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Saw my GP yesterday and explained that I've not gotten any better over the last 12 weeks and am losing any hope, the longer it goes on the more anxiety and distress I'm feeling about not making progress so he's referred me back to mental health team at my request and to see a psychiatric nurse about medication, was mention if mood stabalisers (usually used to treat bipolar disorder), now that's frightening for me. 

One of my gripes is that I've not received a definitive or definite diagnosis of my condition and nobody has said on what "scale" I am depressed, if I go on the online deoression scales (Goldberg) I show as severly depressed.

I've got into a cycle of obsessive thinking about something which is like a washing machine in my head from the moment I wake till the moment I go to sleep, my illness is a complete pre occupation and no matter what I do it never switches off.

I have tasks to do during the day including going shopping, going into town (often walking there), going to church on Sunday, making tea and helping with housework all to try and occupy myself but I can't do that for 12 hours a day, I've even stopped drinking alcohol for 12 weeks! 

With the westher bring miserable also it's crap to go out, if it was summer no doubt it wouldn't help but sitting in the garden would at least be nicer.

Ive got my music and band which I've kept ip even doing gigs (turned down a gig with a couple of M-People members last week for New Year's Eve as it was London and I prefer to see new year in at home).

im rambling now, but can anyone reassure me (again if you already have so thanks), that despite the constant hitting brick wall with thinking I will get better from this constant sinking feeling Im battling with in the pit of my stomach, the anxiety and if diagnosed depression. I feel I'm in a lonely hole slipping down the muddy sides further down and grasping at anything to stop me sinking further. Crying doesn't help me much now.

Ill let you know how I get on but guess it's gonna be another initial referral and if the offer me CBT one more time I'll cry! Ive done it and it's no good for me, you get 1 hr a week when you need 1 hr a day. 

When those MP canvassers come round it's going to be my first and only question "Mental Health what's the plan", and no BS! 


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    For many in the medical.field a definitive diagnosis isn't really so important. For mental health issues they will treat the cause or symptoms, the name.isn't important. I was like u and needed a diagnosis and I went to a psychiatrist for one. And it made no difference in any way to how I felt or the treatment I got. Meds can be useful short term but if you want to really resolve issues or understand what's going on the therapy is a much better option, meds don't give insight or resolve issues. For some just treatinf the symptoms is enough for them,but for greater understanding you really need to be in therapy
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    It is awful this illness whatever it is There is very little actual knowledge in the medical arena about anxiety panic depression etc.I will be blunt and say its rubbish,so bad it makes people more sick.I really believe I will have to cure myself. I try to read everything I can even research papers on this disorder!  I struggle to work but i need to pay for supplements, therapies, books on the subject and even devices such as alpha stim. Over the years I have slowwly accepted the fact that Doctors and the like are out of the equation.I am the only person who can cure me.The last time I went to the doctors they offered me pills and i said no so she suggested CBT and I said Ive done that so much I know the script and then she said" well then theres nothing i can do for you " I would never ever go again with my mental health issues.I don't need, nor deserve to be spoken to in that abrupt manner.On a more positive note there are some hepful people on this forum who do care about others who are suffering and some even succeeded in making me laugh which is quite an acheivement! Hang in there
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    Im in therapy but only 6 sessions kindly paid for by work, I can't continue working because if the nature of my work as a musician working with children do my employers have a duty of care.

    I have done CBT a few years back and it wasn't a pleasant experience in fact it was quite damaging, the group anxiety management course was very wishy washy and separated depression from anxiety.

    i understand anxiety and also understand the interconnection, I have endogenous depression triggered through anxiety, the coping strategies I use has flaws so I asked for more CBT this time via my GP but when faced with a 12-15 week waiting list what can you do but rely on the professionals and meds.

    I think when meds wirk and I feel optimistic I can take on the CBT and other stuff.


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    I have an annual full (3-hour) psychiatrist assessment (2 x psychiatrists) to ensure I am no harm to myself, or any other living creature. NB: I end up having a massive argument and my notes (my GP lets me see them, haha!), which states I have full insight into my condition and pose no danger to myself or the general public.

    Every year, they, without question, try to send me to CBT.  I do not know why!  I tell them the worse thing they can do is put me in front of a 'psycho-therapist' and /or a collection of other people with all sorts of issues: anxiety, depression, pts, etc... and expect us to talk, cry, hug each other, and walk out of the centre hand-in-hand off to the pub and be happy. It is cr@p.  My GP gives me a 'chemical cosh' on top on my medication to help things through. However, I am classified as 'at risk / vulnerable', which gives a degree of 'fast-tracking' through the system and allows me more decision-making...

    Personally, I don't think talking to psychs and other patients really helps during the acute stage, imho, as everyone is different and have their own personal issues. I find it only helps when you feel comfortable to start talking... which is normally on the upwards... "Yes - I was very low...". If a seriously depressed person talks to another serious depressed person... I personally think that may be quite dangerous...

