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I am 32yrs old and I have a 3yr old and hardly or should I say no family support for childcare either my doctor as given me tramadol for the pain 2 tablets every 4 hrs (it joking right? With a 3yr old) I've tried codeine but they just make me feel sick, I can't cope anymore x I feel like I never get a break and the last 2 week have been the worst in the 2 years I have experienced these pains, I can only describe the pain as that of a contraction x the pain can be so intense sometimes I'd rather be giving birth, at least I'd know eventually there would be a baby n the pain would stop x

Maybe 3 years ago I started having these pains in my abdominal area, mainly below rib cage x pretty much where my gallbladder was, as the episodes were far n few I just put it down to indigestion x i had a bad attack one day about 2yrs ago in iceland i had one of unbearable attacks, the pain consumed my upper torso, abdominal area, stomach, I found it impossible to take one step further, I couldn't push the trolley any further x a security guard noticed I was in some discomfort and assisted me x I went to AnE, I was given a chest x-ray the pain so bad n my breathing I assumed I had had some mild heart attack maybe asthma but when doctor came back told me my chest was clear, I was basically sent on my way w8th paracetamol that I had 2 wait a further 20mins for x

To be quite honest I felt as if doctor thought I was making it up but if a further scan bit further down had been done then, I possible would be pain free now x

After AnE visit I spoke to many friends for advise and all seemed to believe the pain to be caused from indigestion, so I started self-medicating x bas8cally the usual suspects prescribed for indigestion omzrprazole x I had to do something the attacks were unbearable x they are now constant, I'm afraid to walk down street eat in case an attack comes on x Without high pain relief I can't cope breathing hurts x I'm tired emotional x

I continued to self -medicate, at times my pain was so bad I had to put my fingers down my throat n get sick, this would ease the pain n allow me to drift off

The pain sometimes is beyond it feels like my stomach inside are being twisted I feel Luke my insides are literally rotting x despite the medication the pains never went away x

I convinced myself it was indigestion and if I didn't take each day I'd suffer terrible but I found myself doubling up as it went on and it just covered problems up rather than cured x indigestion is a symptom so it's understandable how I thought I had indigestion as the pills worked I took x but again it never went away x

I finally had enough I had an attack while out with my daughter and it was so upsetting for us both,

I went doctors n he prescribed one med after another but nothing worked finally after a ultrascan I was diagnosed with gallstones inflammation, gb will be coming out asap hopefully.

I have had the worst 3 mths in my life, I can nip to shop round corner n I'll get an attack no triggers nothing I've eaten drank no warnings x when this happens I can not function the pain grips me, it's hard to take another step, n my breathing is getting worse with each attack, I can have 1-2 attacks daily now x it's affected my way of life x I can't eat sleep constantly in pain and I don't have childcare to sit an AnE all day with a 3yr, I'm worried about after op to with no support x I've told doctor my concerns and was prescribed more strong pain killers, I need them 25mins 2 tablets I'm knocked out for hrs, so take half the recommended dose instead and grin n bear it til my daughter goes to bed

When I went to doctor I cried n told him it felt like something physical was inside me rotting away, n I was right there was, to get an answer was like winning the lottery x I'll finally be pain free?????? What can I do to speed things up x shall I go to Ane I'm waiting on consultant 1st appointment

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    I am so sorry to hear of your health problem.  I have had my share of down experiences from birth (adopted).  I am in remissions of 3 cancers and now have a rare form of Leukemia and PV along with my first signs of Gall bladder.  I believe in doing things simple and let the body do the rest.  After my first attack I went to ER thinking I was having a heart attack.  The ER doctor gave me Pepcid

    to calm the sour stomach and advised me to cut ALL FAT from my diet.  As long as you have a computer you can Goggle foods either low or none fat and go from there.  I actually have cured most of my problems with diet and in some cases surgery...which I am scheduled for if I decided to go thru with that choice.

    Good luck.  I personally would stay away from pain meds..they can be habit forming and mask the real problems.  I had 8 children and from experience a mother must keep her good judgement available which one cannot do with pain meds.   Good luck!!  Wondering have you changed your diet and eliminated fats??

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    Hi Lucyboo, you have my every sympathy, when the gallbladder is playing up as we all know every other part of our digestive system is affected and it is highly distressing to say the least.  I hope that you get this sorted out soon, as for getting anything done quicket I really don't know. Good luck and hang in there.

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    I've just joined this forum and posted for the first time , you have my sympathy I feel I have the same symptoms as you , what stage are you at now with them please ?

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    Hi Lucy - I'm also a Lucy & also have a three year old & going through a very similar thing (but my HIDA & ultrasound clear (but surgeon suspects something! I'm so happy for you to have a diagnosis....depending on childcare access, you could try & get to the A&E - may prompt a review of your case if its bad? Anyway good luck to you. Ongoing abdominal pain is awful.

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