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So i was diagnosed with gallstones in Oct last year and placed on a 3 month waiting list to get them removed. In that time I had a few pretty big attacks but mostly mild attacks after anything I ate. Anything fatty is completely off the menu.

I got a letter end of Jan stating that the hospital had tried to contact me - the date listed was 4th of Jan but they didnt send the letter until the 26th. I found out that despite previously attending the hospital they had my wrong number. What followed was 2 weeks of phone tag after i got it sorted out but finally I saw a pre op clinic in end of Feb.

At this clinic the doctor discussed getting tested for Malignant Hyperthermia as my mother has it. However we discovered this would be another 3 months wait and at this point i was experiencing mild-moderate pain everday and it was affecting my life. I pretty much could only work as that left very little energy for anything else.

After that appointment I finally got a date for March 16th. I was goven 2 weeks notice and had to rush to organise time off work (I run a child care program so not easy to get replacements) and hospital pick ups and drop offs and blood tests.

Everythi g was sorted after a lot of stress and mucking around. However yesterday (10th March) the hospital rang me and said that they were not comfortable preceeding with the surgery without my having a muscle biopsy - to sum up its a lot of effort to run a surgery to protect against MH and they dont want to unless they have to.

The doctors seemed surprised when i mentioned the 3 month wait. I pretty much broke down in tears on the phone. I see one of them on Thursday to discuss options but ultimately I'm not very impressed.

Anyways the point of this is that unless I can convince the doctors otherwise they want to kake me wait 3-6 months to get this test before rescheduling. I've had previous surgery for tonsils at a different hospital where this wasnt an issue but transferring my referral wouldnt be easy. And i cant live another 3 - 6 months with pain, nausea and feeling like i cant eat. Today i attempted to vacuum and mop but the very act of that mist have shifted the stone as i ended up feeling super nauseous.

Suggestions please on ways to alieve the symptoms as nothing is working and I feel so hopeless.

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    Hi there

    It does sound like you are having a rough time, I really do feel for you, I was finally diagnosed on 5th of Jan after being poorly since October. I have been placed on a 4 to 5 month waiting list and I'm finding that hard enough.

    I have no answer to the nausea im afraid, suffering a lot from it myself, when I posted on here the other day somebody suggested I ask my GP for some medication to help it, I can't remember what it's called but I'm certainly going to book an appointment next week to see what they can do.

    I do find sipping on water throughout the day helps, and although not strictly healthy, sports lucozade ( the still one ) has become my best friend to help when energy levels are waning, which is often. I was training for a wolf run prior to all this but my running has pretty much ceased as I feel so rough most of the time, although I'm still managing to swim which I find helpful.

    When I'm in great discomfort I tend to curl up with a hot water bottle, which can be very comforting.

    The only other thing I would say is that sometimes nausea can be caused by lack of food, I have days where I really struggle to eat and can feel very sick, if I can manage it I find a couple of rich tea biscuits eaten very slowly can help.

    I do hope you get sorted soon, take care & keep in touch x

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    That is a tough position to be in. I've had months of being unwell due to Gb and it is very disabling to your life, for sure. I'm on a waiting list for surgery soon. Hope you get some answers at your consult. I don't know too much about the MH condition but they would have to operate if you were in an emergency using the safest anaesthesia possible but they no doubt want to give you the most cautious approach, no help to your current pain though. If you were Ok for last op, seems you could be again.

     I cannot eat normally now, I'm having fortified nutritional drinks and soups and melba toast mainly. I eat a lot of peppermints for the nausea as I don't get on too well with many meds. I have the anti nausea wristbands which help a little. I take apple juice and cider vinegar, honey and aloe vera, not sure of the science  rationale for this really but it helps too and many ppl swear by these for Gb pain. Charcoal tablets help me with gas pain and I had my bloods tested, showing vit D low so taking a supplement for this and also having probiotics. This regime has not been a cure but I reckon has helped me cope until surgery. Good luck to you x

