Gallbladder pain/ stomach upset 11 months post surgery.

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Hi my name is Claire I'm 39. After suffering 3 episodes of coli cystitis last July/August 15. The decision was made to remove my gallbladder in October last year.

I'd hoped the surgery would stop the pain completely.

Unfortunately I've suffered with pain post surgery for now 11 months.

I was fine for the first 2 days. Then the pain came back. All my pain is under my ribs on the right side. Ive never suffered the back pain like others. A scan had showed several stones, and apart from a bleed during surgery, everything went well.

I also now have periods of vomiting and diarrhoea.

It starts with sulpha tasting burps. My stomach becomes very bloated and I'll get stomach cramps. I'll them vomit for 24hrs. And the following 24hrs I'll have diarrhoea. It's been like this every 2/3 wks since surgery. I'm also aware that my stools are often different colours. Sometimes they are really pale like straw, other times almost look green. They also contain a lot of undigested food. I never had this prior to surgery.

My GP days it's normal, and will take up to 12 months to settle following surgery.

I was wondering if anyone else has suffered similar to this. And how they managed the pain and stomach upset. I'm currently taking codeine and diclofenic suppositories, I can't take them orally as I have a hiatus hernia. I take omeprozole for the h/hernia.

I do try to follow a low fat diet.

I've noticed the pain is worse if I have a really busy day, or try to exercise.

Any help and advice will be gratefully


Thank you for reading. Claire. X

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    Der Claire, 

    i am going through the same things, except I have constipation. I had my gall bladder removed 2 1/2 months ago. I'm fine if I just sit around all day, but if I go to work only 2 to 4 hours a day is all. It makes it unbearable. I am not able to work full time. I also have a hiatal hernia, and they want to do surgery on it right now, and I can't even think of another surgery. Also my stomach always feels like it's up in my chest, (which it is) my heart starts palpatating. I start shaking. I get hot, and feel like I'm going to pass out. I also have burning and painful urination off and on. My dr. Said the gall bladder will get better in 6 months. Drs. Are liars, I feel like I'm going crazy. What can we do?

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      Hi Cheryl

      Thank you so much for your reply.

      So sorry to hear your going through similar pain too. I can completely understand where your coming from. I only wish I knew the answers.

      I wouldn't even contemplate more surgery to they sort out the pain from your last.

      Hopefully someone here will have a few answers.

      Take care. Claire. X

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      Hi Ms. Cheryl1955, we are in the same boat. The doctors they are the one who suppose to understand our suffering after gb removal but it seems they dont care and easy to say that in time it will be back to normal. Its been a 13 months now I had gb removal and everyday I have different pain and stomach issues. 2 weeks right now I have heart palpitation in the middle of my sleep that cause me sleepless and so stress. I went to gp and did ECH its normal but I guess its an effect of surgery because when I feel hungry and bloated immediately I get heart palpitation. I pray that soon we will be back to normal and good health.
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    Hi, Claire,

    Sorry to learn you're having these problems!  I suggest you ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist.  Your GP may not have enough expertise to diagnose and treat what's going on. Did you see a gastroenterologist prior to your surgery? 

    You know your body and that something is wrong.  Don't stop until you get proper treatment!

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      Hi Lynda

      Thank you for your suggestion, no I never saw a doctor before hand as I'd not suffered with stomach problems like I am now.

      Yes I will have to ask my gp to refer me. They said its normal, but I find that hard to believe.

      Take care Claire. X

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      Hi, Claire,

      I think your gp may just be fobbing you off, hoping that your problems will go away!  

      Certainly, after I had gallbladder surgery it took a while for my digestion to work itself out (I still have problems due to bile acid) but all you've gone through indicates to me that there is another problem!

      Please let me know how you do!  xx

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      Hi lynda20916 please can you share to me how you are managing when bile acid attacking you? I dont want to take any antiacid medicine I want to cure it through herbs or natural way coz Im scared for the side effects. Everyday Im suffering different discomfort of my stomach and Im sleepless at night. I thought after gb removal I can find relieve for all the pain that I had gallstone.
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      Hi, Queence,

      Your gallbladder acted as a valve to release bile (manufactured in your liver and stored in your gallbladder) into your small intestine during digestion.  After your gallbladder is removed, bile drips constantly into your small intestine.  Sometimes, it can "back up" into your stomach, but it is realeased into your small intestine from your liver. Bile is yellow and extremely caustic.   

      Most people have a hormone that allows excess bile to be reabsorbed at the end of digestion. Apparently, I don't have that hormone, and the bile dripping constantly into my small intestine causes diarreha and other problems.

      I take a medication called Cholestyramine (it's also called Questran) each night before bed.  It's in powder form, and I mix it with juice.  It absorbs the excess bile. It does have side effects, but it stops the diarreha.   

      If you have excess stomach acid you can try peppermint tea.  Or just mash some peppermint leaves, put them in water, and drink the water. You could look on line for natural ways to deal with excess stomach acid, too.

      I hope this helps!  


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      Thank you so much Ms. Lynda20916 I really appreciate the effort and for goving some advises. Im thankful to God that diarrhea issue for me is manageable. The main problems that makes me stress and sleepless is Im palpitating in the middle of sleep and I feel acid reflux is going up to my throat. I will try to drink peppermint I hope it will works for me coz I really want to treat the acid in natural way since Im scared for long term side effects of antiacid if you get used of it. God bless you Ms. Lynda20916.
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