Gallbladder out last week no fat for 4 weeks what can I eat?

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Ok so after being so scared I had keyhole surgery last Monday and it was ok I am recovering well and taking each day slowly and I know it's going to be slow recovery.

So far I've had the odd ache where gallbladder was but almost on no pain relief now. My rubbling stomach is v v loud though and frequent and I feel sick if I don't eat regularly but think that is ny body trying to balance the bike levels. My appetite is finally coming back but I've been told not to eat fatty foods or spicy food for 4 weeks. But I don't know what I can eat! So far it's just jacket potato with beans and rice and vegetables I am losing weight rapidly. I avoided certain high fat stuff before op but no fat is v difficult.

What did you eat post op ? I'm a vegaterian but eat fish... why can't I eat fat for 4 weeks any ideas ?


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    Hi Tigerlilly, its good you're on hardly any pain relief.

    With regards to food, I think most are told different things, mine didn't say anything about whether low fat or avoiding certain foods.  I wouldn't say its necessary to go no fat but low fat is ok. Don't forget your body is learning to cope without a gallbladder and thats going to take some time, hence why some say no fat. 

    Its early days for you yet and most of the time its trial an error how you're body is going to react, keep to small portions still and snack throughout the day if you feel hungry as smaller portions are easier to manage.

    Loosing weight after surgery is quite common, I did and as I'm still on small portions I'm finding it difficult to put on weight.

    I find that fish goes down really well, omelettes (if you eat eggs), pasta and you're eating everything else. 

    You've probably got a very healthy diet anyway so I wouldn't worry too much. xx

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      Hi thank you for your reply.

      I've been out yesterday and today for an hour but not driven and have asked to extend my sick note to make it 3 weeks as my job is full on and I really can't cope with that. Driving still seems a while off!

      Thanks not thought of pasta or omelette I will try pasta tonight.

      The hospital were amazing but I did feed back that a diet sheet would have helped me loads as missing eating now. I have a wedding Thursday thankfully it's v small and we are staying in hotel. the consultant said I could have a glass of wine which I'm hoping will be ok as don't want to test reaction on the day.

      I love chocolate but know it's high in fat so trying to find something sweet instead. I think doing very little just makes me think of food.

      Many thanks claire

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      It took me a while before I was driving and felt comfortable. I think its wise to make your sick note for 3 weeks, it might be an idea not to go back to work full time but a phased back to work.

      I wasn't given anything either except for emergency numbers. 

      I didn't really feel much like wine even though I have tried it but haven't drunk alot. as with chocolate, well I haven't given that up at all but only eating small amounts as I don't feel like eating a whole bar so it lasts me for ages! All I can say is try a small amount and see how you feel, its different for everyone. 

      You're probably getting tired very quickly and don't push yourself too hard. Do nothing for another week before you start to try doing other things just be careful and don't rush into it if you don't feel like it.

      Take care and enjoy the wedding. x

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    I had my gallery bladder put on the 17th of February. I was sore for the first week but then was almost back to normal. I did avoid lifting or pulling anothing too heavy though for a good few weeks. After a week I started vomiting bile. A trip to the GP who said it was probably my body adjusting to not having the gallery bladder to store the bile any more and have me some omperazole tablets which helped. I did found though, that for about 6 weeks anything on ate came out the other end very quickly! Even plain, low fat food. It seems to have settled now though. I still get slight discomfort in the incision areas but all in, still better than the pain I suffered before I had it removed . I would say for a few weeks it'll be trial and error with what you can eat but hopefully a few weeks and you will be grand.

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      HI Victoria;  I am very interested in the diarrhea with regards to the surgery you had.  My son told me it will always be a problem...

      what is your opinion...please keep us upgraded on your progress

      Thank you.  It is amazing what pain will make us do.

