Goodbye world...

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Goodbye world...

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    Hi Luke , please, please please send another post.. if you think that you may harm yourself, then go straight to your nearest accident and emergency department.... you can be helped. Please, please do not give up...

    I send you big hugs, please tell someone how you feel...keep strong and safe...DEIRDRE xx

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    Luke! I agree with Deirdre! Please let us know something. You are not in this alone! You will be better! Call for help ASAP!
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    Luke please send a reply to say you are Ok, and that you have sought help.

     People here want to know that you are safe.



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    Hey Luke, NO, this is not it, 

    I have been bullied by someone at my workplace and I have been depressed and abused for 5 months because of it now, and each day I am losing myself. 

    But NO, I  would not leave from here without giving a Tight one to Him in front of all the Office People. No matter what happens. I will see it later 

    JUST do not do it. Give life another chance. In my opinion  Read BHAGAVAD GITA from India , It is really motivating and gives you a new direction.

    Please reply to this thread .

    We want you safe !

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    Hi Luke, like the other replies you've had please post to say you are ok.  I'm new to this site, not new to feeling low or depressed though. Sometimes it's good to talk to someone you don't know or can't see. I don't judge anyone.  Hope to hear your ok. sam
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    Hi Luke, please, please, please ask for help from someone...we have all been in that terrible dark place, and have come must have someone who deeply cares about you, who would be devastated if you harmed yourself in any way....

    Please, go to your nearest hospital and ask for help, also the SAMARITANS are an amazing help...if you are in any way religious..a priest or vicar or any clergy will be more than happy to talk to you...

    Please, life can get better, but you need help now...please, please let us know if you are ok,,,you will get a huge amount of support on here....

    ( I nearly died from alcoholism ) so I know how hard life can seem....

    You are in our thoughts, please take care... DEIRDRE xxx

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    Dear Luke, please, please, please, please let us know how you are....

    People do really care about you, ( we have all been in that dark, hopeless and lost place ) but you can recover, honestly, I promise you....

    You need help and you need help now...please see your doctor, or go to casualty, or at the very the SAMARITANS or even a good friend. Or a family member you trust...

    Please let us know.... even if you just write....okay....

    You are in the thoughts of many people, please take care...

    Heartfelt wishes to you, DEIRDRE xxx 😑😑🌞

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    You may call me Luke Price. It is also a name that Home Office Investigators will recognise me with.

    I was born in Ghana in the year 1983 to an evangelical priest and ever since adolescence I have known myself to be a homosexual. I was often bullied in secondary school for my feminine tendencies, being in a boarding house made it even more difficult and to avoid abuse I bathed at odd hours. I was called with African female names; like Obaa Yaa or Adwoa; and although my mates at school never had any evidence, they somehow could see I was different.


    After secondary school in 2004, things became a bit ok, as I had my own room in University I was able to hide my sexuality from most people. But nonetheless It was never easy and although on rare occasions people will make homophobic references to myself, at least I had the privacy to be a bit of myself.


    I entered into my first relationship with my boyfriend in 2006 and we managed to keep it going in secret from any other person for about 3 years.


    We maintained our relationship after University, however things took a turn for the worse when family and friends started pressuring the both of us to enter into relationships. Since we couldn't tell our respective families of our sexuality for fear of societal attacks and the fact that homosexuality is a first degree felony in Ghana punishable by imprisonment from 5 to 20 years.


    Being the son of a priest made things even more complicated for myself. Since I was gainfully employed members of my fathers church continiously made recommendations to me regarding suitable female partners. Several times did my unsuspecting parents also introduce what they saw as potential female partners to myself.


    In February 2009, my relationship with my boyfriend broke down after he succumbed to pressure at his end and got married. I became depressed and suicidal. I lost my job as a result and ended up in the Komfo Anokye Hospital psychiatry ward on suicide watch from June 2009 for a period of 6 months.


    My parents could not understand the cause of my suicidal tendencies and only became aware of the cause after I confessed to the psychiatrist whom I had grown to trust. He broke my trust and told my family of my homosexuality and recommended hormonal treatments to correct my "defects".


    A procedure which he said comes highly recommended by Ghana's chief psychiatrist. He further explained that my lack of facial hair was as a result of estrogen imbalance and lower than normal testosterone and that the treatment would correct the disorder.


    I underwent this treatment from December 2009 until June 2011.


    I became more depressed as the treatment went on further, gaining weight and gradually becoming obese. I also suffered occasional loss of controm of my legs and resulted in mobility problems. My parents became concerned that the treatment was not having the intended effects and sought for my release from hospital in June 2010. This was denied and the doctor treatened to inform the govenment about my homosexuality if my parents insisted on my release.


