Gerd Chest Pains, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Citalopram

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So I've been suffering with really bad GERD pains.

My chest was always hurting (Exactly like a Heart attack)

Neck, Back, Jaw, Left arm, Neck and shoulders were all hurting.

And, to top it all off, my Anxiety would al ways go up as i thought i was having a Heart attack.

Went to the hospital about 10-11 times as it was getting worse pain wise.

I have had so many tests done, Bloods, X-rays, Endoscopy, Camera down my throat and up the other way.

All test came back as normal (But was diagnosed with GERD and Esophogus spasms).

So, my Doctor put me on Citolopram (for anxiety), ranitidine (for stomach acid), Emozul (for stomach acid), Zapain (for pain) and Amatriptolyne (for nerves).

I have to take up to 18 tablets a day, But, when i finally got it thru my head that i'm not having a heart attack, I am now a lot calmer.

I for some silly reason got scared of leaving the house incase something happened to me (Don't know how i developed that), but i'm glad to say im over that fear.

Still get my chest, Arms, Neck, Back and Shoulder pains, but the medication has got it controlled a lot more than it was.

So, I'm getting better, and i'm typing this story to tell others how i overcame my fears and how i manage to calm myself down.


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    The 'heart attack' symptoms are quite common. I've had them off and on for over 30 years years with GERD and hiatus hernia. I also get numbness in my foot at the same time!  Doctors initially twice sent me to A&E because of it. Now I just sit it out knowing it is not a cardiac problem. 

    I stopped the PPI in April as it was contra indicated with another med that I had to take for a month and had no symptoms and continued without until it came back with a vengance two weeks ago.

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    Thank you for sharing your situation. I know exactly how you feel. I've been getting the same type of pains for 12 yrs. To top it off I also get costochondritis which had similar heart attack pains!! I also suffer with anxiety, so the more it hurt, the more i panicked, then the pain got worse. Went to Aand E many times and they tried to reassure me with a barrage of tests, but that reassurance only lasted as long as that episode. I too have finally tried to rationalise the situatIon and stay calm, which does help, along with taking a ppi and aloe Vera juice. Long may our stress be less and our acid controlled! !

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    Can you check my other post about how I cured myself of oesophagitis grade 2, Extreme heartburn, gerd, belching symptoms. It was so worse that I used to vomit acid after coughing. My GI tract was burnt literally because of the acid and 

    the pain from the throat to the stomach is unbearable. I could not eat anything.

    I used to take proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole, pantoprazole, esomoprazole, lanzoprazole, but I stopped as they are a temporary solution only valid for 1 day and not a cure. Before that I tried all the Antacids, Zantac, Ranitidine, Cimetidine....etc.

    Only the following worked for me.

    1) Amla juice(1 spoon full) Aloe Vera(1/4 glass), water 1/2 glass. Mix these and drink early in the morning after brushing. Ensure you drink in one gulp without any air entering mouth and not in sips. Remember that most aloe vera juice available in the market is sweetened, or mixed with other preservatives. Also tried to use the raw aloe pulp that can be bought in fiesta, but the problem is with bitterness. To avoid bitter taste of the raw aloe pulp, you have to add honey and too 

    much honey is again not too good and it becomes acidic.

    Note: Order 2-5 different varieties of natural unadulterated, unsweetened(No sugar and honey) aloe vera juice from market. It should not contain any sugar/honey or any other juice mixed into it. As soon as you drink little bit you should 

    feel cooling sensation in your GI tract above oesophagus. If you dont feel the coolness in your GI tract, then it is not for you, so please discard it immediately. This is from my experience.

    Amla juice(Indian Gooseberry) is one of the most powerful antioxidant available today, and the richest source of Vitamin C in the world. It works superbly for gerd, heartburn, peptic ulcer, stomach cancer...etc.

