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Hello everyone i just wanted to start by saying i really need help but before you answer please read my story carefully and understand what i'm going through so you can at least give me an answer!

Basically last August i had h pylori and i ignored it and tried to eat well i said to myself that's the best solution atm, suddenly in October the problem got worst in December everything started to feel better i was able to eat better and didn't have a lot of stomach problems in February i had severe chest tightness no pain or anything else just tightness so i went to the hospital and they did an EKG and an X Ray while the results were coming out they gave me an oxygen mask they said it might help but it didn't, EKG was fine so was the X Ray it turned out i had gastritis so the DR gave me Duspatalin and Dexilant for 10 days as soon as I took it i felt a lot better, after that i started to change my diet to a bland diet, everything was improving sometimes i would wake up at night because of the chest tightness, anyways in March and April i started to feel out of breath for some reason especially at night so i went to the hospital a couple of times and they told me I have GERD and the breathing problem was because the acid is coming up all the way to my chest anyways i started to notice some improvements the last two months but my biggest problem is the feeling in my chest like something is in my chest and there is no pain or anything else even though i'm getting better i'm still having this problem for 6 Months it's there all the time and it's really confusing me, like if i'm feeling good it's there but i hardly feel it so it never goes away and the thing that it's frustrating I lost a lot of weight and i'm trying to workout to gain back that weight but i can't, because as soon as i start to exercise the tightness increases and it gets uncomfortable so please if anyone has any suggestion or any idea about this just tell me, i tried ACV and a couple of things and nothing helped my problem, i know the obvious is i should go and get an endoscopy but i can't afford to do one atm, so that's my biggest problem the discomfort in my chest i feel it in my sternum or below it a little bit 

Thanks in advance 

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    I believe I had/have the same issue as you. In February I woke up one morning after feeling like I was coming down with the flu the day before with extreme tightness in my sternum or below it felt very uncomfortable. No pain just pressure. This made me have an anxiety attack and I ended up in the er. Long story but they did an endoscopy in the hospital and it was normal as they thought maybe injad a hiatal hernia but they didn’t find one. The pressure was so bad I could barely eat and lost a ton of weight. Not sure if it was a coincidence but i started taking a good probiotic and the pressure got better over time but never completely went away. Now it’s moved to my throat and I feel like there is an air bubble trapped and I gurgle when I swallow. I don’t know what’s worse but it’s driving me Crazy. I go for a barium swallow in a couple weeks to see if they can find anything wrong and then I will have to get the manometry test and 24 hour ph probe to check the functioning of my esophagus. I am currently on nexium which doesn’t really help these symptoms. I’m sorry you are going through this as I know how hard it is. Do you also have the feeling in your throat as well? I pray we all get better soon. Take care of yourself.

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      Hello Chandra57367

      I Can't believe someone else is going through this as well!

      When the pressure was so bad at February i didn't have any problem eating but any type of food would increase my tightness so i had to eat smaller meals, and just like you even though i'm feeling that i'm improving the tightness never goes away, my throat gets tight sometimes and i do feel like there is air in my throat it's a weird feeling i don't know how to explain it but i understand, but as i said i have some symptoms as well that come and go from time to time like but my major symptom is this pressure in my chest I hope we all get well soon. Thanks for the reply 

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      Yeah it’s really frustrating as I spend my whole time trying to find an answer and my mind is always going in circles as to what it could be. Do you also get upper back pain like in your shoulder blades? The lump in my throat is more like a trapped air bubble or burp and it gurgles when I swallow. It’s weird because when I have the lump in

      My throat then I don’t feel the pressure in my breastbone and vice versa when I have the lump in throat as if it moves from one to the other. Please let me know if you figure out what is going on and how to feel better! I’ll pray for yousmile

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    Your ECG and chest X-ray were normal weren’t they so whatever is going on sounds like a combination of gastric symptoms along with stress. 

    I had similar feelings and took myself to A&E thinking I had something cardiac but all my tests were normal too.

    I had severe burning heartburn, back  pain between my shoulder blades and was really shaky with throbbing in my sternum.

    My endoscopy didn’t show up anything other than being positive for H Pylori and I had to go on the triple therapy (two antibiotics in huge doses and Omeprazole.

    Along with an alkaline diet (lots of decaf green tea, vegetables, fruit (apart from citrus) honey, lean chicken and plenty of water) I gradually got back to normal again.

    Why haven’t you started on the triple therapy for your HPylori infection? 

    I think you should visit your Doctor to get this prescribed for you and maybe a combination of this and a careful diet will get you back to normal again.

    I do hope so. 

    Good luck


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      When i was first diagnosed with h pylori it was last august but it got cured after that so it's not my problem anymore when i started to feel tightness i did every test out there blood test and breath test and they all came out negative for h pylori, as for my diet it's very strict atm bland diet but as i said it's not helping with the tightness in my chest unfortunately so i hope someone can help me with that .. 



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