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after a year of chest pains, back pains, swollen stomach etc etc etc.

The doctor now thinks it is down to my galbladder and is sending me for a scan.... The pain i have had the last few weeks in this area is really sore.

What i was wondering, if it is the galbladder could it have caused any long term injuries to other organs? Also is it ok to wait for an appointment or should i go to A & E?

Thanks in advance

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    i suffer really badly with gallstones. doesnt sound like the normal symptoms for your gall bladder. how long does the pain last? and is it instant? x

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      Hi Danielle,

      It is instant and it varies, i hope it is the gallstones and not the liver as i used to be a heavy drinker. It can vary, last either few minutes or for an hour and comes and goes.

      Also constipated for a long time and pain in the back right region under the rib cage

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    people live with gallstones for years suffering frequent attacks . So don't worry.

    you need to go to A and E if your skin turns yellow and your poo chalky white as this means a stone has stuck in your bile duct and is affecting your liver functioning. 

    Or if you are in so much pain you are passing out. 

    Otherwise your scan will show up the problem propberly gall stones and then you will see a surgeon who will assess you and place you on a list for removal.

    some people avoid surgery with extreme low fat diet .

    so try now cutting out fat ,dairy , red meat and spice and caffeine . 

    If your symptoms settle you will have a n idea that your gps guess is right . 

    When they scan your gallbladder they also scan your liver etc.. So if anything else is causing the problem it shows up. 

    My friend had gall stone pain was scanned told she has gall stones and needs operation. But they also checked her kidneys at the same time and it flagged up an early growing cancerous tumour . She has been told her gallstones have saved her as they can remove kidney with no chemo or radio therapy as they have caught it early ... So gallstones can be a good thing ... Hope that helps 

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      Constipation is a symptom of gall stones.

      billiousness, pain in back on right side and under ribs centering on right . Constant niggle like a mouse were chewing my ribs.

      then attacks of vomiting agonising pain like a heart attack ,sweating feeling faint which last for 30 mins to 3-4 hours are gallstones being passed .. These attacks are often mistaken for food poisoning ...may only happen once a year. 

      To prevent attacks a gnawing pain . Eat no fat ... Skimmed milk , no butter , no oil . No sweets as sugar not good either . Cook everything to mush e.g veg , mashed potatoes stewed chicken. Easy to digest. 

      a gallbladder stores bile from the liver and concentrates it . When you eat fatty , rich food your stomach requests a squirt of extra pile . The gallbladder contracts squeezes and your stones rub together making your gallbladder sore inside ..general gnawing pain. If the gallbladder squeezes and a stone gets squeezed into a duct then the agonising colic attack until it gets squeezed out . 

      The good thing is removal is fantastic. Leaves you pain free and afterward you realise how ill your sick gallbladder has been making you feel. Fatigue , nausea , constipation , body aches etc ..

      hope scan goes well .

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      youve just explained excatly how i feel. takes me about 3 or so days to get over an attack, had one on saturday and im only just starting to feel better and have my appetite back, its horrible being sick!! i get attacks about once every fortnight!! would not wish this upon my worst enemy!! xx
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      And is it normal for the chest pain to be in the left side as i know the galbladder is in the right, i also get paid just under right rib at the back behind rib and in centre of chest.

      Is this normal galbladder systoms? I hope it is as going on a year, terrible constipation, swollen stomach. It is starting to really get me down

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      I was treated for peptic ulcers given omeprazole because my pain was  across my chest and central . But after over a year of treatment with no improvement the pain moved more to the right side and I was diagnosed with gallstones . After removal no more pain , no peptic ulcers I was misdiagnosed.  Now pain free ..
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      sounds so like me they are blaming the pain to my barretts but does not say why the rest of the sympstom. I hope they diagnose it soon but it is begining to sound more and more like galstones.
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      Sally i am starting to get pains under the left rib at the back now is this normal for the galbladder?

      Also getting the pain again under the right rib cage, i just worry it is my liver as i used to drink a lot but the more and more it sounds like the galbladder

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      Well my sister in law was diagnosed with liver disease 4 years ago . They were operating on her for something else and  they opened her up and her liver was enlarged and diseased . They closed up quickly and she was told she was one stage from cirrhosis . She was talking about liver transplants etc... 

      She went on a liver diet under a liver specialist lost weight and her liver has amazingly recovered not totally but she is now not in danger. 

      Being young you have the chance if it is your liver to make life style changes. 

      My sister in law had a gastric band fitted to help her weight loss and is now out of danger.

      i know hers was weight and diet induced but if you are not drinking heavily now and are up for lifestyle change it's not untreatable. 

      The good thing is you are getting sorted. 

      Hope you find out what it is soon ...

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    I too had chest pains and back pains - for quite some time before I went to doc and was told gall stones! I had the back pains very often and the chest pains every once in a while - I always just put them both down to age and lifestyle! Then when I had the first major attack, I thought I was having a heart attack as the pain was a contricting chest pain to begin - although it later moved into right side and back.

    I think the main worry with the gall bladder is that it could become infected or that the duct could become obstructed otherwise, but that just having gallstones may not cause any symptoms.

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