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      Hi Jimmy,

      Just say no! Haha!

      I am not to afraid to say I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse and went to a group 'therapy' session once where a poor woman spent 15 minutes 'traumatised' forced to talk about her childhood sexual abuse to a group of complete strangers. At that point, I said 'fook' it at the coffee break, and left.  

      I think getting the 'right' GP is priority. I would suggest to anyone to keep transferring to medical centres until you find a GP who has either experienced mental health issues themselves (yes GPs are human!) or had a close family member had issues. My GP is great, I can see ring my medical centre and see him within 1 hour or referred to an emergency psych. within 24 hours.

      I have always be straight with my GP on my current situation (whether hearing voices etc.)... and am trusted to self-sedate.

      I find that only when I am coming out of a major depressive episode, I even feel like starting to talk about what the 'hell' I have just been through!

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      Group therapy can be very useful, it can make people less alone and realise others share the same problems. Its also a goof way to gain perspective. There is confidentiality, everyone agrees that whatever is said stays in the room. Your also not compelled to say anything if you don't want to. Talking about what goes on in specific groups outside of the group should never be an issue because it shouldn't happen
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      I am not say dont do group therapy it may suit some. But I am sorry jmcg2014 their is absolutely no way what you say to a bunch of strangers can be 100% confidential. no way at all. 

      Medical professionals are bound by confidentiality, and if they are they law can come done on them and their employer ( NHS Trust ).

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      While its true the recourse, people in group therapy tend to take confidentiality very seriously, they don't want their issues to be discussed, so they respect it more.  Its a support system, people generally don't take part to spread gossip about people. Its very rare even to know peoples full name
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      It's not been my experience I am afraid, and speaking with others, who have done it they have had bad experiences. The common things I have noted were when it's done in large groups 10+ members where dropouts occur high in first few weeks. I now live in a rural location, but when I live in the Midlands it was a large conurbation so natural the number were higher due to pressure on NHS. I also know to people that work in Mental health that as a rule dont have any more than 6 people in the room. And there is a natural 10 minute break that can be used for the smokers, or just to chat if need be or get some air. Lower number the mor eits likely to work as it more a personal group.
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    Hi Neil.

    Try not to worry about a diagnosis. Look at it this way,you are the same person with the diagnosis tomorrow as you are today without it...The only difference being,which is a positive difference is that you will be treated for that condition which can only be seen as beneficial.

    I too am going through the assessment stage for BP...currently having to keep a journal of my moods until I go back to the hospital. I figure that if I have BP,it's something I've had for many years so it changes nothing...I'm not going to automatically change into a different person because I've been given a different label.

    I know 12 week seems like such a long time,especially as with past episode you have shown vast improvements by now but please don't give up hope...there is no time limit....When we have a breakdown(which I know I have), it takes so much longer for our brains to heal,to recognise that there is no danger.

    I often think that the obsessions and thoughts are our minds way of keeping us inside because we are not yet yet strong enough to deal with all the things we where able to before. I also think that's why depression and anxiety comes off in layers...so it's kind of weaning us into normal,everyday living.....and that the setbacks we have our our minds way of retreating...like...we are not quite ready yet!!!

    You are doing all the right things...keeping a routine and getting on with life and for a while you will carry anxiety round with you. What happened to you didn't happen over night...It could of been years of stresses and niggles that built up before you where triggered....It will take a while to fix that. Your mind is just finding the right pathway and that's why we have so many ups and downs and confusion.

    You have got through this before and I bet then you felt like it was never going to end,,,it was the worst thing ever!!!! You will get through this again. Your mind has enough memories to know how to work through this.

    You just continue doing all you are doing because you are doing everything right xxx

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      Cheers Gillian, as always strong and valuable advise. 

      Went along today and was assessed by the same lady who assessed me a month or so ago, I've said I'm doing CBT but she is going to refer me to see the pdychiatrist to look at any medication alterations or changes and may do that without seeing me if not its end of Jan early Feb  because of holidays.

      This week I've not been too bad and have noticed signs of improvement and whilst one swallow doesn't make a summer it could mean spring is round the corner... Please! 

      Been taking Omega3 fish oil and Niacin and my Cluster Headaches are now under control.... Google Cluster Headaches, worst pain known to humankind, I need to inject myself with a triptan to abort an attack and was getting 6 a day mainly at night but could only inject twice. 


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      Oh gosh...I haven't had them personally but my sis has cluster headaches.

      So glad you have noticed improvement this week....remember that on your bad days....Sometines it's like two steps forward and three back,I know....

      I always ask myself certain questions.

      Are my bad days more bearable than when this stared?

      Are my better days feeling better?

      The answer is always yes...even if it's just marginally.

      You know where I am if you need a chat smile xx

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