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      Thank you

      I also have IBS and diarrhoea was and is my main fear as I suffer badly with that. However it hasn't been s problem so far and without too much detail I would say the changes have been minimal so far. I did ask the consultant about this and was told 10% get a problem with this. (I have my fingers tightly crossed)

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    Hi there, pleased to hear that all is going well with your recovery, I am at the start of this process, no stones but they think may be a malfunctioning GB.  I am on a no fat diet a the mo and find that porridge made with skimmed milk blueberries and strawberries is good, very filling, keeps the rumbles at bay. I make vegetable soups which involve just about any vegetable I can lay my hands on, again with some herbs, garlic etc and some plain wholemeal bread again fills a gap.  Good luck with everything Tigerlilly and all the best.
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    Hi Tigerlilly,

    I had my surgery about 4 days before you so i guess we are going through the same journey to some degree.

    I too have phased out my pain relief, nothing now since Sunday (9th) as it was just playing havoc with my stomach. So far I'm avoiding dairy (other than milk in tea) until i can work out if its going to cause problems.

    Toast (olive spread) and marmalade or marmite work for breakfast.

    Main meal wise, we've been eating lots of quorn and pasta/spaghetti, mainly with a tomato base. Ive been fine with that. Chicken and salad has been ok too

    I did sneak some chocolate mini eggs yesterday, had no adverse effects.

    Low fat crisps seem ok too

    I was a lover of spicy chicken, curry, pizza's before - strangely Ive had zero cravings!

    My appetite has dropped massively though, i normally don't stop all day - its been hard for me do just chill and rest, 

    Ive suffered no indigestion so far, i really thought id suffer more - in fact Ive had less stomach pains than i can remember, odd pangs and pains around the area where my GB lived, I'm putting that down to scar tissue healing internally

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      Hi matt

      Glad to hear you are healing well. I am the same with no appetite but as I am feeling better in myself I think I am wanting to try more foods and soup every day is getting boring. Nothing tastes fab either.

      I love pizza but will have to wait for a while to try it again 😞 But hopefully it's worth it.

      People have bought me lots of chocolates I am desperate to try but will wait to the weekend.

      Do you still have dressings on wounds? I'm nervous about taking the bottom one off,

      Good luck with the recovery.

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      Hi Tigerlilly,

      I soaked mine off in the shower 3 days after the operation, not normally squeamish but it did make feel a bit nauseous! Put clean dressings on, and took them off and kept them off on Thursday.

      Went to have them checked today, all healing well.

      My lower ones are fine, I expected the belly button one to be messy but its really neat! The higher ones given me most problems, sneezed a few times and it's been tear inducing!

      I wish you a strong and speedy recovery

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      Thanks Matt

      Sadly it all went wrong last night altho I took my final dressings off and felt so much better.

      Something I ate yesterday tho s upset and I spent the night in agony with burning pain in my chest and then was sick bile at 6am with a diarrhoea. I ate pasta with a handful of low fat popcorn

      I am distraught and desperate I rang the hospital and told to speak to gp as nothing they can do but to drink only water today and be careful with what I eat.

      Throwing up bile has terrified me that something is wrong. My husband works with a registrar who thinks I may have a stone stuck somewhere.

      Does anyone know how long it takes for stone if stuck to show symptoms ?? I can't go through this again I'm a mum to 3 children and I can't look after them like this

      I can't go to wedding now because of feeling so bad

      Please Help

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      I experienced this 5 days after my surgery. Spent about I hours feeling rotten, in pain and vomitting awful bile. Ithe eventually passed and I felt almost human again. My gp gave me omeprazol which helped
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      Thanks Victoria have you had it since? I am too scared to eat much and still getting niggling pain in the gallbladder area after I eat.

      I am hoping this passes but guess will have to go back to gp if it doesn't soon.

      I feel ok now just this ache like I use to get it from time to time

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      No I haven't had it since but I am still taking the omeprazol. I have a friend who had her surgery 3 days after me. She suffered for about 4 or 5 weeks with what you are describing. Pain and discomfort in the area her gall bladder had been but she hasn't mentioned it lately so I'm guessing it has settled down for her hopefully it will for you too

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