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Hi ladies,

I finishes HRT at the end of January and I also have fibroids hence the reason I had to stop the HRT.  My problem now seems to be flooding......and my goodness with a vengence!!   When I was on the HRT my periods were quite light and short.  Well I got my period yesterday and was fairly light, but today I'm the total opposite.  I went to town and had to return back to the car as quick as possible as I felt like I was peeing my pants!!!  Sounds funny but it's really not!!

My question is to you lovely ladies.......is there anything I can take to hep with this flooding?  Fortunately, I'm off work this week but God help me if I was at work and trying to deal with this!!  Please tell me there is something out there that will help??

Shaznay my lovely friend.....you sent me a long reply on another post and I'm damned if I can find the post!!  Got fog brain at present too, but thank you for the reply you always make me smile :-)

Elaine (aka Dave wink  )

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    I had exactly the same problem.

    I had fibroids removed, the problem with flooding got better. The fibroids returned, the flooding got worse - I ended up bleeding very heavily, every day for 18 months. I was wearing huge maternity pads or huge night time pads - neither were enough. 

    You get extra build up each month on the fibroids as well as the uterus lining, so it increases the amount you shed during a period - also, you can be shedding at the same time as the next lot is building up - so you can have continual bleeds (not always but it's quite common)

    I could stand it no more (like you, going out was a nightmare)

    Even though I cannot work due to other medical conditions, it would have been nice to get out of the house occasionally!

    My solution was to have a hysterectomy, even if the flooding was gotten under control, my unpredictable periods were distressing to say the least.

    The relief was huge, I felt human again - until the sudden stronger menopause symptoms kicked in (I'd had hot sweats, and most of the rest for about 2 years previously)

    The gynacologist did suggest a heat therapy to try first, I think they cauterise the offending b*****s, so that might be worth trying. I didn't want to try it, as it is a "temporary fix" - anything from a couple of months to nearly a year in some cases - but knowing my luck (lol) It would have only lasted a month, if that.

    I know that a hysterectomy is drastic, but I had no choice, I was so depressed.

    You need to speak to a gynacologist, there may be other solutions.

    Take care


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      Thanks for your reply. Ive always been a bit gushy with my periods even when on HRT so not sure if its my fibroids or just peri? My fibroids are not that large compared to some ladies on here. My biggest is 5cm and the rest are small but multiple. I dont suffer with cramps or period pain either. I have a feeling it could be peri menopausal symptoms rather than the fibroids but i may be wrong! Once ive 'gushed' i then seem to dry up for the rest of the day. Its weird! It will probably do the same tomorrow and then my period stops after 3/4 days.

      Oh the joys!!

      Thanks again.


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      Oh such fun!!!

      Mine were a bit like that - All or nothing, I'd pad myself up and nothing for the next day, but then again, it would catch me out.

      I'd got quite a large fibroid blocking the cervix, my doc tried to do a smear test and couldn't, that's how I found out I had them. The others were small according to the surgeon.

      (thanks mum, I inherited the same problems)

      I didn't have any cramps or pain either, just a bloated feeling.



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      I dont feel bloated but my stomach is larger and more rounded! God i look 4/5 mths pregnant! I have gained weight since stopping HRT.

      I keep hoping every month that i will miss a period. Im nearly 51 and still as regular as clockwork. When does it ever end? sad

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      Yep, I think the 'heat therapy'-thing you mention was what my sister had (uterine ablation?? Inflated balloon filled with scalding water that makes the lining (and fibroids) come away?? - Sorry, as you see, I'm no Gynae!!)


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    Elaine i used to flood like that , i would not go out until day 5 of my period that lasted 7 days.

    But once i turned 54 they became a bit  lighter and very erratic for example i would not have a period for 4 months then i would a period in the 5th month.

    I bought a mooncup and used a pad and went out for short trips, the period was so heavy i spent every 20 minutes emptying the mooncup rinsing and putting back inside of me.

    The mooncup became my friend but don,t need it anymore but i am 56 and still having spotting.

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      Hi lulu,

      Id never heard of a mooncup before? Are they easy to insert and where did you get it from? Ive had my gush earlier and now dry and struggle to insert a tampon! Yet i could have done with a bucket when i was in town! Lol

      Im coming back as a male next time!


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      Oh I had one of those, mine came from a health shop (i'd seen them on a programme about "green issues")

      I used to use KY jelly to get a tampon in  after the gush - the same to get the mooncup in too.

      Men have it toooooo easy

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      Just google Mooncup, bought mine online 2008 just after i turned 50 can`t remember the site but i was having massive problems inserting the largest tampons so started using ky jelly, but the tampon would become soaked within an hour..

      I think they sell them in boots the chemist or online, there are 2 sizes (a) (b) each is designed if you have had or have not had a baby.


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      not according to my husband. When I moan about having periods, he always says 'You try shaving every day then!'  I know he's joking, as he doesn't even shave every day!

      Can you imagine a man even considering something like a mooncup???!!

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      They are so easy to use and once in place they don,t fall out and in fact if it fills you can feel it .

      Once your period has finished just wash it with some liquid soap and sterilise in a jug with a milton tablet for 12 hours...

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