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For the last few years I have been told my thyroid is fine nothing wrong. There is a family history of hypothyroid and I have a goitre but yet my thyroid fine. I feel I have hypothyroidism as I show a lot of symptoms but my TSH is normal. 6 doctors have refused to check my free t3 and t4 because my tsh is normal. Went to the doctors today as I am afraid I’m on the verge of a heart attack. My heart is going from 130bom down to 33bpm at times. My dr put me on propranolol a few months back as my resting heart rate was high and I had the shakes. I stopped taking them after a few weeks as I felt I was too young to be on a beta blocker and they didn’t do anything for me. So at today’s visit im put on Valium and prozac as they think I may have anxiety and get panic attacks. Totally dismissed it has anything to do with thyroid as my tsh is normal. I’m at my wits end and am looking for any advice on what I can do next. I’m a 29 yo female. 

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    I have had similar problems as you over the past 6 years. I have seen countless specialist as well as many different general practice doctors. I ended up having to go to a endocrinologist and they tested all thyroid labs as well as all my hormone levels. At the time I went to see endo my TSH from my PCP was only 2.0. So it wasn't like a had a very abnormal level. Once my t3, t4 and tsh came back from endo it showed everything was high. My TSH was 5.8. They have me synthroid samples to try out.

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    Ok, take a deep breath, this is totally normal for medical protocol. They are wrong. You know it, I know it. If ypu have a growth on your thyroid, you are hypothyroid- that’s what causes the growth. Often, the growth produces higher amounts of thyroxin and in fact can mask

    Hypothyroid disease.

    In the mix of it all, the TSH normalizes, further masking the hypothyroid disease. 

    Ok, so I’ll tell you I’ve got a couple of decades on you with similar pathology. I was able to get the disease into remission for a blissful 10 years without realizing it. Around ten years, the disease was retriggered by environmental factors, and hit me really hard. So I had to start over.... more later...

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      I had my yearly ultrasound on my thyroid a while back and I have a growth that’s under 1mm so they are not worried about it. Found it strange tho as the guy doing the ultrasound asked me if I had been diagnosed with hyperthyroid as one side of the gland looked very coarse which is common in hyperthyroidism? When I replied no I hadn’t been diagnosed with either form of thyroid he just dismissed it and said it was no harm then. 
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      Hello Delouemd, do you mean  that your cyst is less than 1mm? Is this the goiter you referred to in the original post? 

      I’m curious where you are located, as my scans might show a 1mm cyst, but the written report is sort of like, ‘oh, there’s some  tiny cysts’, big whoop.  Certainly the docs wouldn't pay any attention.

      How do you feel? Did any of the six docs do a clinical exam? Are your fingertips colder than your palms? What’s your body temp? Are your eyes sunken? Do you have thinning eyebrows on the outside? Dry skin? Chipping nails?  Feeling chilled all the time?  Do you have brainfog or forgetfulness?

      A couple of things to consider:

      1) A cyst smaller than 1mm isn't a concern- it could easily go away on its own. 

      2) irregular tissue? How big is it? I’d be concerned if its more than 1cm. Look at the tissue description in your scan report and do an online search to find out exactly what it is, what causes it and what you can ecpect in the future.

      3) You feel you have thyroid disease. You’re right to be concerned, your thyroid gland is certainly showing the beginnings of thyroid disease.

      4) Your docs aren't very helpful. Prescribing sedatives to someone  seeking help for thyroid disease seems ridiculous. Try to keep pushing for blood tests with a full thyroid panel. Maybe ask at you annual physical.

      5) This is the most important! You know you have thyroid disease in your family and you know your thyroid shows early signs of disease. All the medications for thyroid disease lower TSH. So if your TSH isn't elevated, don’t waste your time trying to get meds. They likely won’t  work anyway. If you read through the many posts here on thyroid meds, there are a LOT of people with thyroid disease who find the meds do more harm than good. Say a silent prayer of thanks that you don't have to deal with the meds and start researching prevention of thyroid disease. There are a lot of things you can do to curb thyroid disease. With some diet and supplement changes, you should be able ro head off  the thyroid disease quite nicely!

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      Sorry I meant the nodule is .5cm so they are not worried unless it gets to at least 1cm.  The goitre sometimes triples is size for a few days and then goes back down. All the doctors have dismissed a thyroid issue even though I have been in several times complaining of being cold, fatigued and other things but because my tsh is normal they are not looking down the thyroid route. They know about the family history but that doesn’t seem to count either. I had a little meltdown on the phone today to the hospital and ended up getting an appointment for the Endo next week (after being told two months ago I would be waiting a minimum of 14 months to see one) so hopefully they will listen to me and take me seriously.  
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      Hello Delouemd, 

      Yes, well, that explains things better. Hmmmm. I’m not sure what to suggest. I know that when my thyroid gets low, the cyst on my thyroid swells up. My docs all call it a cyst, and have never referred to it as a goiter. 

      When it swells, it causes neck pain, so I put ice on the back of my neck- this reduces the inflammation and allows better drainage and the inflammation decreases.

      My guess is the goiter could be masking the problem.

      Are you exieriencing any thyroid symptoms- either hyper or hypo-  other than the goiter? Its always been my understanding that goiter is a symptom of hypothyroid.

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      My whole thyroid gland on my neck is enlarged ( they call that goitre.  Kinda looks like an Adam’s apple) but I have a nodule as the drs Call it (cyst) on my thyroid gland also. Showing a lot of hypo symptoms. Over 10 years ago I was borderline hypo but never treated for it. I’ve read that if you have a long term undiagnosed hypo thyroid it can start to mimic hyperthyroidism. Not sure how true that is but it would explain the racing heart.
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      Yes Delouemd, hypothyroid disease can toggle netween hypo and hyperthyroid. This is normal.  I’m to the point where I sudpect Hashimoto’s and Grave’s are nothing more than different stages or different presentation of the same disease.

      Try some acupuncture, essential amino acids complex, phenylalanine, high protein/ glutenfree organic diet and some good quality vitamin and mineral supplements. 

      Lose the weight, you'll feel better.

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    I could have written that However I have no hope to offer to advice except it's definitely your Thyroid It's in my family My 28 yr old daughter is dealing with Thyroid Cancer 

    I have a goiter 

    T4s low 

    So tired all the time 

    Srange stuff

    I gave up after 24 yrs suffering 

    I take tons of Phyc Meds including xanax valium adderall and a bunch of other crap 

    It keeps me sane 

    Don't be me 

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      Alley, honey, so sorry to hear. 

      I’ve  been h it too. also family history.

      I’ve gotten relief from essential amino acid complex.

      I recently found I have subclinical pancreatitis.

      Even though I know my condition is  genetic, I've come to the conclusion that the underlying cause is malnutrition to a large extent, as supplementing with amino acids, vitamins and minerals are extremely helpful.

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