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Hi, i had a vaginal hysterectomy march 2015 and that was supposed to be the new me but nope things have only got worse.

I am now waiting to to in and have anterior and posterier repairs, tvt (i think thats what its called) plus my perineum rwpairwd as its less than half the thickness its supposed to be.

Im a 38 yr old mum of 3 and work part time. I used to go to the gym and was really active but the last 3 months i have had so much pain and discomfort just by walking ive had to stop all that. Ive noticed ive gained a bit of weight already (too scared to jump on scales) and tonight my partner walked through the door and i took one look at him and sobbed for about half an hour.

Anyway been waiting for this op for 6 months now and im on the list apparently! Just feeling so fed up and thought id have a whinge and see if anyone else is as moany as me but can also tell ne there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Look forward to replies smile

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    Title should read fed up, i have fat thumbs!
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      Hi, you are perfectly normal. I cried like someone died for 3 weeks. It's was hard waiting to get in to specialist then the pretest. To go from a perfectly heathy person to bring limiting. It is depressing. I tried to joke about it, but inside I was mess! I didn't have the exact procedure, but had a surgergy for rectocele and cystocele and she did a bladder sling to be on the safe side. I'm only 6 weeks out, but I had no pain. Only took pain medicine for 2 days. Both my prolapse where stage 4. I feel sorta normal but know not to over do it. I tried to eat heathy and took extra supplements. Also took probiotic for women. I never got any infections. And they did surgery outpatient, had to wear catherator for about week. I believe that I will get back to normal, or my new normal. Will be trying to figure that out as I go along. Hope you get surgergy soon, try to take it easy on your self and hope all goes well.

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      Thanks for your reply, it kind of comforts me to know im not alone but sometimes (especially when its a male doctor) and im saying how utterly rubbish i feel and they say well surgery will sort you i feel like screaming! I also worry that if i do get op date it will be postponed as hysterectomy was cancelled 3 times and there was 4 months between the 1st date and actual date of op.

      I too try to hide how im feeling and keep busy but sometimes like last night it all comes flooding out. I am lucky my children are teenagers and a supportive partner, i also work for the nhs and for all the bad press they get they really look after thier employees so i guess i dont have that much to whinge about!

      Thanks again for replying and listening to me whinge and i hope all is going ok for you.

      Brie x

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    Sorry to hear that you are having to have more surgery brie, did you get much after support post hysterectomy.

    I had hysterectomy and anterior repair about 3 and a half years ago. Sent home told to start pelvic floor exercises straight away, no heavy weight bearing and to rest for first few weeks then start short walks.

    Couldn't weight bear for weeks, but did make a start on household chores but had no real detailed info on what to avoid in early weeks.

    Needless to say front repair failed although only mild prolapse this time, lasted untill last winter while covering heavy shifts in run up to Xmas.

    Had front rerepaired and posterior repair this time back at beginning of March, so been really careful this time. Think it is so important to do very little for 1st to 6 months to allow repair to heal .

    But dreading the run up to Xmas.

    I am sure that repairs are both 100% well done and holding strong as everything working well (bladder and bowel). Can cough without and sagging.

    Don't think my job is helping, I do have a certain amount of lighter weight bearing can usually avoid heavier things, and unfortunately on my feet for 3 to 4 hours sometimes.

    Have looked for alternative work but not easy to find anything that does not involve weight bearing or being on feet to some extent.

    Anyhow I get upper internal pain and sagging feeling after or 3 hours on my feet and if weight bearing even if light weights it gets sore after 3/4 hours of constant shifting of weight.

    GP did request light duties but employer not hot anything suitable. They did provide a seat for when on my feet and can sit when it's quiet. So they are trying to accommodate me.

    However now at point where I'm thinking 'how long can I keep expecting them to accommodate me'.

    I know they will want me to start doing overtime soon and we will start to get busy in run up to Xmas and I know I won't be able to cope so long on my feet!

    I wish I could say there is light at the end of the tunnel. I thought everything was going well this time, I returned to work at 3 months post op and was fine while it was quiet. But as soon as it got really busy again I have went back the way and it is taking longer to recover after my shifts.

    So all I can advise is to take the time you need to recover properly and don't return to work too quickly. Even when you feel ready, you will find that your body may need longer than you think as it can take up to a year for deep tissues to heal.

