrus fruits, and I know how hard it can be to find food you enjoy. Soya milk & cheese are vile! :cry:

    I hope you have success on Orlistat, and that losing weight makes your life easier.

    Take care



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    Hi Jenny

    Somerfield and probably other supermarkets do a range of packet sauce mixes which are relatively low in fat, 1.7g per portion. I buy the ones from Somerfield which cost £1.00 for 4 packets and are fine, especially the cheese and the parsley ones. Useful to liven up a bland meal.

    Bisto make a range of gravy mixes which are only .6g fat per portion and quite tasty.


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    Thanks Gill

    Hi Beryl

    The problem with sauces for me is not only the amount of fat that they contain, but also, and especially packet sauces, tend to have gluten in them, not only is it called gluten, but it aslo has many other names too, it is used to thicken things with, if you look on a packet sauce it will be in there somewhere.

    Rusk, wheat, oats, rye, barley, bulgar, cous cous, dinkle, durum wheat, einkorn, emmer wheat kamut, semolina, spelt, tritcale.

    In addition to these there are such things as modified wheat starch, things have improved alot over the years since i was diagnosed thankfully now they say if a starch does not mention being either rye/wheat/oats/barley starch, then it is safe, but only in the last couple of years has labeling improved as it used to be a case of avoid all starches unles it specifies it is a safe starch for coeliacs, ie maize starch, corn starch, rice starch and so on.

    So you can probably imagine how difficult it can be at times finding something as simple as a nice sauce.

    Anyway, Coeliac lesson over with


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