Gall bladder pain after gall bladder removal

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Hi everyone, 

I realise there were already posts about this but I thought I'd start another because all the replies there were 'over a year ago'

I have a problem reported by many here, I have a dull 'ache' (for want of a better word) where my GallBladder used to be. 

My problems started with this dull ache under my ribs on the right hand side. I was sent for ultrasound and found to have stones. 

I suffered for a while with the 'ache' and if i'm honest it started to really get on my nerves. It doesnt so much hurt as annoy like crazy, especially when it seems to be flaring up. (when it can be considered at it's worst)

I had my Gall Bladder removed and the pain went away INSTANTLY, I was in the recovery room with a bloated stomache and cramps like you wouldnt believe but I could feel the irritating 'ache' was gone... Hallelujah! 

But then about a month later it started to come back... 

That was 5 years ago, and I have tried everything imaginable to make this go away. NOTHING has helped. 

I am currently ramping up a dose of 'PreGabalin' to see if it's neuropathic pain of some kind, although as I sit typing to you we are 3 weeks into that treatment and its still there as plain as it ever was. 

I started another thread here because I am reaching out to everyone else who has this amazing annoyance in their side 24/7. 

My reasoning is SOMETHING is causing it.. and therefore it MUST have a cure. 

I will keep this thread updated. 

Oh incidentaly : I have tried. 



Thai Chi

Change in diet

Working out

Back support straps (these seem to make the 'ache' ease a little by pulling in on it)

Gabapentin, Omeprazole, and another drug I forget the name of.

Currently on PreGabalin and having it drive me insane.. STILL.

Thanks for listening all.

One more thing (how Collumbo of me! biggrin the condition is called:

Postcholecystectomy syndrome

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    Hi Dear,

    Im suffering too... Im already in 7 months post gall bladder removal but still I could'nt find any relief. Everyday I have uncomfortable feeling and issue in my stomach. Im taking Proton 40mg once a day. Im wondering until when I can take this PPI? As I read it, that there is side effects for long term used and that makes me worried.

    Hope we all sorts our suffering after the gall bladder removal.

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      Thanks for the reply Queence, I feel you 100%. 

      It's nice to have the feeling we are not alone reaffirmed. Be sure that if I ever find anything out that helps, this thread will know about it. 

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    That is very disappointing. I do feel for you. I had my gall bladder removed at huge expense 5 weeks ago  because I have a very low pan tolerance personality. I couldn't bear to wait the estimated 6 months., As I had already suffered for 3 years being treated for gerd which I didn't have. An endoscopy ruled that out then a scan revealed gall stones in December last year. Yes I too was jubilant  to feel pain free after eating "normal" food or any food for that matter. However  I am now experiencing sharp stabbing pains in m Lowe right Sid abdomen which come n very suddenly unrelated to food and often during the nigh. The pan takes my breath away, although thankfully it is short lived. It does keep coming back though and plays havoc with my sleep. I see the GP on Thursday bat am not holding my breath for a solution. Probably just take paracetamol! How long does this extreme tiredness last I wonder. Thanks for the warning Kutter, my next step was going to be the chiropractor followed by numerous alternative he rapist all costing a bomb. Does anyone find that bile salts help? I can't find them on sale anywhere.
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      Sounds like you are experiencing a similar albeit different type of phantom gall bladder pain there Christine! 

      The therapies I've tried didn't do a single thing for me, pain killers do nothing, and the neuropathic pain killers I'm currentl;y taking are doing absolutely zero also. 

      That said I've just hit the dose I should be taking (it was one of those prescriptions you had to slowly increase) so we shall see. 

      This is not to say they wont work for you of course Christine, of all of them the one that sounded most like it should have worked was Accupuncture... Maybe you should at least give that a go? 

      But yeah, I feel anyone in this sort of situation.. it really is NOT plesent in any way.

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    Hi, Kutter!  I have that sort of pain, off and on, and it is annoying. But, I don't have it as much as I used to.  It's almost like the phantom pain from the loss of a limb, as if your body had a habit of hurting and repeats it.  I have a contributory factor, though.  I have fatty liver disease.  I'm not a drinker, but some people have a tendancy towards it.  It also results in a dull pain and a feeling as if something is rubbing from time to time, though my Gastroenterologist (US) told me I shouldn't have pain.  Fatty liver disease is caused by many factors, but I think mine was that I have a sweet tooth!  I stopped eating things containing high fructose corn syrup, and cut back on any sugar.  I also started to take L-Glutamine and a Choline/Inositol blend to gently help my liver lose the fat.  I also reduced my fat intake drastically.  I lost 35 pounds, and now my fatty liver is defined as "mild."  I don't get the pain so much.  Hope this helps!  Let us know how you get on!
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    I had my gall bladder removed five weeks ago with open surgery. Was too bad for keyhole surgery as it had fused to my duodenum.  Due to some uncomfortableness on my tummy ( was quite sensitive to touch etc) I went to my GP.  We had a chat about my op and to be honest he was very informative about the after effects of gall bladder removal for some people and advised me that it's quite common to suffer from ' adhesions' after surgery. I wasn't sure and asked him to explain. Basically it's where there is some stickiness in the abdomen and this causes a sharp stabbing pain similar to the gall bladder pain itself. So far I have been lucky but it can happen at any time.  You can have further surgery to correct it if need be..

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    I am post cholecystectomy 12 months and a me-too for RHS flank pain.

    I have the ache (and the occasional twinge) in either my rhs rib, waist or back and its intermittent every day. I had ultrasound of kidneys, had CT scan but  no abnormalities found. It isn't awful ...  but it gets no better.

    I find  this forum very supportive knowing it isn't just me!


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      Nope certainly isn't just you Emma, and believe me I know 'exactly' what your going through. 

      My pain doesn't move round to my back, it stays at the front but the ache sometimes gets larger (or seems to) 

      All I know is its practically 24/7 with little to no relief. 

      The only relief I get is to pull a weight/back support belt around me and have it gently squeeze me. That helps somewhat, although eventually it has to come off because it gets uncomfortable itself. 

      Other than that, I can offer nothing in the way of help.

      Lets keep trying folks, and lets keep trying to help each other in this. 

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    Hi Kutter-UK

    That back support thing you mention, is that like a weight lifters support,   a  neoprene thing?




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    I hear all that you are saying.  That happened to me too.  I won't bore you with all the details but save to say I have had 2 gallbladder removal operations.  The first one keyhole, the second open, all in the space of 2 and a half years.  I know, it doesn't make sense but trust me it is true.  I spent the last year badgering Doctors and specialist to believe me that I was in pain and really really ill.  Thankfully it paid off.  Although I make it sound easy, it wasn't.  My advice to anyone is, only you know how you are feeling, everyone is different, don't be fobbed off.  Good luck to all.


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    Hi, I think your reply to me was moderated off the board. Was it a neoprene type belt ... no need to name the product! I think links and adverts are not allowed on here. But I would appreciate roughly  knowing what you use to hold things together!



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      Yeah, seems it was taken away because of the link... 

      If you search the terms:

      neoprene chiropractic belt

      then hit 'images' the exact one I have is (currently 3rd in the google results list) it's black and blue and liiks really wide. 

      Mine is about half that width but exactly that belt. 

      I put it on and draw it tight enough that it lessens the problem. Dont go hurting yourself with it of course smile 

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