Gallbladder removed, same pain, same symptoms.... scans clear me... help

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I had my gallbladder removed on 4/3/2017.  It ended up being open as it was super inflamed and had many adhesions.   I was under for 5 1/2 hours and they were not able to do the scan to make sure my bile duct was clear b/c they didn't want me to stay under any longer.   They tried an MRCP Scan but was not able to do a proper one as the scan required pressing down on my incision and it was too painful.  Fast forward to 4/19/17.  I had leftover Chinese food and an ice cream sandwich (yes, I know it's fatty food), and shortly after I started having the same pains as I use to when having a "gallbladder attack".  The bloating, center abdominal pain and back pain. It quickly became so painful that I went to the ER as this mimicked a gallbladder attack yet, I do not have one anymore.  This made me worried that there was a complication.  They did an ultrasound in the ER and it showed nothing.  A HIDA scan was ordered for the next day.  The next day my pain was gone and the scan showed I was clear.   When I use to have gallbladder attacks it would block my bile duct, sending my liver enzymes high and I would urinate dark urine from high bilirubin levels.  After a day or two my urine would clear up and my enzymes would eventually level out per blood tests.  This last "event" (I guess I can't call it a "gallbladder attack"wink produced dark urine approx. 12 hours later.  Just like my attacks I had when I did have my gallbladder. 

The surgery dept was satisfied that I was not blocked, and not having any complications after surgery I.E. clips moved, stones left after surgery etc.  The ER doc contributed my pains to "stomach irritation" which I disagreed with b/c I have GERD as well, and know what that pain feels like.  And this "event" was 100% identical to the "gallbladder attacks" I had for close to two years.   

Even if we all agreed it was "stomach irritation" what about the dark urine.  My surgeon was not concerned w/ it because, in their book, it has nothing to do with my gallbladder surgery.  So they are sending me elsewhere for answers.  GI doctor is next on the list.   I was hoping to talk them into a liver function blood test, but they wouldn't order it.  That would have to be ordered by my PCP which I currently do not have b/c was just switched facilities.   

Is it possible that I did have a stone that passed before the HIDA scan?   Everything from the pain to the dark urine lines up w/ what I had for a long time before I had my gallbladder removed.  

I am now so scared to eat ANYTHING that I will only eat my wife's homemade soap, water, and carrot juice.  While that is of course much healthier for me to eat than the crap I was eating for the last two weeks after my surgery (and yes, it was a lot of crap, fast food etc) I have a lot of anxiety issues and the fear of another "episode" happening is terrifying.   

I am hoping someone can shed some light on this.

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    Hi I am in the uk and had my Gallbladder removed on the 1st December last year shortly after about 4 weeks in fact I started to have severe pain which was very similar to how my gallbladder felt before removal . I had no indication that I had stomach pain this was like someone had soccer punched me below my solar plexus went right through to my back and under my right ribs . First doctor I saw said it is your Intercostal Muscles ( thought they would be sore all the time ) left it still got pain decided to go bck and see another GP on friday who took blood and has asked for me to have another Ultra sound scan as he said it will not show any Gallbladder or stnes but if there are stones in the tube then the tube will appear wider. I had a sticky Gallbladder full of stones and the tube was also full of stones he says it is rare but not impossible for stones to become trapped in the tube after surgery. Hope you get to the bottom of your pain let me know how you get on.
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    Wow. I'm surprised you were able to eat like that at all so soon. I had my gallbladder out on march 20. I still have trouble with any kind of food. I still have the same symptoms as before the surgery as well. I am trying to be patient but it is discouraging when you think you should be feeling better by now. I would say if it's that bad then I would see another Dr and see what can be done. Best wishes!

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    Hi, I think you need to give yourself more time to heal, as you had open surgery its going to take that much longer to heal on the inside especially as you had problems as well. 

    You probably need to return to a low fat diet for a while as your body is try to heal and get over the fact that you haven't got a gallbladder anymore which I think takes alot longer.

    If you stick to a low fat diet again see what happens with the pain hopefully it'll reduce. With regards to  your dark urine, mine is still like that and I had my surgery a few days before you but luckily it was keyhole for me. Did you drs check you out for gilberts syndrome, its nothing to worry about but you do have a higher level of bilirubin especially when you're ill which as you know colours the urine. Alot of people have this but don't know about it, its hereditary but you don't need to take anything for it so its not anything on its own to worry about.

    I'm still having problems so just take care and don't over do things especially with food.

    Let me know how you get on with the low fat diet. 


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      Thanks for responding Katherine.  After thinking about it and reading a lot about it, I can certainly agree that I overdid it after surgery as far as food goes.  I was trying to make up for lost time.  I am currently eating oatmeal for breakfast, and basically homemade chicken noodle soup that my wife makes.  

      After careful consideration, at the very least, I should have taken it a lot more careful with my diet.  I did the same thing w/ doing things after surgery.  Within the first week, I was hurting myself by overdoing it.  I wouldn't notice at first, because I was on pain meds, but after they wore off later that day, boy did I feel it.  

      So far since my "episode" I have felt ok, except a few long sessions of nausea which I read is pretty normal after gallbladder surgery.  



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      Thats good that you're starting to feel better. Just remember you had major surgery and it takes time, unfortunately we're all a bit impatient these days. I've been the same and doing things too soon and then regretting it.

      Take care of yourself and let me know how you're doing further down the road. x

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    I concur that you tried to eat too much fatty food too soon!  After removal surgery you should keep to a low fat diet for a good couple of months and then start to slowly reintroduce fats, a bit at a time.  Good luck.  All the best
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