Gallbladder removal 5 weeks ago and have overeaten and major suffering now !

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I cannot believe what a stupid woman I have been.  I was treated to go on a 3 day break by the sea to convalese in a hotel after gall blad op 5 weeks ago.  Have been so good up until 2 days ago when eat so much not only for breakfast but also the whole day (cannot believe how much I put away). I felt so much better and back to my "normal self"  I am now majorly suffering acute diarrohae and sickness.  I feel absolutely awful. My stomache is still so bloated and very tender.

Is there anyone out there who has done this - how long did it take to stop all these symptoms or has it done any major harm.

Am thankful for any replies.

Due to go back to work this week - feel absolutely terrible and so ashamed it was self inflected.

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    well, you sound a bit like me, had my GB out in July last year, 5 months of 'new me' whcih was just lovely, then loss of jib, bit of wine, too much bad food and ive thrown my entire digestive system into a tail spin. Extreme burping, bloat, trapped gas, palpitations, mildly short of breath, anxiety , vicious circle hello! The more you worry the worse it gets and so on. 

    Anyways....i think the idea is to see yiur doctor, he/she might give you some PPI meds just to lower the acid levels in your tummy to calm the whole thing down a bit..drink loads of water, do some yoga, stay off alcohol , amd try and sleep well. I found deflatine to me ot half bad at keepign the most painful bloat/gas at bay, in the end time will heal. I also find that an evening meal of steamed salmon/skinless chicken with roasted peppers/cupourgettes/baby tomatoes with some cous cous goes down REALLY well and has just about every nutrient in it to keep yiur digestive system happy and not rolling around the deck in the stormy sea...

    Hoep you feel better soon! 

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      Hi Brig99,

      Thankyou so much for your reply.  So someone else has experienced the side effects of too much bad food etc after op.  I am so relieved that I am not alone.  To say it is a steep learning curve for me is an understatement.

      I will stop beating myself up about it all.


      Yes will mention to my doctor to get some meds to lower the acid levels in my tummy.

      Cannot thank you enough for taking the time to post to me am so grateful.

      Will certainly take your advice on board.

      Best wishes.


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    Hi Vivey, see if your Doc will give you Omprazole that settles my acid but unfortunetly the side effects can be Diahorea but I think all those sort of meds have that effect. Take care xxx  
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      Hi Sandynan,

      Many thanks for your reply.  

      Yes I have taken Omprazole (40mg) for the last 10 years. I believe it is just because I have eaten stupidly.  

      I am eating much more cautiously today and hoping that I do not have the dreaded diahorea later.

      Best wishes

      Viv xxx

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    Hi there I do not have any advice for you but just to thank you for posting. A number of us are waiting for surgery and dream of the day when we can eat something a bit naughty. The temptation to go wild must be quite strong. This serves as a warning to take it steady. Thank you. I do hope you feel better soon :-)
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      Hi there Lisa,

      You are quite right.  I suppose after 5 weeks pre-op it has been a slow recovery and I thought yes I feel good today lets eat for England.  I am 60 and should so know better.

      All the best for your surgery Lisa.  

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    Your experience sounds very predictable and should serve as a warning for all if us who are imagining they can eat like 25 year old athlete after gall bladder removal. I have really suffered any time I overeat (I'm 72)for the past ages with gall bladder intact. I have taken loads of omeprazole and I do not see it as a cure all. To the contrary I believe my intake of omeprazole has contributed to my gall bladder problems and I have no intention of starting again in two weeks after gab removal just because I am tempted to overeat.  At present I eat very small portions of low fat, preferably gluten free and dairy free food, very boring but I do find a couple of glasses of Sauvignon blanc doesn't hurt me every other night. I'm looking forward to being able to have caffeine again and some cheeses and chocolate but I know someone is going to tell me this will still give me pain. Meh!
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      Hello Christine33931,

      So pleased after reading these replies that we are in fact all human. Unfortunately I do love my food and I suppose all these weeks of doing everything right - break away/by the sea/sun shining and I become a gluttonous woman.

      I have been so very careful for the last few days and it is paying off thank goodness.  I take on board your low fat gluten and dairy free food and most of all "Small portions" which is now going to be my mantra.

      Thank you for your reply Christine.

      All the very best to you.

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    And then there is my mum who had her GB out 25 years ago and will happily gorge her way through a block of cheese a tub of ice cream and a block of choc without breaking stride !  

    I wouldn't beat yourself up too much - your symptoms are punishment enough.

    I personally wouldn't take antacids long term as I feel they do more harm than good - your stomach is meant to hold hydrochloric acid after all.  In fact I found that Apple Cider Vinager helped more than antacids, even though it seems counter-intuitive to take something seemingly acidic - but who knows - it could all be placebo.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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      Thank you for your posting dho.

      It just goes to show how we are all so different.  It is interesting to read your comment on Cider Vinager though.  Have been on Ompazole 40mg for so many years now  - originally prescribed for gastritis after an endoscopy.

      I have learnt my lesson big time - never again !!!!!

      Best wishes to you.


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      hi dho. i drink apple cider vinegar and very seldom take the omperazole. i never saw a medication with so many side affects as that one. i have had to take them sometimes but the apple cider vinegar seems to be really good for lots of different things and i feel better when i take it . maybe its all in my mind i dont know, i seldom get bad indegestion, i mostly  just get really bad pain around my back and shoulder and all over the stomach. and i also got a hernia.. but at the moment, touch wood. im okay. seemingly the stomach should be acidic and the blood alkaline. i'v been reading up it as i always got mixed up and thought that the body should be alkaline. so im not sure whats true.
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      Ever thought you might have LOW natural stomach acid? All the stuff you're (or not) taking might support that ?

      im not sure i understand what your saying. all what stuff im taking or not taking. what am i taking or not taking that makes you say this. i dont mind you saying i might have low stomach acid but i feel as if you critisizising me with all the stuff im taking or not taking..what are you really  saying???how on earth can all the stuff im not taking give me low natural stomach acid.?hahaha. 

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      Apologies i wrote my reply quickly, no criticism of course, just meant you do well on apple cider vinegare (increased acid) and dont take omeprazole (decreasing acid) which drew me to my snap conclusion of maybe youve low stomach acid whcih can cause just as many issues as excess acid , and remarkably similar too... Twas all...ignore it if ya like! 
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      Here are some of the common symptoms and disorders caused by low stomach acid1,3:Bloating, belching, and flatulence immediately after meals.

      Heartburn (often thought to be caused by too much stomach acid)

      Indigestion, diarrhea, or constipation.

      Undigested food in stools.


      Rectal itching.

      Chronic candida.

      i have none of the above except constipation,, and those are the signs of low stomach acid.

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