Going from Citalopram to Paroxetine....Help!!!!

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Hi all,

Been to my doctor today and she wants me to wean myself off Citalopram 20mg which I have been taking for 7 weeks with no improvement.

She wants to put me on Paroxetine 20mg.

I am scared to death of more side effects and worried about weaning myself of Citalopram and on to Paroxetine.

Anyone any experience of Paroxetine?

My doctor as told me to take Citalopram every other day for a week and then start taking the Paroxetine the following week.

I am really worried about what I read about Paroxetine and was just looking for some help and reassurance.

Thanks everyone

Best wishes

Sophie ☺ xx

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    Seriously?  7 weeks - I'm not surprised you're not feeling any improvement yet - it's far too early.  Your doctor should know that it takes 3-4 months before you feel any improvement.

    Yes you might get withdrawal effects and on top of that new side effects if you switch meds ... yet again you might not.

    Personally I'd stick it out and persevere with the Citalopram.  It's a brilliant medicine.  My son is on the other one and it took around 5 months to kick in.

    These medicines take a very long time to work and often people give up too soon thinking they're not working.  They are - you just have to be very patient unfortunately.

    I'd go back and see your doctor - people on here will support you whilst you wait for your meds.

    Best wishes

    K xx

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      Twas a hard slog Kate no wonder ppl say battling depression.... it's a fight alright just taking each day as it comes...am back to work n living life thnx to the wonderful ppl like ur self and others on this forum...
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      It is such a tough journey isn't it.  I always say it would bring the toughest man on the planet to his knees.

      Glad you're back working and enjoying life again - I'm sure it'll continue to improve even further too as time goes by.

      This is such a great site isn't it - so much support :-)

      K x


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    I am not advocating one way or the other.  Just wanted you to know I have been on sertraline for a little over two months with increasing dosages and I am just beginning to see daylight.

    you might want to discuss this with your dr.  It, unfortunately takes time


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    hi i was on 40mg cita, weaned myself off with drs guidance to go onto venlafaxine 75mg then 150mg and now on 225mg what i will say is cita wasnt really working for me so didnt really notice any side affects when started on venlafazine. citaralopram doesnt hang around in the system so you MAY not experience side affects but ive never had paroxetine so unsure about effects

    hope all goes well for you good luck jayne :-)

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    Just to say that Citalopram does hang around in the system, just as all SSRI's do.  If you have a sudden withdrawl on any of these medicines you'll be very ill indeed.  You only have to miss 1 dose and you'll soon notice it.

    ​All SSRI's take a long time to work, so you really have to give it a good 3-4 months before you can tell if it's starting to work for you.  From there you will still need to recover even further.  None of these medicines will give you a quick fix - they all take months.  Seeing as you're already 7 weeks in, why start again from the beginning?  You'll still have to get to 7 weeks and beyond.

    Only thinking that you you've come a long way already ..... 

    Patience and perseverance xxx ;-)

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    Hi Sophie,

    I totally agree with Kate, I think you do need to discuss this with your Dr before trying to "wean yourself off" which does not read well. Has your Dr given you a planned reduction? Because, it does remain in your system and I can vouch for that! I have been on Cita for 8 months and started feeling the benefits (fully) after 4 months (some people differ obviously). In fact after less than a week of a planned slow and gradual reduction (two weeks ago) I started to feel the effects of withdrawl however, a dental issue has intervened coinciding with a Family visit so I have remained on my original dosage, as also planned as "plan B" by my Dr. The withdrawl has subsided.

    We never advocate going against a Dr's advice so, we suggest that you may wish to discuss the fact that those with years of experience with Cita on this site (run and monitored by Doctors) have respectfully suggested, as an option, what we most are saying.

    I know I go on about my Dr, but she is absolutely wonderful and I only changed Dr within the surgery because my regular one retired. GPs are amazing (most of the time) and they have to cover every part of the body therefore some do tend to specialise in bits they like! My Dr knows a lot about "sticking plasters for the brain" and recommended this site as soon as I came around an admitted I was ill and agreed to take Cita. I have not looked back it is as jcwray says a "lifesaver". Ask your DR if the only reason for the change in med is purely due to no response yet, because it is way too early!

    Remember if you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place (which we hope you don't) you have the right to a second opinion.

    Good luck, do not get stressed over this and we all hope it works out for you asap!

    Best Regards,



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      Hi David,

      Thanks for your reply.

      My doctor has given me the reduction I have mentioned.

      I was on Citalopram over a year ago, I am suffering from Body Dismorphia which I have had since I was 18, I am now 63.The Citalopram worked at this dose before but kicked in much sooner.

      I feel no different at all, and my anxiety is through the roof.

      I think my doctor believes Paroxetine is better suited to my problems. I have also have GAD and she says in her experience Paroxetine is better suited to my issues.

      I think my beliefs about my Body Dismorphia are deeper entrenched this time. It has been triggered by my friends suicide and the fact that along with 2 friends I found her.

      I am between a "rock and a hard place" as I know my doctor, who I have changed to, is very experienced with depression.

      Not sure what to do, today is the first day of missing a dose.

      Really worried, but my partner believes I should go with my doctors advice.

      So anxious about the whole thing.

      Thanks again


      ☺ x

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      Hi Sophie

      Just reading that you said you've been on Citalopram before and it worked at this dose, plus it kicked in sooner .......... I'm also on this meds for a second time around and it took longer to kick in this time for me (plus I had worse anxiety this time around).  All gone now, and feeling better.

      Wishing you all the best xxx

      K smile

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      Big Hugs from us Sophie. Really hope and pray things do sort themselves out and you can get some peace.

      Keep in touch let us know how you get on.

      Wishing you all the very best!

      Sincere Regards,


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