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Hi everyone, I feel like ive been on here a lot lately but i'm feeling like if i dont talk to someone i will lose my mind. I'm 20 and until up to a year ago was hardly ever stressed or anxious. Ive self diagnosed health anxiety as i believe ive got a serious illness every day, am constatly googling my symptoms and feel the illest ive ever fealt. I can keep going to my GP as i am at university and arent registered with a GP here. I recently had a blood test which came back with "inflammation" which I am panicking about because ive read that this can be a sign of cancer or tumor and ive just had an ultrasound in my stomach which i havent had the results for , the doctors arent worried. I need reassurance on my symptoms because I cant sleep with worry that ive got a brain tumor and bowel cancer. this has been going on for 4 monhs. My symptoms:

ibs (cramps, bloating, irregularity, looseness)

twitching all over my body


really sore neck everyday, more so as the day progresses


constant worrying thoughts

lack of concentration

sore stomach when pressing and touching

chest pain

muscle aches

thoughts of being missdiagnosed

very jumpy and easy to scare

thoughts of dying

a panick attack

feeling feint and zoned out

a feeling of panick when falling asleep

awful oily skn causing acne.

getting ill a lot (colds etc)

Ive got it in my head that cancer has spread all over my body and i want endless tests to disprove this , but with this being my final year at uni it just isnt practical. Can anyone relate? or have any advice or tips that can put my mind at ease. I feel as though im going insane!



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    Hi Holly

    I really needed to reply as I hve experienced all the exact same as you.  I was 19 when I first experienced anxiety and all the symptoms listed above are typical.  You haven't got an illness hun, you are severely stressed out and anxious.  Anxiety itself causes MANY symptoms, all of which you have listed.  I was once convinced I had lymphoma which is lymph node cancer, I even found lumps (which were supposed to be there) and no matter what the docs told me I wouldn't listen.  It wasn't until I started anti depressants that I felt better.  You have what my old therapist used to call a biochemical reaction.  That's when your anxiety has got so far that you are physically feeling the effects.  I found that when I'm this bad no amount of calming techniques work, I had to go on the meds to help. PM me here if you want and I can chat further xx

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      Thanks for your reply smile I've tried to see how to pm you but I can't work it out haha the main symptoms bothering me at the mo are the ibs, twitching and sore neck. Even though it's for a good cause all of the stand up to cancer programmes on telly are stressing me out because I feel like I'm having the same symptoms! Where do you think I should go from here ? Xx
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    I'm going thru the same issue with my health. You need meds. I take 2 different ones and they are helping.. Xxx
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    hey, im exactli the same, i never used to be like this, im now getting 1 to 1 help with a pshychiatrist. im getting really bad with it , always ill, and keep going to the doctors, cant help my self
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    i feel the exact same and have done for months i can just zone out and not realy be with anyone thats how bad its gotten and also i can burst into tears with the fear and the way it makes me feel i just dont feel myself im 22 and i should be enjoying life but this fear and panic is always getting in the way my family has tryed helping ive been to doctors and A&E and they said there is nothing to worry about but i think they have got it wrong its gettin me so down and its getting worse day by day sad i go see a counciler on the 7th nov and im realy hoping this helps me because i do to think im going insane 
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    Hi Holly

    Sorry to hear about all the anxiety that you are going through. I can remember going through something similar when I was convinced that I had contracted HIV. I scoured the net looking for symptoms that cross referenced the symptoms I had found. The problem was that I hadn't actually had sex, merely just kissed someone! I wasn't satified until I had the test which was of course negative and then I wanted it tested again. 

    The only advice I had give about health issues is to try not to self diagnose over the internet as it's likely to make you fret more and more. Doctors rarely understand anxiety and although they might be sympathetic there's not much they can do to help you. It's possible that medicine might help but there's the worry that you might get addicted to anything you keep taking.

    In my case I made a real effort to stop looking for symptoms on the net as it made my situation so much worse. Ironically I did find out many years later that I did have something wrong with me (an auto immune condition that affects my thyroid) I was straight back to the net which made the situation far worse. I became convinced that I would suffer every symptom possible and made everyone's life including my own intolerable for a few months. When I stopped sysmptom checking and accepted (to a degree) the situation things became much better.

    After that episode I started to read lots on the subject to develop my understanding of condition and hopefully help other people with it. There still are dark days and panic about health issues (as well as general anxiety) but I find Yoga to be more effective relief from anxiety. Have you tried it?

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      Hi and sorry to hear about your anxiety. I haven't tried yoga but have booked a GP appointment for tomorrow so hopefully they will be able to put my mind at ease. What does yoga involve ? 
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      There are lots of different types of yoga- some are very relaxed and not physically demanding (hatha) whereas others can be as tough as a gym session (ashtanga). Most types will involve a sequence of moves which you can quickly learn. 

      Normally each class will begin with some form of breathing exercise and/or stretches followed by various postions. The class ends with a 10 minute cool down/meditation to help clear your mind. Classes are rarely the same, you don't have to chant or sing (unless unless it's that type of class) and it's all about doing what you feel comfortable to do (not competitive).

      Maybe give it a go. I know it's helped a lot of people I know.

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    I hope you are not studying medicine Holly because it will be your worst nightmare having to read medical information all the time.  I would avoid googling health issues if you can.


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