Getting nowhere with GORD.

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need some serious advice. Been suffering with GORD for about 3 years now. Been on Lansoperazole twice with nothing helping. saw the dr about 3 weeks ago, and my next appointment wasnt until september. yesterday, after the 2nd week of immense pain, i called for an 'emergency' appointment. Saw diff. doc today, and he didnt even have my notes, but proceeded to tell me that basically my condition was psychosomatic. Anyone else had this? i assure you, my imagination isnt that good! Feel like i keep getting pawned off. (im 22, female). He put it down to my stress at uni, but ive been through the loss of my dad and nan (who i lived with) and i didnt develop GORD then, so how can a little bit of normal uni stress suddenly debilitate me? also, due to him having none of my notes, and knowing none of my medical history, how can he immendiently put it down tyo something mental? feel like im being pawned off and ignored, and really dont know what else to do? rolleyes considering going private and just paying for surgery. Oh, the first specialist i saw said im missing my Lower Oesophageal Sphincter: so how will tablets help, but surgery wont??? Has anyone had a similar experience, or anyone have any advice? feel like im getting nowhere sad 

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    Hi Rebekah.

    What are your main symptoms?

    If you are suffering from frequent reflux, your doctor should take this seriously. Unfortunately, your sex and age mitigate against you. If you were male over 55 you would probably have already been sent for endoscopy.

    You need to see your GP again and ask if you can be referred to a gastroenterologist.

    The lower oesophageal sphincter is composed of two elements - the crural part of the diaphragmatic muscle and the phrenoesophageal muscle (as shown in the attached diagram) which together hold the lower end of the oesophgus closed. If they don't work properly, reflux can occur. (The most common reason for this is a hiatus hernia. )

    Medication will reduce the acid so any reflux is less dangerous. Reflux has to be managed by lifestyle or reflux reduction surgery.

    Visit the www DownWithAcid org uk free book / website to learn more.


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    Probiotics, can you buy milk Kefir, it's sold in like Polish shops, you can make your own easy, anyway it's a strong probiotic drink my wife uses it for reflux and makes a big difference, check out Turmeric/Curcumin capsules, anti inflammatory, and pain lowering, all info online, these may sound daft but you never know, Apparently Turmeric not recommended if you platelet, or blood issues.

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    I don't know if this will help, but I suffer (used to suffer) from silent reflux.

    Initially, I want to the doctor and was prescribed PPIs. But it just made things worse.

    So things got worse and I refluxed after eating everything, except for salads.

    It got so bad I even considered surgery. But I was hesitant as I read that it does not guarantee success and has all sorts of side effects.

    Eventually, as a last resort, I decided to see a TCM practitioner (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

    The good news is that after taking the medicine for about 3 months now, I am feeling so much better. I can eat most things. And for the past 2 months, haven't refluxed at all. My voice, which was affected by the reflux has also gotten slightly better.

    However, i live in a country where it is common to find Chinese Doctors so even if you decide to take this route, you may have trouble finding a good practitioner.

    Despite this, should you feel desperate enough, you can consider this option. But take care to find a practioner with good recommendations.

    And just to add, Chinese Doctors will have a different explanation to your problem than western Doctors. For example, my doctor told me that my reflux was related to liver problems and other stomach issues. I was also told to stay away from raw foods and veg.

    I was sceptical at first, but my doctor said that i had to choose either to follow the western or Chinese way.

    That being said, so far, it's been good as I've been getting better. smile

    Oh and I forgot to mention, I'm 22 and female too. It was very miserable getting this ailment at such a young age. I felt depressed and upset during that time and kept trying to find reasons for the reflux.

    I hope that this may be of some help to you, and I really hope that you will get better soon! If you have any questions, I will try to answer them as best as I can smile

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      Glad you found someone that helped your particular case.

      Reflux, be it gastro-oesophageal or extra-oesophageal (sometimes called "silent" reflux) is a mechanical action. Adding or subtracting foods or drugs (a chemical process) may not help.

      Anyone going the Chinese medicine route is also advised to find a really well qualified practitioner. I know of a case where a Chinese medical practitioner told a patient he could cure his Barrett's by swallowing live mice !  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the endoscope photo showng it lodged at the base of the poor man's oesophagus.

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      Oh dear.. Poor guy.

      Yes, finding a good practitioner with good recommendations is important. I found my current practitioner with a reccomendation from a close friend of mine.

      The medicine I'm taking comes in form of a powder which I mix with warm water before drinking. I take it twice a day. I heard it's even better if you can buy the herbs and brew it yourself. But that's more troublesome and not everyone has the necessary equipment and knowledge to brew it.

      My doctor also told me that acupuncture can help me recover faster but I was squeamish.

      But today I just visited the doctor again and was told that I was better now so we would start cutting the dosage. smile hopefully I'll react well.


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