gallbladder is gone but where is this pain from?

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I had my gallbladder removed 3yrs ago,it was full of stones, inflamed ,infacted and full of small stones. i was in the hospital for three days and i had a drainage attached after the surgery. the pain and suffering that i went trough was horrible.

After the surgery I was so happy to get back to life again, even the small pain that was still existing didn't bother me. i went back eating healthy with less fat. everything was looking good and normall except that small aching that was still there. the aching was not that bad compare to the pain that had before the surgery. therefore, i was ignoring it all the time. it was four mounths ago, that i felt a bomb exploded in me. it was a intense and constant pain that makes me run back to my surgon.  he rollout many tests on me but everything came back normall. he had no idea that why i was having the pain back agin. so he reffred me to GI dr. GI dr also sent me for blood works, an ultrasound, CT scan and than an MRCP to see if there was a small stone in bile duct,but all came back clear again.

now I have daily pain, aching and burning in the same spot that my gallbladder was. the pain radiates to my back behind of my stomache and then goes high up between my shoulder blades sometimes i feel the pain in my arms too. i can only sleep on my right side and sometime on my back.  now i dont know what to do or where to go. this docs that i went to told me there is nothing that they can do for me beacuse all test were normal. i only did not do endoscopy and colonoscpy due to bing afraied and i dont know if these tests will find the cause of the pain. 

i need help.

This is making me desperate,as I don't want to be on these forever.

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    I can think of three things other than stones it could be. It could be ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) acid reflux or an ulcer. Im not sure if those were tested for or what the tests would be. All can be controlled by diet though so maybe look up what foods to avoid for those conditions and see if eliminating them helps
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      tnx for replaying Shalaya

      actually i am on diet and i watch what i eat but nothing is working. i am still in pain. I don’t know if it’s a scar that did not get heal during all these years or if it’s a nerve damage that happened when the surgeon pulled out the drainage tube. It was a painful procedure and I remember that how much I tensed myself when I felt the pain.


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      Hi cathy , had my op three weeks ago , but six years ago I had a hysterectomy and have been left with pain in my right side lower belly I had Ultrasounds , CT scans blood tests etc and they found nothing , so when my gall bladder started hurting again they said the pain could be from that ..... Well I laughed and said I knew what gallbladder pain was like and I didn't think it was that, so was written off as nothing they could do. Now I've had my gallbladder out and that's ok but I still have the lower belly pain exactly the same as before  !! So I think it's adhesions , I tried all sorts for it but nothing helps , have now been told that an operation could try and sort it but could make it worse as you will get more scar tissue !  So like shalaya says maybe it's IBS or something but I thought IBS was lower belly pain ? Hope you find your answer .... Did you have keyhole surgery or full op ? Xxx
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      Hi Gillypoo, sorry to hear that. i hope you get better. i know how hard it is to live with pain. it seems we both had a same story. actually i was thinking i might have the adhesions too. beacuse if they can not find anything that means it might be a scar or nerve damage. but i dont know if i can live with this scar or nerve pain. its to much. and yeas i have a keyhole surgery but i wish i had a open surgery then the surgon would see the inside better and would not give me a scare. i really don't know what to do. sad
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      Have a look on web for Adhesions and it gives you information. but like Irving said it's probably nerve damage. When I had the hysterectomy it was not the cut down my belly , it was done vaginaly as I had to have a bladder repair as well. This led to nerve damage at top of my thigh into my groin. And is still numb, as well as that belly pain I've had to live with it I'm afraid as all tests showed nothing else wrong. I've no doubt that each time I eat the wrong things after this gallbladder op I will feel this ache , maybe it's a good thing letting me know to be careful , but I worry I may do damage to my liver if I don't ..... Anything is better than the pain I had though , and hope you improve soon just go careful begood😄😄
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      I'm sorry to hear it. I wish I had some answers for you. Hopefully you get some answers soon. In regards to why ibs can be felt higher up it tends to cause excess gas which will put pressure on nerves in your back and feel like pain higher in the body or shifting pain as the gas moves through the intestines
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    Hi Cathy,

    Sorry you are in pain. I had an endoscopy and a colonosopy done a few months ago and they were fine. I have always had an immense fear of endoscopies but slept through the whole thing and wouldn't worry about having it done again.

    The colonoscopy whilst not pleasant isn't a long procedure. The worst bit is when they go round the bends but they give you gas and air to help. They do say that people on the small side feel it more and as I am that is why I perhaps felt it more.

    We always fear the worst and in most cases you have worried for nothing. Hope you feel better soon.

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    Hi Sweetheart!  Sorry your going through so much.  Maybe you should go for these other tests, you never know, something might show up!  Take care, and let us know how your doing.  Val.
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    cath its a nerve damage, and its normal.

    for the acid reflux, Just balance your fatty foods,

    dont drink soft drinks

    dont eat spicy foods,

    try to adjust your diet, and see what will happen..

    its so normal for us to feel some pain now that our body "internal organs" are not anymore " complete..

    that back pain on your shoulderblade is normal too,

    just give it a little massage or take some walk and it will be fine,

    try all of my advice if its sounds ok with you..

    i had LAPCO last april 6 2015..

    and i feel the shoulder blade pain also and acid "bile" reflux...

    i go back from my oldtime choire

    1. early in the morning.. i take 1 glass of water with 2pcs lemon extract "fresh..

    2. i always buy low fat foods and drinks.

    3. i dnt drink softdrinks or any acidic drinks

    4. i drink APPLE juice..

    5. i dont eat too much as in so much meal..

    Goodluck for that.. give us a backfeed after a week or two ok? Godbless

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