Gall Stones or Not

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Two years ago I was told I had gall stones after a scan Been on a fat free diet and had constant spasms around my waist for last month

I thought I would have to have an op within weeks and was terrified

Saw a consultant gastroentrologist today and althought I do have gall stones He said most people of 60 did but he said the symptoms I had were not from gallstones

And I did not need an op which I had been told was my only option

I have IBS

Make sure you dont have your gall bladder removed if not necessary 

Consultant says he has many people return after op with same symptexclaimoms as before Be warned 


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    I'm sorry you're going through this.  I am not a doctor or a medical professional.  I'm concerned that the consultant was playing to your fear of surgery and giving you his opinion. Most people who have their gallbladders removed out of necessity actually do quite well.

    I am wondering if any additional tests were ordered by the doctor and performed.  There should have been a blood test to check on your liver and pancreatic functions.  Also, a HIDA scan could be performed to check the ejection factor of your gallbladder, to determine if it was normal.  A conscientious gastroenterologist would have also ordered a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Other tests could be ordered as necessary to find out what is occurring with you, as a patient.

    Diseased gallbladders can severely impact the adjacent organs, then can rupture and cause sepsis.  They can become cancerous.  I wonder if the consultant informed you of this during your discussion.  

    IBS is a catch-all diagnosis by which doctors lump together bowel dysfunctions.  IBS-D (with diarrhea) can be caused by many factors.  The same with IBS-C (with constipation).  For instance, many people diagnosed with IBS-D actually have bile salt malobsorption, or the inability to absorb bile after the digestive process. Bile is a caustic yellow acid, which is released into the small intestine by the gallbladder during digestion.  A hormone is usually produced during the end of the digestive process that allows the bile to be reabsorbed by the body.  Sometimes, for unknown reasons, the body stops producing this hormone.  Excess bile can cause heartburn as well as diarrhea.

    Some people do have difficulties after gallbladder surgery, but that does not necessarily mean that their gallbladders didn't need to be removed.

    Nevertheless, the decision whether to remove your gallbladder is up to you.  I am hopeful that your gallbladder will not deteriorate further, but if you experience more pain and more digestive dysfunction, I suggest you find a different gastroenterologist who will be more interested in assisting you.       


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    All I was saying that dont take the first diagnosis as being the correct one

    I was given the diagnosis of gall stones after a scan because of stomach pain  It is absolutely true that a large amount  people of a certain age will all have gall stones showing up on a scan It however does necessarily mean they are causing the problem .

    I have thought for the last two years my symptoms were to do with gallstones.

    My new consultant has assured me that I dont have the symptoms of gallstones He certainly would not risk his reputation on keeping me happy.

    He is top of his field 

    I just wanted people to be aware that they should be certain that gallstones are the problem as you cant get your gall bladder back Obvoiusly if you are having symtoms relating to the gallstones the only solution is to have bladder removed 

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      I understand that if your consultant isn't certain then it's best not to assume what's going on with you is gallstones.  I'm not disagreeing just to make a point, I am concerned for you.  

      Your post didn't mention any test results, just a meeting with the consultant.  While I had visible gallstones, no one was certain that my gallbladder was a problem, especially because I didn't have the classic, textbook symptoms that would have made my surgeon more comfortable in removing it.  I had diarreha daily, nausea daily, but no severe pain.  I also felt weak, dizzy and tired all the time. I had lost 30 pounds. The surgeon told me, he would "take a chance" on me because he'd been "fooled by ultrasounds before."  

      When he removed my gallbladder, it was necrotic and filled to the brim with small stones and sludge.  The small stones and sludge had not been visible on any ultrasound, and my gallbladder walls had not thickened, as one would expect with such a diseased organ. If I had not had surgery, it could have burst, or fused to my liver, or become cancerous. 

      No classic symptoms for me, but my gastro did order other tests that came back "normal" except for my other symptoms. Each person's gallbladder disease is a bit different--they often don't present with the classic symptoms.    

      If the consultant wanted to order additional tests to explore what was going on with you--or if those tests have already been performed, I feel less uneasy.  But if he's telling you it's not your gallbladder without further investigation, he may be tops in his field, but he hasn't shown any interest in finding out what's going on with you....


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    IBS is not really a disease but a collection of symptoms, IBS symptoms are usually caused by something else and a blanket name when they dont know the intial cause.

    I have IBS but mine is being triggered by gallstones as was my mum and cousins. However I did insist on cameras ( endoscope and colonoscopy) as well as a full CT too rule out everything else. I also have reflux, indigestion, bloating, food intolerances, gas, pain under right rib ( bruised feeling) 

    You are correct tyhat it needs to be checked it is the gallbladder as with removing the gallbladdder when it isnt the true cause or issue wont fix the problems and people will of course get worse.

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    Hi, I think they need to do more tests to check that it isn't gallstones. My mum has gallstones which were found during other tests but she's never had pain from them so they've left them but its a different matter if they start to cause problems and this needs to be investigated further.

    See a different gastro and get a second opinion.

    Let us know how you get on

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      forgot to add, I've had ibs for years and they never found out the cause despite lots of tests. I just learnt how to live with it.

      Its not the easiest of diagnosis to deal with but I wish you all the best. 

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    Try a Bile Salt Medicine like Questran before doing anything with your gallbladder. A lot of Gallbladder issues arise from complications it's Bile Salts. Get a HIDA scan done as well as this will evaluate how well your gallbladder is functioning.

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