    My parents came to terms with my sexuality and as my health and state detoriated further they took a loan in June 2011 and helped me get admission into a UK school. Under the guise of a family outing I was allowed leave by the psychiatrist and I thus managed to leave Ghana in June 2011 for the UK.


    Unfortunately, the change in public stance and the general opinion on migrants has made it even more difficult to claim asylum in the UK. I have read the stories of several homosexuals who were kept in detention for years or deported because of the governments drive to lower immigration, even if it means sending homosexuals back to countries that will presecute them.


    I therefore decided not to seek asylum.


    In July 2013, I was approached by some investigating officers of the Home Office, who promised that they will help me gain a legal residence if I helped them gather information on a sham marriage syndicate.


    They told me I would be duely compensated and my status in the UK would be safe. In their own words they said "even if we were to do this for our own benefit we will ensure to look after you in terms of compensation and we will keep you here". I agreed to help them and was given the code name: "Luke Price".


    In August 2013, they directed me to a lawyer in South London and told me to disclose myself an illegal immigrant to the lawyer. The lawyer bought the bait and introduced me to his connections as a client.


    Dutifully I reported to the Home Office officers and was debriefed everytime I met the lawyer or the members of the syndicate. They ensured to pay for my transportation, in the over 20 times I met them, each time I signed documents detailing how much I recieved.


    Through the established relationship with the members of the syndicate, I obtained details of bank accounts, names of companies, telephone numbers, addresses and more than a dozen sham marriages.


    However in January 2015 after they had obtained all the information they needed and after helping them for more than 2 years they told cut communications and in parting words said: "We advice you for your own security to never disclose any of the information you gave us to anyone, especially the members of the syndicate. We will not deny or acknowledge to anyone you may talk to".


    They paid me off with a totall of £480 in cash and left me to myself.


    Now I am an illegal immigrant in the UK and I cannot go back home for fear of my sexuality.


    I am in overdraft debts and have money for the last month of rent.

    I do not intend to undergo the inhumane process to obtain asylum and there is no one to talk to....

    With my last credit, I have ordered for surgical scalpel blades and some numbing cream. This is the end of the road for me.


    Hope not to be judged.



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    DEAREST LUKE, please please go straight to an emergency dept at your nearest hospital, if you are unable to do that for any reason....just call 999..dear Luke you need help tonight....

    I am so terribly sorry that you have been ostracized for your sexual truly is nothing to be ashamed of at all xxx it must have been dreadful for you growing up, having to hide everything you felt xx

    Please Luke, don't give can have treatment for your desperate depression..nobody will make you feel uncomfortable, or be unfriendly towards you...

    YOU can ask for asylum and be interviewed by the home office. I am sure that there must be some way to help you, you are obviously having financial difficulties, and all your problems must be piling up and causing you terrible unhappiness, you need AND DESERVE VERY MUCH .help, compassion and friendship....

    It is not to late to change your WHOLE life, you can be happy, but you MUST ASK FOR HELP will be in my thoughts and prayers, I really feel for you young man, ( I have three adult sons who all have mental health problems. ). So I can totally sympathize....all the best wishes in the world to you...and great big hugs to you also xxx

    Please, do not stop posting on here, we all care about you Deirdre xxxx

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    HI LUKE- please do not do anything to harm yourself tonight. Get help now, or at the latest this morning, in my sincerest thoughts young man,,,please take care.. hugs Deirdre xxx
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    God loves you.please visit a church now if you can. Find a church worker or priest talk to someone there. In the meantime. Pray this. Jesus help me..  . 

    Jesis cares for each one of us

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    Hi Luke, you were very very brave to write your life story. I feel really sad for the life that you have had. Please don't hurt yourself, please get help. try the samaritans.You need to talk to someone. you deserve better. Please don't give up. sam
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    DEAREST LUKE, please talk to someone today, you can get help with your very sad and heavy hearted problems....

    You have done nothing wrong !! Please confide in the SAMARITANS, the phone call is free, they can offer you MUCH ADVICE AND SUPPORT. Do not go through this very difficult time alone and without a friend..Xxx

    Luke please, please, please respond to us today, just to let us know that you are okay, you have many people who care for you...big. big hugs to you, DEIRDRE xxx

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    Please Luke, dont end your'e life. Please talk to the Samaritans because they are not the medical authorities, or related to any other authorities. Their only purpose is to help people who feel they dont want to go on.

    You do have lots of reasons to go on, and I know you can be happy.

    Lots of love,



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    Dear Luke, one..please let us know how you are....I feel sure that you would be able to claim political asylum, you have done nothing wrong and there are many excellent human rights lawyers who would be willing and able to assist you, but you must, must ask for help first....please go to your nearest hospital and tell them honestly....just how desperate you feel, there are many people supporting you, people really do care...

    Please, please answer to tell us you are okay...sincere wishes to you young man...Deirdre xxx

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