For Melbi and Breezeman

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Hi guys. Good to hear from you on this forum again.

Breezeman, God willing all goes well for you with your hospital appointments. From your posts I trust you will soon be able to spend all the time you want with your daughter again very shortly.

Melbi, hope your injured arm is healing well and things are going well with you also.

Best regards as always.

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    Hi Stiltman

    Thank you so much for the enquiry. :D

    What can I say?

    Well, I'm now back at work full time and enjoying every minute of it - sad I know lol

    I feel so much better in myself despite having this crazy fractured elbow that is limiting me to what I can and can't do! I start physio tomorrow morning for it then back to fracture clinic tomorrow pm for more xrays. They are suspecting I have a trapped nerve now :shock: I'm on 400 mg of Tramadol a day plus co-dydromol and Ibrufen for the pain and inflammation. Despite all that I am coping with work quite well - it helps that everyone there is being extremely supportive of my elbow and recent illness of anxiety and depression.

    LOL that's not all :shock:

    Last weekend my youngest daughter was rushed to hospital with a severe asthma attack and kept in for a couple of days. She has made a full recovery now :D

    I am just recovering from a horrid cold that seems to linger on and on and on :roll:

    I am in the process of weaning of the tablets for anxiety (unknown to my GP) I know lol silly me! :oops: But I do feel so much better in myself and will be self monitoring for a while to see how I go - any signs of anxiety and I will increase the dose again.

    My new thought of the day is:

    You can't change the past but you can have some say in the future!

    So now - that is my update - how are you doing my dear friend Stiltman?

    Hey - how are all my old buddies doing? Katy, Breezman, Ja, Nicky, Margaret, Kim - I really do hope you are all doing well and keeping up the fight against the dreaded demons.

    All my love 'n' Hugs

    Melbi xxx

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    :P 8) Hi melbi, gosh I had know idea that your elbow was so bad.Hope it gets better soon.

    Ive stopped all meds unbeknown to my doctor and cpn. I was given Mirtazipine....and it helped me sleep but gave me awful nightmares,,,,,,,I dont really want to feel like i am being raped evvery night , do I? So , been on holiday with family , boyfriend did not put his hand in his pocket, not once.

    Tomorrow I am going to the solicitors to get the letter stating this relationship is over. That way, if he comes close to me, i show the police and explain his nature.

    Blood pressure has hit the roof, and I am having such a bad period that tampoons want hold it in within 20 mins I am back on the bog cleaning myself...what is this???? Also having really bad diah (oh cant spelll that) the runs. I took that last pill for 2 weeks, grew 2 big melons, and a look a like pregnancy time....stuff that for a laugh...felt so uncomfy..must go tto the lou, be back in a min/

    Gosh, is your daughter okay now? You dont seem to get a break!!!!

    My hair if falling out in handfuls. But thats the 7th time this morning been on the lou...I am working at 12, hope I dont collapse.

    My best friend had a baby girl 6 weeks ago. I knew something was not right, as I went round to see her and she never let me in to see the baby. Met up with her know, and her mum let it slip that lilly , the baby has a huge hole in her heart. So faar she has been rushed to a and e 3 times due to turning puple and falling of the breats. So worried about s and her baby. She has 3 children un der thae age of 5.

    Melbi, I ve decide to go for the primary teaching. Girl at work has just graduated and has said she will show me the ropes to get my foot in the door. She brilliant, and so far we have had quite A few laughs together.

    You sound great, so upbeat despite what the world is throwing at you. Huh :lol: my gp said\"the next time I see you, I want to see you happy\", okay okay, I ll buy a lipstick and paint a fake smile on...coz I dont want anymore bluh pills to make me happy (They dont work for me, not one bit) and it was complete hell coming off them. Stopped drinking, but back to taking NN, (hush......)

    Oh melbi, got soo stressed out on holiday. I squeezed my body out of the toilet window to sit on the roof and smoke a fag. It was fun, no one could see me up there, if my mum caught me she would have had my guts for garters(she is so controlling) but fun too and lovely but soo controlling hence why i feel the need to be naughty pretty much most of the time. idf I stand up to my mum i get shouted at, so sneaking away and doing something bad gives me tremendous relief..So if you ever see somone sitting on a roof, with a ring of smoke around them youll know its me, just getting some fresh air :lol:

    I will go on. melbi, keep in touch, and hope they are gentle with your arm,,, can I have somepain killers, my addres is.......... :lol: :lol: :lol: :D Take care Melbi, missing you allready, katy.

