Fluoxetine and Bulimia?

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J've read the aricles, and know that for some people, when using the higest dose of 60mg of fluoxatine, their bulimic symptoms reduced compared to controls, or those on lower doses. But When I was on higher higher dose I wasn't any better with regards to binge / purging. And i felt sleepy and forgetful and irritable a lot of the time. I'm currently changing to Citalopram (After VERY slowly coming off Fluoxatine), so far no sde effects, which condering i had loads when I first started Flu is a bit of a bonus. I was just wondering if anone out there has any knowledge or thoughts about any of the points I have raised. Has your use of fluoxatine ever impacted on your eating habits. Has anyone been on 60mg before? Has anyone been prescribed them for Bulimia (alongside depression!). Or has anyone switched before to Citalopram and noticed anything significant. Any input would be greatly greatly appreciated. it's coming up to a year that this all started, Look forward to hearing from you. Many Thanks, Lucy

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    Hi! I know this Sian old post but I thought I'd reply regardless. I am taking fluoxetine for bulimia, I'm only on the 2nd week so it hasn't really done anything for me yet, I have still been binging and purging but maybe a little less? I'm worried about weight gain though, did you experience weight gain in fluoxetine?
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      Hi Pippa, so sorry for the late reply... Life is getting hectic these days! How are you getting on with the fluoxetine? Have you had any side effects at all? I can honestly say that it didn't make me put on any weight and I hope your fears haven't prevented you from taking it? If they have then hopefully I can reassure you and you can give it a go? I think it really comes down to whether you are ready to recover from bulimia? It's one of the hardest illnesses to recover from and I thought I was ready for so long before I really was! Why are you wanting to make that change? Are you ready to stop? For many people overeating / bulimia is like an addiction. The only thing that made me put on weight is bulimia! The constant eating and obsessing about food... Even if it keeps you thin or skinny or normal for now, eventually is gets you and will make you put on weight. Not the drugs themselves!! I know everyone is so different on this drug so I wouldn't want to at 100%, but I think the physical effect of any drug like this Is so minor compared to the psychological effect of the bulimia. And it is the starvation that will eventually make you out in weight. I know it seems illogical for now, but it's really true. There is so much scientific research and whilst its hard to believe and we can make ourselves different for a while, bulimia will do it. I am by no means recovered, or even an expert, but I have started my journey of recovery and done a lot of exploration, reading, reflection and soul searching. I still have really bad days, but before every day was awful! Before I was 'in the food' 24/7. Bingeing multiple times a day. I tried a lot of different ways to stop, and fluoxatine really helps with mood once it's stabilised in your body. It can give that little pick me up that means you can then tackle the bulimia and the root cause. It won't cure it alone. The only thing that seems to work for bulimia recovery is a food plan. Plain and simple. You plan what you wil eat and you must stick to it. You have to write down what you eat, what time, who you were with and how you felt about it, what was going on ext. you must share this with somebody and you must be held responsible for it. It seems impossible; it likely seems like you cannot help what you eat, you cannot control it or follow a plan. But just do it for a day and see how it goes, see how it feels to stick to a plan. I'd love to hear how you get on!!!! All the best, Lucy x
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      Hi Lucy, 

      hah trust me I am fully aware that bulimia makes you gain weight in the long run and not the good kind of weight. It was great for a couple years and then the fat started piling on and I was/am too tired from the binging and purging to exercise so I can't even change it, I've proably ruined my body and metabolism, I just hope it is curable. 

      I am ready for recovery, I'm terrified, but ready. I can't live like this anymore, I have no life and I want to have a healthy body. 

      I have just finished week 3 of fluoxetine, I have decided to keep a weekly post on here like others, tomorrow is the first day of week four so I will make a post detailing my experience so far. The Binging and purging was better for a bit but has now returned to the same level as before, but I've heard it takes up to 6 weeks for the full effects of flu, so I guess we'll see. 

      Thanks so much for your reply, it really means a lot to me! smile

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      Hi Pippa,

      This is an old post but I'm hoping you'll receive my message smile

      You mentioned above that you were hoping to do a weekly post re how you're going with your bulimia/Prozac. Did you end up doing that, and if so can you please provide a link?

      I've been in denial about having an ED for a long time, and I've recently been diagnosed with non-purging bulimia with a recommendation to start Prozac & CBT. I'm very worried about the potential for weight gain because I know this will detrimentally affect my mindset (although I understand practically speaking that it's more important to "get better" than it is to worry about my weight - can't help it though).

      I'd love to hear how you're going & how you went with this medication.


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