    Those who recover well are those who take the time to allow repairs to heal properly and their repairs last the longest.

    I should have listened to my sister and took 6months to a year out of work. What is a year compared to the rest of our life!

    Tale care and tale proper time to heal!

    Phyl x

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      Hi and thank you for replying. Im sorry things arent as well as you would hope for after your surgery, also sorry for this essay of a reply but its a long story!

      Just hetting my hysterectomy was a struggle, i had fibroids which cause massive flooding on a daiky basis and ovarian cysts which were so painful i was off work sick more than i was there. Anyway they first decided to remove the fibroids and do a 'watch and wait' on the cysts. I had an ectopic pregnancy also and because of all this they decided a hysterectomy was the way to go as well as doing the repairs which at the time were only mild.

      The day after surgery i was told that my surgeon decided i didnt need the repairs and that my ovaries didnt need to come out either! I was gutted but also still high from morphine.

      2 weeks after hysterectomy i was really poorly and got rushed back in where it was discovered i had a haematoma that was turning septic.

      I had no support after my hysterectomy and no.follow appointment at all.

      I went back to.work after 6 weeks as was advised this was ok because hysterectomy was done vaginally but i think it was far too soon.

      Since hysterectomy i noticed the bulge down below getting worse and so uncomfortable but decided to ignore it as had so much done last year but one day at work i sneezed and my god i vouldnt walk! It just popped out and in again. Decided then it was time to go back to the doctors.

      So its decided i need these different procedures done as well as sacrospinois fixation as that has weakened already just over a yr after hysterectomy.

      I feel so tired all the time and like i said i feel like an 80 yr old, cant excersize or cough and as for the bedroom! Poor boy must be gagging (haha).

      I still have ovarian cysts but because mine are the type that are blood filled and fall off after they get so big no one seems to care about them.

      Again im apologise for going on but its nice to talk to someone who knows just how rubbish all this is.

      Lastly as i said in message to another lady im very lucky i work for the nhs and the are fab at looking after me and making sure im ok. Even though they are really good i like you worry about what they are actually thinking behind closed doors.

      Anyhow off to work i go, take care and will check for replies when i get home.

      Brie x

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      Hi brie,

      Sounds like you have been 'through the mill' to put it lightly.

      I have a neighbour whose friend had hysterectomy and didn't go back to work till 6 months post op. While still finding it difficult she managed until she decided to take down a pair of curtains for washing at home and unfortunately ended up doing damage and had to take more time off.

      Pelvic floor surgery is major surgery and as such requires proper long term recovery. Reading up the various experiences on this site highlights the need for longer recovery, so many of us underestimate the time needed for proper recovery and mistakenly think because we feel so good in early weeks that it's OK to carry on with normal tasks and end up having to have further repairs soon after.

      They are ideally meant to last for 5 to 10 years , yet very rarely hear of that! The best chance of getting them to last is once retired when we have a measure of control over weight bearing and length it time on feet. Seems to be a continual fight against gravity once we start to undergo the menopause due to depletion of female hormone.

      The best prevention seems to be a good physiotherapist and avoiding all heavy weight bearing (which can mean different maximum weight for different women), and leading a more sedentary lifestyle to avoid any down pressure.

      So difficult to avoid weight gain and stay fit and health at same time. Have started trying to do 'Michele Kenway' pelvic floor exercises on 'utube' . A physiotherapist who specialise in PF ex... for pelvic floor prolapse and post-surgery. I am going to try track down her books.

      Finding it very difficult to get the middle abdominal muscles activated the ones jus above pelvis floor in libe wit oelvis hop bones. Pelvic floor muscles I think are good but can't pull the middle ones in without pulling the upper abs in too and not to do that as theseen upper ones around waist and chest cause down pressure which will do damage.

      Hoping that at next gyn.. appointment they can refer me to specialised physiotherapist for pelvic floor to learn to do these correctly.

      Looking back I now understand why my mother use to always nag at me not to lift anything heavy. She trained as a wages clerk and after having family returned to work but had to take a warhorse job, the women never lifted anything heavy, porters done all that for them while they unpacked and sorted things onto rails.