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    Hi all,

    Stiltman, thank you for your caring enquiry. Well, last November I had stomach pain and it was diagnosed as gallstones. The surgeon cancelled the first appointment to go overseas and I waited until, I think it was late March when he had a look at the CAT scans and found some tumours in my bowel, very close to the liver. I made a choice as he told me this news that I would live long enough to see my 10 year old daughter finish high school and college/uni if she wanted. Chemo took a lot out of me but shrank the tumours enough to operate on them. I thought i would slip in and have keyhole surgery and take the afternoon off. Wrong! The doctor removed the gallbladder but had to cut some of the bowel away and insert a stent. I'm not sure if the bruising, or the itchiness, or the soreness, or the agony trying not to sneeze or cough is worst. But I'm here, minus the nasty little parasite and the bag of gravel, and I am so lucky that a routine operation led to my life being saved. I will have to wait a while to see if I'm free of the cancer, but it's all good so far.

    On 25 June I attended Court to try and sort out my ex wife's problem with my access to my daughter. I haven't seen her since 05 March 07, which is more than 16 months. My ex didn't bother to attend court and I won on every point on the day, with her having to also pay a large proportion of my costs. We go back to court on 28 July.

    In the meantime I have managed to catch up today on almost all the paperwork I did not get done last week, so am very happy that I can still work. (I'd hate to survive cancer so as to starve!!)

    Melbi I wonder which of us is in the wars more! I hope you get that trapped nerve liberated, or whatever they do to untrap them. I know that can be painful, as I asked the other patients when I was in hospital about fractured elbows and he mentioned trapped nerves with an expression of horror. He said the best thing to do was to take time off, but then again he's been in hospital for a fortnight already after having a gallbladder operation which did not go well. I couldn't wait to get out of the place.

    Hello Katy. I was thinking of you in Spain, and hoping you got to spend some real quality time with your family. I am very glad to hear you committing to reducing the alcohol, and also your thoughts on teaching are more consistently positive. You can do this! As for high blood pressure, I was taking Norvasc for 14 years until recently when I reduced from 20 to 10 to 5 to zero mg. I bought myself a blood-pressure monitor and with the support of my GP, who is also a friend, I got off the tablets. But high blood pressure can be a killer. Please don't ignore it.

    Hair falling out in handfuls is a sure sign that your body is under stress. I am a nice hubcap blonde now but better that than over the river. Every day above ground is a good day! Honestly, I couldn't get the grin off my face when I woke up, in between spasms of pain when I forgot about my stitches.

    It's great to be back. Thank you for your wonderful caring natures.

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    Wey, Breexman, so good to hear from you. Gald things are looking up...keep positive. You are doing really well, (if you dont mind me sounding patreunisiong...the fact is , you should be very proud of yourself).

    Just bought a laptop for my teaching course, not that I am in it yet, but its an inspiring tool :lol: ..... Given up on meds, and have the odd strange bizarre daftr thoughts every now and then,;but then with my fight..he he me + happy and the world can go on and wonder!!!!

    Must go, I need to get my mum a pressie to say thank you for the brill amazing holiday that we all have had.

    Keep in touch Breezman, and remeber \"No pain;no gain\"

    Koala hugs, katy

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    Hi all

    Melbi, so pleased to hear you so positive and upbeat and coping with everything despite the physical problems that beset you. :D

    Just hope that your elbow heals up soon and you are not in too much pain.

    Breezeman, Didn't appreciate just how serious an operation you had undergone. :shock: I wish you the speediest possible recovery from your surgery. God willing the surgeons will have successfully excised the tumour completely and for good and events in court will go your way later this month. I'm sure all of us on here wish you many happy years together with your daughter.

    And TT, Katy, go for it girl with the teaching. You have so much to give.

    As for me, I'm now on 45MG of Mirtazapine which eventually knocks me out at night. Hence less insomnia, but I wake up feeling totally crap - headachy, stiff joints especially in my feet and a groggy feeling that takes about an hour to clear.

    Going to see my own GP and a Psychiatric Nurse this week. I can't keep taking these pills that don't seem to be doing me any good. I just want my life back. :oops:

    There must be a different answer out there. I just have to find it.

    My friends, I wish you all strength, health and every happiness.

    Best regards.

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    Hi Stiltman, thanks for your comment.....Its not a case of I can do it, but more a case of , I will do it.

    Yeah, me too 45mgs of Mirtazipine made me feel crap, and absolutely messed up my menstrual cycle, Got really upset on holiday about the weight gain, the nightamres, and my mum saying, \"You cant shock us anymore than you have done\" and then throw them out. So Ive not been taking anything.

    Found work better, more myself, but boy started my speed talikng jibberrish with customers, though so far, done really well with the customer approach. Finding it drains me though, when I come home I have to sleep, and often wake cold and shivery, (with my cat wrapped round me :lol: ). Dreams have changed into pleasant ones, mostly about being in my grandads house and feeling incredibly secure. But once I awake, go into blind panics...of maybe hes run off with my children...panic panicpanic, heart beats, or have I slept the night away, and missed my shift at work..If he takes my children away I see no future, he is unfairly spoinling them at the moment, and they are getting so gobbie...grrr!!! I am so scared of what this person is capable of, it makes me not want to go to work, but stay at home and be with my I know exactly what is going on. This is a nightmare, and basically i am falling again.But that Mirtazipine is a bloody awful drug. I thought the side effects would have dissappeared...but they never did. AND IN THIS CURRENT situation I do not think weight gain is going to make me feel happy. So no the doctors can shove these where the sun dont shine.

