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I have just about had enough of doctors crisis teams and other supposed professionals really I have.

What do they know? this is not a rhetorical question please feel free to answer, they only know what's taught to them from books discouraged to have their own opinions it's very open and shut with them although I can see the lip service they provide even almost sounds empathic.

Kinda makes me sick of them they have never experanced what it's like to look into a mirror and see nothing but empty eyes looking back at them to feel nothing but pure hatred for yourself and not understand it, they've no idea what is like to wake up and think my god not agiain,to not care if you live or die to not want to get clean or find the thought of seeing anyone stomach churning

So we don't conform to the norm we see things differently than they do does it mean we are wrong maybe they are the sick ones under false pretences they even have the slightest comprehension of what we are going through its not a quick fix I hear it all the time take there's they take two weeks to get into your system but things will be better then NO!! They won't be better then all they have done is give you something that's going to numb it settle the chemicals we never get better prevention is always better than cure I'm not sure there is a cure ok we can numb it right we can jump through hoops doing CBT etc but hang on a minute by doing so are we not preparing our limbs for the bondage to this terrible dare I say illness ( where exactly did it come from that label illness) a doctor that's where because we are not thinking in the manner his/her text book tells him/her we should I'm not sick because I have thoughts I hate that I don't class myself as mentally ill disturbed or anything like that I'm just different there's a reason I'm not happy and until I deal with that reason I'll never be happy a pill is not going to deal with that I have to I have to recognise where my thoughts of sadness depression began I need to address that problem and then I may feel better about myself I certainly don't need a tablet that takes two weeks to get into my system that'll mask over it for me to feel what they would call relatively normal ( or what I call happy)

Sorry if I didn't get that out of of burst lol

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    It's a two way street. Seeing a Psychiatrist today for the first time I notice I was slightly aggressive in "what I wanted out of my first experience". Now that I came back home to reflect I see how that's my problem.

    I am not going into that room expecting that healthcare professional to have my experience. If anything, I want to bring my experience into the room and listen to myself first. I think you should be kinder to yourself and try your best to see what help can be attained through even yourself. I don't want to sound like this is easy at all, even being my second post on this forum, but I believe in you.

    I've had the wrong professionals around me throughout life and all that's taught me is to forever keep seeking. Don't get deterred when you get stuck in the face of difficulty.

    Good luck to you and thank you for sharing. smile

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      Thankyou limpid

      Your right of course and I'm glad you are seeking help I truly hope it works out for you

      I whole heartedly mean that, however this site for instance let's look at why ppl come here I'm sure you'll agree in the logic I'm about to say

      We come here because we know there are ppl here that understand us that feel the same way we comfort each other the empathy is real the thoughts are the same the experances shared we can talk to each other and understand each other

      Should we expect any different from the very ppl we look at most for help?

      That's like kids saying they don't like veg before they have tried it just because it green right?

      Our doctors say they understand what we are feeling I ask how do they how do they know what because they read about it in med school it's a whole different world as you and I and many more know is my point here ya know it chaps my arse lol

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    The doctors understanding is only ever as good as the discriotion he/she has received is my point to put it bluntly

    Like me asking someone ever been to Alton towers in the uk?


    Is Rita a good ride?

    I heard it was!

    Would you recommended it then?

    How can they recommended it they already told you they haven't been there.

    Does anyone see my point lol

    Of course I'd like to add here that if you are seeking help and feel it's working for you then it's imperative you continue to do so we are all still individuals after all

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    Only someone has suffered from depression can really know what it feels like. Most medical professionals only know how these meds should work from a scientific viewpoint. They can't run blood tests or take X-rays and see if there is any improvement in our condition. I am very lucky that my meds work so well for me and I have a very caring long term GP. I understand your frustration because I went through hell until I was on the right meds and dosages for me. That's what this forum is for, to vent, talk, and hopefully come away with something that will help in some way. 

    Take care,


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    So sorry to read how much pain and frustration you feel. It seems like we all have been thru much of what you experienced trying to find our own way thru life's roller coaster ride.

    Pills is not the only answer. Is there is not a particular type of depression that we all fit like regular soldiers. No everyone is different. Is there a diagnosis for your type of depression??They are many causes. 

    Many of us here use music, art, mindfulness techniques, certain foods and supplements, to help us manage depression, with or without medication

    Some suffer from a loss of a loved one which if not treated depression can manifest into a negative destructive state. More than that there are more than just books to set depression into a catagory. Depression is a Illness and can be very serious and a real fact of life for many of us suffering from depression.Depression is a serious illness and can be treated. Find more info the best treatment , meds, behavior modification programs and talk therapy are helpful for most.

    in many cases anti depressants are important to patients that suffer from many types of deptression.I would not take antidepressants meds away from them any more than I would a diabetic or heart patient.

    there have been many studies and experienced treatments to suggest that it's important that we all take our mental health seriously and remind

    ourselves we can be positive and find meaning for living. To much has taken a negative effects in many countries today. This is a concern for everyone. Treat others with kindness we never know what  battles others fight in their lives every day.

    This runs in many families don't let the depression control you. You can control the depression with knowledge and understanding . There are many factors that can cause depression. What do you think caused yours?

    Just because we have a set back in life don't step back but instead step up to the challenges and the journey that lies ahead to resolve these feelings to a better positive life. Starting with knowing that we all suffer from depression in many forms.

    You can be where you want to be in life, it takes a lot of courageous work and adjustmens, acceptance, & forgiveness and in the long run it can make a HUGE difference in how you relate to treatment and life. 

    So by definition your nickname I used in a sentence.The superfluous water from all the Delta canals is drained off, by bahrs into the coast lakes. Well that's how many different signs of depression are in the many symptoms we all face left untreated, it's all the siperfluous souls that come on this forum to rant. We all have a rant at one time or another. Ranting is good and let's the river of our soul run free of the many issues that bind us. 



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      That's very poetic hope4cure,

      I think somehow you went off subject tho my point is not to complain I'm suffering I can handle the suffering just fine

      My comment was merely referring to how Drs tend to patronise with the lip service smiles and nods of understanding nature when I don't think they do understand

      I think you can only truely understand something if you yourself have experienced it.

      You touch on forgiveness in your comment that very well may be my problem right there I do not forgive I do not forget but that is a choice I make myself

      Fool me once shame on them fool me twice shame on me ( for giving them the chance to)

      I don't think that makes me wrong I think that makes me strong willed

      I don't think I'd want to forgive those that trespass against me I'm more old testimont wrath of God eye for an eye plagues of locusts sort of guy if I'm honest

      Thanks for you view take care

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