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Okay, so this is really long story so I'll try and explain in the best way I possibly can (not very good at explaining)

Here goes. I'm 20 years old and last October/November time I fount a lump in my neck, I was so worried and thought the worst I went straight to my doctor who described it as a "lymph node" and said it would be down to feeling stressed or a virus which has caused my lymph nodes to swell up.

I was farther happy with that and came away and then he told me if it doesn't go within 4-6 weeks to go back.

Around 3 weeks passed and. Developed another one I the went straight back to just be told the same as the first time. So I left it again to see my usual doctor a week later and pushed for blood as by this time I had developed serious anxiety where it was affecting everything.

My energy at night, I was starting to google my symptoms which would tell me I had "lymphoma" I would panic so much it caused me it start sweating and feeling sick. I had bloods taken which all came back clear and that started to relieve some of my anxiety.

Last Saturday I then received a letter for further testing at my local hospital. The letter didn't state this I had to phone up my doctor to see why I. Had been referred he told me this was because of my anxiety to give me closure.

I cried to my doctor and he put me on 'diazepam. When I got home I read the side effects of them which causes serve sleepynes so I decided not to take them as I have a 13 month old and don't want to be feeling rough.

(I'm still yet to make my appointment of further testing which il be doing tomorrow morning)

My doctor hasn't really told me about anxiety and what it does to you so I'm really wanting to know if it was anything serious (my lymph nodes) would it have come up in the first bloods and why they haven't gone?

I did have an operation (d&c) a few weeks a go due to a miscarriage. I had plenty of bloods taken at the hospital would it have shown up in these? I got a letter through the door about these which they fount 'red cell antibodies) and they are nothing dangerous they just need to know In case I ever needed a blood transfusion they can get the right blood for me.

My questions that I would really like to be answered are....

Has anybody ever had lymph nodes come up that have never gone down?

Are they meant to sting a little or is that my anxiety making me feel like they hurt?

I think it's mainly when I think about them that I actually feel symptoms.

If it was anything serious would I know by now seeing as iv had them so many months?

Just some friendly advice would be lovely right now to put my mind at rest as it's really getting to my day to day life and making me anxious to do anything and is also affecting me playing with my little one.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am sorry for the essay x

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    Hi if it helps I had a lymph node on my neck swell up 6 weeks ago, mine was on the side towards the back of my neck,pain all down the side of my neck, only just gone down last couple of days

    Google really don't help, i was scrolling google and finding all sorts of diseases and illness i may have!as I was sure i had something serious but I went to the docs and it turned out to be a skin problem on my scalp which I didnt even know I had?

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    This doesn't feel like pain it's like a sting, doesn't hurt I just know it's there.

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    I'm sure the blood test would have shown an abnormality of some sort if there was a problem but your anxiety will be making things a whole lot worse so try to put things into perspective your doctor would have received a letter from the hospital by now and the docs not worried so you should try and stay calm

    Xxx Lynn

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    Felt i had to goes diazapam will help calm you down what mg were you precribed?sorry can't answer your ? on swollen lyph nodes that don't disapear mine have always gone with a course of antibiotics...write a list of ?'s you want to ask and be andswerd tomorrow as we tend to forget thing's when put on the

    spot it's good that your blood tests have come back clear don't forget your hormones will be all over the place after your recent miscarriage this can intesify anxitey too enjoy your baby and try not to worry about the what if's i know easier said than done when you feel like utter shite...your dr has prcribed diazapam

    knowing your circumstances so take them it will calm you down and able to deal with things better take care x

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    Hi thanks for replying but I feel I have explained why I cannot take my tabs the side effects are not worth me taking them I would rather get through it without.

    I wasn't given antibiotics for these in the first place, as my doctor said it could be viral believe me I'm suffering iv been back so many times and stressed my worrys. I do enjoy my baby which is why I will not take the tablets I would not want the side effects which will effect my parenting.

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    I think you should try diazepam. You need something to get you through this period of anxiety. If you don't

    trust your doctor try another one. But if all the blood tests came up negative I think you're OK. I know nothing about lymph nodes but I do know about diazepam. It makes some people sleepy but not everyone.

    Perhaps taking it at night might help. I agree with dgh83 about googling. It will scare the wits out of one

    as we identify with the symptoms and read dire diagnosis when in fact we may have a minor ailment. Good luck and enjoy your little one.

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    I've had a lymph node under my armpit for years now and it swells up and goes down again. It stings now and gain. I've been to the doctors so many times about it and they reassure me each time. It still doesn't ease my mind, now I have anxiety I think about it all the time and I'm sure this is one of the reasons why I'm anxious about my left breast because it's at the same side. Lymph nodes are usually not harmful, it's the hard lumps we have to worry about. Doctor told me in my case it gets really big and goes small again so it can't be anything to worry about. It seems we have very similar worries. I have two children on 23 months and another 10 weeks, totally understand what you mean about not wanting medication that interferes with your parenting. I had cocodamol last week and that made me dizzy so I doubt stronger medication would benefit me while I have 2 children to look after. Xx
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