Getting so frustrated post op

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It;s been over a month since I had my gall bladder out. I spoke to a few friends who have had theirs out too, their stories are much different than mine.

My one friend ate Mcdonalds the day after surgery, my other friend ordered Chinese food.

They didn't complain about nausea or pains at all!!

I would have definitely thrown up if I tried either one of those!! The first week I was having trouble keeping my stomach settled with just beef broth and noodles.

How did they do so well and eat like that?

I am now 4 weeks post op and still eating low fat and small meals, while I have read others eating normal or high fat or back to normal!

What is wrong with me?? sad  sad  sad

I am still having loads of nausea, some days heartburn and other days gas.

So so frustrated.

Maybe something is more wrong with me than I know. This can't be normal if all those other people did so much better than me.

I also feel so tired.

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    Hi, I had my gall bladder surgery Feb. 16th 2018... I have not been able to eat normally...  I now have Chronic Pancreitis and take Creon with food and it is not working... still can't eat dairy, wheat, carbs,   I am at a loss will contact the Dr. tomorrow and see if they have a different med. have you talked with your Dr. about any other possible reasons why you still can't eat ?  Wishing you the best !

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    Hi jane sorry to hear about your symptoms,i have a gall bladder surgery 8 years ago and after that i m living a life like hell..i m so tired of it now i m 3- from last 6 years i have panic attacks look like heart attack and mostly i am bloating and feel air in my chest and also have ibs i have done plenty of tests but nothing helps me i almost try alot of medicine but result is zero—-i eat mcdonald but later on i feel heaviness in my left chest i m over weight now i am trying to loose weight and i eat now vegetable fruits and one time milk in a day—-don’t compare your self to others i have cousin he take out his gall bladder more then 12 years his stomach is upset other then that he is fine and i have other friends they take out there gall bladder but they are normal believe me some time i cry whats happening with me every one is thinking i am pschyco—i change alot of docs and done plenty of checkups now if i discuss or i tell to some one that i have these symptoms they think i am pscycho and docs think i have stress affcourse i have if you see others they are living happily and don’t have problem like me its hurt from the age of 23 i feel that i will die every day i think bcoz of condition hope in your case you will feel fine and you live a healthy life i will pray for you ...discuss with your doc and give some time to recovery hope you feel fine soon
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      Hi unlucky

      i just read your post and I cannot see how your suffering their ?

      yes gas very common with it’s but that’s noting to do with gallbladder removed neither is panic attacks anything to do with gallbladder removed.

      so what exactly is the problems that are so bad ?

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    Dear Jane. I'm sorry about all of your problems. Let me tell you my story. I was sick for 2 and a half years. The doctors told me it was gastric problems. Another said I had an ulcer. All misdiagnosed me. Till finally found a doctor that agreed with me about gall disease. Anyways after I had my surgery I was so happy I felt great. But little did I know about fats. After a month I tried pizza and burgers what a mistake. A couple of months I started felling sick again wondering what was wrong with me. Well I ended up back in hospital. The fats I consumed caught up to me. Did you know that you can still produce stones without a gallbladder. Well I had tests done found a stone stuck in common bile duct. Off to surgery I went. They fished out the stone and I ended up with pancreatitis. So after my second surgery went home a week later. I was told to stay on fat free diet for about 8 months. I did and after that started introducing fats in my diet. So a year after surgery I can eat little fats now I'm eating what I want in moderation. I just want to tell u to hang in there we are the few people who aren't as lucky as most. In time you will beat this. Please stay away from fats for now ok. You don't want to end up back in hospital. Its very hard to understand why some people are fine and for a few we still have to content with problems. So be patient and don't stress. There is nothing wrong with u it's just going to take time to get your health back. God Bless and take care. If any questions I am here to help you RECOVER. Bye.

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    Hi so sorry to hear you’re suffering post op.  Fortunately for myself I am one of the lucky ones.  However i didn’t just go straight in eating normal type foods.  After about 4 days after the op I very gradually added something new, I certainly didn’t go straight in and have a takeaway or anything  In fact I was horrified that when I woke the hospital offered me an egg mayo sandwich! It’s taken a few weeks to get back to a normal diet, taking note of anything that upsets me along the way.  Have you tried just adding something a little different each day? 
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    Hi Jane8989, if we were all the same life would be boring, certain foods will affect others in different ways so expect to be different.  I can't help you with post op as  I have got to wait until January before I even enter the Hospital system again, yet I have suffered at the hands of ignorance of Dr's for years and when you finally work out whats wrong with yourself by yourself they don't like that either.  I know people who have to take meds to balance the removal of GB and others who don't so it proves the point we are all different.  Have you actually worked out in your diet how different you were prior to after and what things you can eat and not eat, rather than going by others experiences.  Fatty foods will be needed to keep to a minimum I would think but only you will know your limits and I would also think Gastro issues will occur as well.  I wish you well though as GB issues do affect your mental well being, so again you have to adjust afterwards.

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    Hi Jane

    Please don't worry about everyone else seeming to get back to normal before you, everyone heals at a different rate that is right for your body. I had mine removed March 2017 and it took me several months before I started eating alot better. I still ate small amounts, some of it was nerves and the thought being sick afterwards but obviously I wasn't. It will take your body time to get use to eating more and a more varied diet in my experience.

    The heartburn and gas aren't from your gallbladder removal but don't forget your body is trying to get use to adjusting without a gallbladder and that can take time for your body.

    Please don't forget you had major surgery even if its keyhole, it'll take months for your body to heal correctly on the inside which takes longer even for those that seem better instantly.

    Don't be in a rush, you'll get better soon enough and everyone is different, it doesn't mean that you're not healing.

    Take care, relax and don't stress.

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    Hi Jane, everything you have mentioned on your message the nausea and gas and heart burn. Your body has been through a lot and it takes time to adjust. I had my gallbladder removed on the 23 July. I’m only now feeling better than I did. As far as eating high fats and what I want. I don’t do this at all I have the occasional treat. 

    I listen to what my body needs and remember that your Liver has to work a lot harder to aid the digestion in place of the gallbladder now. Be kind to your body we only get one, to last a lifetime. 

    I know that I felt that sick and unable to eat much at all. I eat things like, vegetables, chicken, fruit low fat biscuits, porridge, jacket potatoes and introduced new foods and kept note of what made me feel bad. 

    I used to be a person who adored chees I was convinced that’s how I got two very large Gaul stones 😂! But seriously, don’t eat take away and Mc Donald’s i would not personally eat that myself and don’t miss fatty foods to be honest. 

    I still have my Costa lattes but with semi- skimmed milk. 

    I have to Be careful with milk products too much in one go so I take digestive enzymes to breakdown the lactose for me. 

    I’m going to get milk thistle and Dandelion tablets which help the liver stay healthy. I’ve lost nearly 4 stones in weight. Look forward to getting and feeling so much better Jane. You will get there. Don’t follow what others do listen to what your body needs. Kind regards Joanne 

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