    What scientist came up with such a pill??/ Its like I said before, I am sure some genius-not, sat down and thought...well what is it that makes chunkier more well rouded people more well rounded mentally...huh....dont get that one??????

    this teaching applicationis costing me 15 smackers, so I just better get in.

    few spaces though and I am quite old to be applying for a crash course .

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    LOL TT the dreams thing cracked me up! I dreamt last night I was in the Big Brother house :shock: Then I dreamt I was at some huge castle that had lots of magic things you could just take home with you :shock: :shock: Both very vivid dreams that have remained with me all day and allowed me to muse over them :P

    Went to physio this morning who got a skeleton out to demostrate the extent of damage I have done to my arm :oops: Good news is they now don't think I have trapped the ulna nerve but due to all the swelling and inflammation this is pressing on that nerve and causing the pain.

    Okay, so he did is bit on my arm and gave me some exercises to do over the next week before seeing him again next week. Now this has completely confused me so any clues for anyone would be appreciated....

    Physio told me to do these exercises for a couple of minutes 3 or 4 times a day and not to push beyond the pain barrier as this would cause more swelling and inflammation, but rather that I take it slow and easy so as not to aggravate the pain and end up creating more problems....

    Then! Went to the fracture clinic this afternoon and doctor informs me that if I do not have full movement in 2 months time they will be operating! He wants to see me on the 8th September with the idea that if the movements in my arm and had haven't returned to normal I will have the operation on the 9th September. Now! He says to avoid the operation I am going to have to work really hard on the exercises over the next couple of months! :roll:

    I didn't think until later to mention what the physio had told me about not pushing it too hard so what is one to do :?:

    Do I push it and work hard on regaining full movement or take the exercises easy????

    LOL Katy - trust me I never do anything by half :oops:

    They told me today I am very lucky to not have shattered the whole elbow area, they have explained my upper arm bone is bent but no fractures and this is due to the force in which my hand hit the ground with my arm full stretched out. They say I have shunted the ulna and radias with such force this has caused the fractures of the ulna and radial head and the upper bone to bend :shock: Still, it can't be all that bad because they keep asking if I experience any pain in my shoulder as this is normal for my injury - nope no pain in shoulder :D

    We are a right bunch aren't we LOL

    Is there anyone still on citalopram?

    Take care all

    love 'n' hugs

    Melbi xxx

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    :shock: Melbi, that sound really sore!!!!!

    The closest ive ever come to breaking a bone was when i got my little pinky stuck in my dads office door. To this day ive never been able to straighten it properly. 21 years later still get the odd pain in it when playing the piano :oops:

    melbu...dont know about the old citalopram either. I mean, nothings working forme. But one minute I am so upbeat and so happy. Its like thank god i dont feel that bad again, then hit by pure panic and despair. this space for the roller coaster ride..........


    Gosh melbi, you dont do things by half.....Thats no fun!!!!!

    How did you fall?

    Work been geat. having a sale and people coming in all the time with babies. I help the mums with the little ones while they try on their clothes. Its great fun and gives me good pointers on the old customer service stats.

    Burnt myself in Majorca :lol: :oops: Guess where? On my boob, and in between them both...its so itchy . At work I kept having to hide to have a good itch..Oh god hope no one else reads this.

    If I were you i would follow the physios instructions, and hope that that willl help your recovery. Its July just now, so give it time. it just sounds so sore...ouch, my heart goes out to you?

    Take care, Katy

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    Ouch Melbi! - the impact required to do that to your arm must have been phenomenal. You must have been agony when you did that!! :cry:

    Fingers crossed you don't need an operation. Might be worth making sure the physio and the fracture clinic are talking to each other!

    Take care of yourself.


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    Hi Stiltman, Melbi, Tiny Tears & Breezman

    My everyones in the wars lately. Breezman I wish you a speedy recovery, sometimes it seems the cures are worse than the disease but be strong for your daughter hang in there on all battle fronts. Melbi ouch your elbow, my friend did exactly the same thing to her elbow after a fall it took her 9 weeks to get right but she made a full recovery so here's hoping you will too. I would trust your own body instincts and not push your exercises too far.Stiltman good luck with your appointments this week - hope all goes well. Tiny Tears, wow you sound so positive at the moment, keep it up and lets hope you get on the teaching course and keep enjoying work.

    Love to you all

    Nicky Jane x

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