Giving advice is something we must be very careful about!

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Hi Everyone,

I must say that I am so surprised the monitors did not pay attention to a post earlier and the subsequent answers regarding celebrating with alcohol (or any other unprescribed or prescribed drug!).

We must not advise people to go against their Dr's decisions and especially when prescribing medication. None of us know this persons situation, why she was prescribed now or a year ago, we are not qualified to blindly (or clearly) give medical advice. We are here to support and give advice through experience!

I have seen one or two really great forum advisers be deregistered for what I consider far less!

We cannot! And must not! contradict any Dr as this may lead to awful consequences, even if we feel it should be questioned (suggesting a second opinion on the other hand is no disrespect to any one and a right). 

Here we have a young person on just another Birthday (I wish I was 21 again, second time around I would remember it!) however, one that is made important by others expectations. This person obviously feels somewhat pressured and possibly confused about this whole situation we should not be encouraging anyone to use any unprescribed drug, especially the most addictive and harmful in the world! Again, I am talking from personal experience as I have lost one brother and, thankfully due to medical staff, nearly another to alcohol. And everyone said I was the wayward child! I enjoy it responsibly, it has never, ever controlled me! After all there are so many real ales in the world to (responsibly) try.

Keep posting, keep discussing, but keep outta contradicting medical advice! That is all I have to say.


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    I am not going to go on a binge though..........I am not feeling pressured either! I understand that you are just worrying/caring but no one is contradicting what my Doctor has said/prescribed!!
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      Hello Nicola, I am sorry if my advice is wrong.  As you haven't started the Citalopram yet i was just saying that it would be better to wait for a week, rather than start the drug and suffer the side effects. I wasn't giving you the go ahead to get drunk. A sensible drink is ok to enjoy. The side effects alone without the drink would maybe put a dampner on the events. You sound sensible so make your own mind up. I

      understand David's concerns thou if you were so depressed or anxious that you needed meds straight away you would not be thinking straight or able to contemplate celebrating your birthday. I am not giving you the go ahead to drink when you are on the meds merely have a drink before you start the meds. It is your decsion what you feel is best for you.

      Best wishes.



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    Hi David,

    This won't take very long to type.

    WOW!  Very impressed with what you posted!  I agree with you 100%.  So true, regarding ANYONE giving any kind of advice.  This forum should only be used for us to discuss our own pernonal experience (effects) of anything we are perscribed.  That is all!

    Loved that you posted and I believe that you are a very wise individual.  

    Take care,


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    True David, We must not give contrary advice to Doctors, however in terms of general everyday life and how the medication effects one from another I find there are huge benefits in someone expression of their experience and how that can be qualifried against the person reading it? If it gives positivity I'm all for it as thats a big component with ones state of mind. In Nicola's case though avoiding meds or commercement of medication taking to avoid mixing alcohol and medication there are obvious risks which I dont think anyone denies however binge drinking definately a no go one or two under doctors recommendation limit so its all down to interpretation I guess people need to trust themselves too. Stay safe Nicola xx  
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    Understandably you have strong feelings towards alcohol but I don't see that anyone was condoning going on a drinking binge and that was not the intention of the OP.

    You are absolutely correct that it may be unsafe to contradict GPs advice, but I don't think anyone was suggesting going against medical advice, just telling their experiences or opinions.

    My view is that we are responsible for our own health and should try and gain as much knowledge as we can about our conditions and medications. GPs are a valuable source of knowledge and advice, but some of them are better than others with mental health conditions. I have had the 'try and think positive' and 'pull yourself together' type comments before which are not helpful and show a lack of understanding. Also it seems quite common for GPs to underestimate the side effects and withdrawal effects from antidepressants.

    I find it very useful reading about other people's experiences who have actually suffered from anxiety and depression and taken medication, and believe they have a deeper understanding, certainly in some aspects, through personal experience than training.

    There is another post recently asking whether is best to start on a lower dose due to side effects. We could say they need to ask their GP but it was asking for people's experiences or opinions. I think everyone on here has the best intentions, but I am anxious about saying the wrong thing now.

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      Good afternoon Capodingos!

      Please do not be anxious about saying anything, anytime. I was just trying to give a few forumers the heads up about getting too close to what the moderators do not like. It is true I have seen two people be de-registered (for far less) and would hate that to happen to anyone else. Fortunately a few of us are still in contact with at least one outside the site because support is still needed.

      I have strong feelings regarding any drug and have taught one daughter to understand the implications of using and abusing any and now have the same thing over again with my 12 year old daughter who is going on 20 (as they do these days).

      When I became ill, I didn't drink for 5 months, have given up smoking, eat healthier and try to keep positive even when down. Eight months in, me and my Fiancee have a bottle or two of ale between us perhaps once a week and we have every intention in catching up with friends over a drink at home or out soon as I am much better. So, I do drink! God, life would be too much if you couldn't wet yer whistle now and again! I am just sad that my two older Brothers are alcoholics and one nearly died recently. However, he has taken the medics warning and joined AA.

      Sharing experiences is what we do here and nothing else. You are quite right many General Practitioners do not know everything about  "sticking plasters for the brain", as I have mentioned, fortunately, mine does and she has been absolutely fantastic (my original GP retired and I know he would have said basically "pull yourself together man!") Which of course is no good to anyone!"

      Due to what I have learnt from my Dr and this site I and obviously those with more time on meds than me and therefore more experience, we know a lot more than what we could say because, we mustn't.

      That is all I was saying, just be careful.

      Sorry, if I caused your anxiety to kick in, keep on posting!

      Best and Sincere Regards,



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    Hi David,

    "I must say that I am so surprised the monitors did not pay attention to a post earlier and the subsequent answers regarding celebrating with alcohol (or any other unprescribed or prescribed drug!)."

    I cannot pay attention if I have not seen the posts. As per the link below I do not read everything posted, it is impossible. If there is something I need to be aware of I rely on users reporting the post(s) or messaging me. If any user is advising going against their doctor's decisions etc then this is against the T&Cs and posts will be removed if necessary. So if you see anything I need to made aware of please report it.

    "I have seen one or two really great forum advisers be deregistered for what I consider far less!"

    We only deactivate users if they breach the T&Cs/Forum rules. Without knowing who you mean it may be they were posting in other groups in breach of the T&Cs or trying to get links posted etc. If you ever have any issues with the forums you can private message me at any time.  



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