      Think sometimes we women got so focused on being equal and demanding rights that we forgot to look after ourselves trying to prove we can do the same jobs.

      But we are built different and often left with weak pelvic floors after child birth so maybe we are not making allowances for that these days.

      Who knows, but definitely understand why you are so fed up. The whole experience impacts on lifestyle choices and is so very frustrating.

      I know that these repairs I mow meant to be only done by specialist in urogynocology. When I asked was told that I have to remember I had my op done in a training hospital. Too scared to think too much about what that meant but I suppose that those training are doing so under supervision of specialist so should be as good as can get!

      I sincerely hope things work out for you soon. Thinks never get better by putting up with them and usually get worse. Push for the best urogynocologist they have got next time.

      Take care and try and avoid unnecessary down pressure.

      Phyl x

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      Hi phyl, thatnks for that it is good to read other peoples experiences and heloful advice. Im having my op done in a different hospital to what i had hysterectomy done as i didnt want the same surgeon. Im told shes the best in the south west, well best nhs specialist anyway so im keeping everything crossed!

      Wish i did this sooner cause the support on here is fab

      Brie x

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      Your very welvome Brie,

      This forum is a gold mine of information and like you wish I had known about it before my hysterectomy and 1st repair.

      I really think we should be better informed and made more aware of pelvic floor prolapse after we have our 1st child. I know I would have taken pelvic floor exercises far more serious than I initially did, and would definitely been fat more Careful when I joined the gym. I would never have taken the job I was doing clearing tables and carrying heavy dishes without a trolley in later years which I am sure was the final straw that caused my minor prolapse to become much worse.

      Phyl x

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    Hi, I think these sort of health problems are slow growers. You don't realise you have cystoceles/rectoceles/etc. for some time before they make themselves known. By then - depending on various factors - they are so well established that surgery is the only option. I was given plenty of info pre-op but so little post-op.

    After 4 weeks of recovery, I'm amazed at how little I can do without incurring pelvic and lower back pain. I'm 63 and fortunate that I'm no longer working. You younger gals are really up against it having deadlines to go back to work - I really feel for you. The repeat repair rate for these conditions is pretty high. I can't say I'm surprised  as you really aren't given enough information about how deep tissue repair works and the major 'do's and don'ts'. I found this through Dr Google and you may find it helpful....

    Don't feel bad about feeling down about this.

    As Grace put it so well - this is the new 'normal' you're having to get used to.

    For many - life in our 'nether regions' may never be the same again....and not in a good way.

    Getting your head around all that takes a fair bit of doing - especially if you're having this surgery done when you're pretty young/working/have kids/a partner/sex life....its damned tough...but we women are damned tough...and we get through it, and over it and we just battle on....

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      Hi phyl...I did try to put a link on about '10 rectocele repair rules to help avoid a repeat repair' but it didn't come through. If you put that on Google you may find it - its by a physio called Michelle Kenway. There's some good stuff in it. Of course...this being about problems in a part of your anatomy that can't be spoken of 'in polite society' - as they would have said in 'Pride and Prejudice'...its hard to get any upfront info. At least this forum has opened a door for me and I feel much better that it isn't just me who is feeling like a total layabout! Its a wonder I haven't got bedsores or barnacles on my ass the amount of loafing about I'm having to do. We're all part of 'Team Prolapse' on here - as wellas propping up our 'nethers' we can prop up each other as well!

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      You're very welcome Grace, One thing I will be doing as soon as I'm able it to get back to, is using a Swiss Ball/exercise ball. A physio recommended one to me for backache/sciatica and it was just the best thing ever. It is great for doing gentle exercise with support from the ball. Just sitting on it when watching TV helps with your posture and core strength. Then rocking gently from side to side eases it into another level - still supporting you and gently strengthening and toning your core/back/thighs/butt. I'd recommend it to anyone - especially after the type of surgery we've had....easy/gently does it.

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      Ah thanks gnome you did make me giggle, believe it or not theres so much other stuff going on in my life i am sometimes guilty of forgetting to feelsorry for myself haha.

      Just a quick one and i hope everyone can see this:

      Had a letter yesterday saying im going to be called on tues next week to discuss intermittent self catheterisation after the op. Anyone done this? What do you think? Is it as awful and im envisioning it is?

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