    Mixing Aloe Vera juice and Amla juice with plain water makes for the best solution to treat these GI related symptoms. It is better than any other combinations. The important thing is to take this solution continuosly after brushing daily for atleast a month. You can also take 

    it before food in the middle of the day when you get extreme heartburn. 

    Recommended Brands: Can be bought from Amazon or local Walmart

    Lilly of the desert Aloe Vera juice 1 gallon - $21 approx 

    Fruit of the earth Aloe Vera Juice 1 gallon - $6.44 approx

    Grenera Amla Powder is also good. - $8.99 approx

    When you buy these in amazon, make sure you buy the biggest packs you can afford. If you are using these, make sure that you use it atleast for a month, for a permanent solution.

    2) Greek yogurt 0% fat (1 part), water (10 parts). Coriander (5 leaves). Blend these and drink after food.

    3) Watermelon juice

    4) Drink Warm water multiple times in the day with a lemon slice in it. Dont juice the lemon, just let it float around for few minutes and drink. This increases the alkanity of the water.

    Avoid all processed, baked goods, meats, oily foods, restaurant food, alcohol, smoking for few days. Take plain veggie salads and fruits for couple of weeks. Dont mix any spice or nuts or heavy salad creams/dressings, icecreams into 

    this. Dont eat chocolates, biscuits, cakes. desserts, sweets....etc.

    Instead of eating 2-3 large meals in a day try to take 5-6 small meals instead. 

    Eat on time, sleep on time, drink plenty of water during the day. Dont get angry, tensed, depressed for few days. Dont forget to deep breathe. Avoid too much cardio work that speeds up your heart rate, as this causes heartburn. Do light 

    exercise and yoga type only without increasing exhaustion and heart rate too much.

    Practice pranayama. Take a deep breath through mouth till lungs are full of air, hold the air in for 2 sec. Slowly breathe out. Practice this for 5 mins whenever you have heart burn. This will give you a lot of instantaneous relief.

    Let me know how you feel. If you would follow these for a month, your gerd symptoms would be cured within 1-2 months. 

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      For UK readers many of the items you use are not avaiable. How much does this cost you per month and how time consuming it must be for you and working people could not do it..Are you home all day?  Many people with digestive proplems do not cope well with salads, raw vegetables or fruit.

      In the UK Aloe Vera juice is around £12 ($16) a litre except when H&B have a special offer.

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      I have provided in my last comment

      ways to find if the aloe vera juice is pure. If you have heartburn, you will know the difference immediately when you drink it.

      Buy locally but know how to identify pure stuff. I also recommended in my previous comment on how you can buy multiple small samples of any product and test out before buying large quantities.

      Not all veggies and fruits are made equal in this regard.

      Few like cucumber, green leafy vegetables, water melon are highly recommended.

      You can actually check online for pH levels of each of these and only eat highly alkaline veggies easily digestible stuff.

      Full fat yogurt, High fat milk require more stomach acid to digest and are not recommended.

      Comparatively, extra diluted and water consistency greek yogurt with 0%fat is alkaline.

      The good thing here is a heartburn patient will know in a couple of hours if the food works for him/her.

      You will experience increased heartburn if the food doesn't suit you.

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      I don't think that there is much chouce in the aloe vera we get in the UK. We buy ours from a herbalist. It works for my wife but not for me. When she stops taking it her undiagnosed problem soon returns.

      This story about my wife goes back about twenty years:

      Some years ago after foolishly eating lettuce she developed a severe stomach pain and was hospitalised for several days. Months of tests and scans followed until I suggested Aloe Vera after about a month the pain had gone. If she stops taking for a month it starts to come back. On her final visit to the hospital she told the consultant what she was taking. There had been three girl students in with them. As I was waiting for her to come back the students went into an office behind me and I heard their conversation on the patient, part of which.

      " The Aloe Vera really seems to have helped her. 

      Yes but it is quite expensive isn't it? 

      Yes but it's very good my mother takes it as well"


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