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      Has anyone tried Ginger pills?  My chiropractor (of all people) recomended them.  I've just had an ultra sound and although it shows gall stones, dr. said nothing is inflamed, thank God.  So for now, I guess, I'm O.K.  I know a lot of people in this discussion are from the UK, here's another question, do you know if they do lithotripsy (dissolving the stones) anywhere?  Seems to me from all the people in this discussion, after having their gall bladders out, they suffer sometimes even more. Wouldn't it make more sense to dissolve them than take the GB out?
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      Ginger could help with nausea and indigestion - i have lemon ginger tea at times - never tried pills. I knew I had stones 10 years ago from a scan for something else. They only started to cause real trouble last year, maybe as I ate healthily and always looked after health. I blame a year of mega life stress for triggering off the attacks. As for medical stone dissolution, they say it is rarely done (other than ppl who can't have surgery) as it takes a year or two, there can be bad side effects and the stones tend to come right back again. They are developing new less invasive removal methods so maybe if you are lucky you can get away without an op at this stage and future treatment may be better. Time is not on my side due to age and the progression of bad symptoms, I just hope the op helps. Bear in mind a bad gallbladder can have consequences, infection or stones stuck in ducts can be serious, so there is risk either way you go. Hope you are lucky and have no further issues with yours. Take care.
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      Your right about the risks. 24 hours after my op I was sent home,2 days later I was so sick,bringing up just bile,gp did a home visit and phoned ambulance, I was back in hospital for 4 days, this was a Friday afternoon and people who operated the mri scan were finished for the day so they kept me in til the Monday, they suspected that during operation one of the stones has dropped into liver ducts causing blockage,however by the Sunday(and a couple of firm poops later) I felt a bit better and Monday morning mri showed no blockage, they think I passed stone naturally over weekend... I'm still glad I had gallbladder removed though as I couldn't suffer the gnawing discomfort everyday,I would say my digestive system feels totally different now though...I ate a chip shop meal a few weeks ago and it caused severe diarrhea so have limited the amount of fat I eat now in one go..I eat a bacon roll but wouldn't eat a Sunday morning fry up again as it's too much fat in one's a small price to pay for getting rid of the pain and living with the constant fear of a full blown attack x
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    Hi,sorry to hear your so many comments on people left to suffer gallbladder pain for months before bring operated on its shocking!,,I had my first attack in august last year and paramedics gave me 2 shots of morphine before pain went hospital I was told to visit my gp which I did and he referred me for a scan,in the meantime I would live on porridge, fruit and chicken salads to try and keep my symptoms at bay,then one day in December(still was waiting on scan at that time) I suffered another attack similar to first but this time was on right hand side and the pain increased in severity when breathing in...and right hand side was painful to touch so was admitted to hospital that evening,and within an hour of scan I was in operating theatre having gallbladder removed... My point in telling you this is because although I felt instantly better after having it removed i felt so unwell physically afyer removal which my gp put down to my high results of liver function test.. My liver wasn't healthy from that first attack in august and by the time December came and I had gallbladder removed my liver was so stressed.... I'm 12 weeks post op and it's only 3 weeks ago that my liver function has returned to when doctors know that leaving a person months after diagnosis isn't good for the liver why do they do it?? It angers me coz if you went to Hospital with an appendicitis there is always a surgeon available to deal with it..or if you had A severe accident and needed surgery a surgeon would be there so why is gallbladder pain not taken as a serious condition?.. My last bit of advice is ask doctor for prochlorperazine tablets.. They are Great for dizziness and sickness, if pain gets too much then keep turning up to a+e and one day you might get lucky like me and a surgeon is free and available to deal with you....I've had 4 childbirths and can honestly say gallbladder attacks are worse! Good luck hunni x
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    Thanks for the tips guys.

    The stress from preparing for the surgery and then having it cancelled have not helped matters.

    May look into ginger and some of the other ideas. We eat fairly healthy (especially now as pizza and fish n chips just cause me pain) but it can be so hard. My partner is a big meat eater so we're trying to find a balance in food and having to search for meat that is actually low fat. Dairy is a big no no as well.

    Hoping i can get them to take it out sooner. I'm 27 and theres a family history of gall bladder issues. And while it was only the one stone the stone likes to move around.

    I may have to try emergency sometime however its hard as, due to working with kids I cant take work off unless theres someone to cover me or its an emergency. Dont want to muck them sround by going to emrgency then being sent home plus i need all my current sick leave for the surgery.

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    Dear Becinator, so sorry about your trouble!  You must be so frustrated! My suggestions are to make sure that you keep yourself hydrated, and eat a low fat diet.  I would also suggest that you avoid foods that are acidic or spicy.  That could also make your digestive process more difficult.  I hope you were able to obtain the surgery you need soon!  Please let us know how you're doing!  Best of luck.
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