Frightened Again.

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Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have been trying to maintain control over my anxiety and not let it take over, especially in times of worry. Even though I am feeling anxious, I am trying to not let myself get to the point where I was before and just spiral through panic.

I posted a few days ago concerning visual problems. I think it may be related to the sinus spray I am taking for suspected ETD...I also recieved some very good and kind advice from Nick regarding how anxiety effects eye site, etc.

I have begun to take the spray again after pausing to see if the visual problems went away.

I have been experiencing 'bouncing' and 'jittery' vision...especially noticable when looking at 'busy paterns'. I also notice that sometimes when trying to look at the edges of objects, especially straight ones, they can appear to shimmer.

I know this can be anxiety related.

I took my nasal spray yesterday for the second time after my break and didn't really notice too much of a change. However, after taking it today (an hour or so later,) my eyes were very bouncy and jittery.

I am very worried and it is making me terribly anxious again as of course I begin to link it to various illnesses etc etc. I have an appointment with my GP soon to discuss my medicine.

I can feel anxiety running through my body over all of this... It frightens me, to be truthful. I am trying to stay on the straight and narrow and not give it.

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    Hi SILLymop! Sounds frightening, I am going through similar symptoms.

    Are you experiencing weakness and tremor

    too? X

    My vision was affected as I failed the field vision test at my Opticians so was referred to eye casualty at hospital and they acted really quick which freaked me out even more! They found a minor defect at back of eye but they did an ultrasound on neck to check arteries but all ok..

    It's just the weakness feeling in my muscles which is freaking me out!

    Can you see my discussion I posted ab an hour ago?

    Lots of Love Zoe

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    Hi Mopsy,

    You have reverted to "watching" your symptoms again, which adds anxiety

    Stopping your nasal spray/starting your nasal spray to take note of differences. Imagining links to various illnesses.

    Piling anxiety on top of anxiety

    Your physical illness is what it is. You have to come to terms with that and not to link the AD with it

    They are seperate issues

    Combining with them will make you worse

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      Hi Helen smile

      Yeah... I am continuing on with my spray. This morning just frightened me because my eyes were very bad and it was hard to look at things or work on my computer. I tried out a few calming techniques starting from the most basic (slow breathing, holding for so many seconds and releasing etc,) to meditation videos (i have found some really good ones on youtube,) to soaking in a warm bath.

      None of this helped but slowly as the day has gone on my eyes do feel a little better.

      As you say it feels like one thing after another and I draw everything into one clump and leave myself feeling rung out, petrified and eventually exhausted.

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      Well, we shall suffer together, lol. Just had my monthly eye injection and my eyeball is inflamed, on fire and feels like it's full of grit. I can barely see the computer, lol

      We can feel sorry for each other, right?

      By the way, loud patterns always distort vision. My son has a small checked shirt and I go boggle eyed ironing it. As for straight lines, staring at them will make them shimmer, double or shift.

      Now then, you bad girl! You have to stop watching your symptoms or I shall be forced to clout you, okay?. No more gpoin g round in circles with your thoughts and fears


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      sorry to hear that, Helen. That sounds awful sad What do you doto take your mind off it after you have had an injection? Or are you really only able to sit quietly and listen to music/audio books etc?

      Really? I did not know that loud patterns did this for everyone.. yes it is like a shimmering illusion.  At the moment everything looks like it is slightly shimmering/vibrating. Sometimes if there are black words positioned closely together on a screen, the white space between seems to vibrate like static.

      Mine feel like they are currently bouncing slightly with my heart beat. my husband says all the anxiety is taking a tole on my physical health.

      Sorry you are feeling low today, I really appreciate you coming to respond to me inspite of what you are going through at the moment, that is very very kind x

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      The reason you're experiencing vision wobbles is twofold, Mopsy.

      1, you're watching your symptoms as I stated and analzying what you are experience, and more likely than not coming to the wrong conclusion

      2, you're staring to "see what happens. Even short term staring can distort vision, especially when one is anxious.

      When I've had an injection I feel gratitude, Mopsy. It is preserving the sight in my eye for now. Yes, the cure is unpleasant. But it is a small price to pay. All things pass, Mopsy

      Staying calm, cold compresses on my eye and going about my day as usual. The knowledge that the discomfort will dissipate in a few days. That's how I deal with it

      Your husband is right.

      Constant anxiety does take a toll on health. Weariness, feeling ill, headaches, stomach aches are but a few of the effects

      You have to, Have To! come to terms with AD. You have to, Have To accept that at times we have common physical ailements

      They are not one and the same, Mopsy. Only you can infuse the two and  thus entrench your suffering

      Right Thinking.



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      Yes. I need to try and regain some positivity and stay in the right frame of mind.

      I mustn't always react to the rise of panic. It is like being shot with adrenaline and go off like a rocket.

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      I think you have fixated into your mind that the nasal spray is worsening your condition

      But, like my eye injections, sometimes the cure is uncomfortable but we have to tolerate it. Sife-effects of medication, if not severe, are sometimes a necessary evil. The end results are more often than not worth it

      Being negative is frightening and serves no purpose other than to add to our AD, intensifying the symptoms


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      I think you could be right. a friend said the same thing to me and while my anxiety may convince me that my worrying is founded, people around me seem to be spotting signs (like you have just done,) that indicate this could all bemy anxiety spiraling out of control.

      it's hard to keep the fear at bay. every ounce of my body seems to be telling me something is wrong and i feel like i am fighting this, as well as the anxiety itself, every day.

      When I give in, my symptoms become almost unbearable as you say and i have to calm myself down.

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    Yes, Helen is quite correct. You're paying attention to these symptoms, which gives them the power to feel more intense. The nasal spray is likely causes you to have certain symptoms. It might the pressure behind your eyes a bit more intense; it might make you jittery, causing your eyes to dart back and forth rapidly; it might make you dizzy. All of these things are normal and if you didn't have the anxiety factor, you probably wouldn't even notice them. The exact same thing happens to me, my dear friend, so don't feel like it's just you. In my mind the main things for anxiety sufferers are 1) chest & heart stuff, 2) tingles & numbness, 3) eye problems, 4) obsessive thinking & instrusive thoughts, and 5) downward spirals that can feel like (or lead to) a state of depression. There are other side effects, like feeling extra emotional (sometimes I just cry in the shower for no reason!) and maybe feeling sentimental. But those 5 symptoms are the main ones. Eye issues can be so so scary, but trust me, you'll be okay. Try not to study it too much. 

    I'll be taking a little break, sort of, from this forum. But if you need anything please send me a message. I'm here for you. smile 


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