Grade 3/4 OA changes after 2xACL surgeries

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Ok so I am frustrated and upset, back in 2015 I ruptured my ACL, then 6 weeks after the surgery I slipped on water and the ruptured it so I had revision surgery, 6 months after I was still in pain and my knee still was giving way so my surgeon suggested an Arthroscopy to investigate it, the finding of that were that I had 3/4 grade degenerative changes on the MFC and 2/3 grade changes on the PFJ parts of my knee , they told me I will need knee replacement, I was 45 and have a job where I stand all day, so I haven’t been able to go back to work yet either and they said because of my age they could give me gel injections every 6 months til I’m 50 then do the surgery , I was happy cause I knew something could be done as PT hasn’t worked at all nor steroid injection, but then I had to move interstate and find a new surgeon, I had a new mri and a new X-ray , the MRI said I had  a near full thickness chondral fissure  at the median eminence and chondromalacia  Of the retropatellar cartlidge, the X-ray said I have moderate degenerative changes on the medial femorotibial compartment (MFC) and basically mild grade 2 changes in the lateral and grade 2 changes in my patellofemoral joint, so with this and a hope to just carry in from what they said after my arthroscopy I saw a new Orthopaedic surgeon, he read the operation notes from my arthroscopy where they noted grade 3/4 degeneration , and he saw my mri where it said near full thickness fissures and my X-ray, and he claimed my knee was fine he would think I will never need a knee replacement .

I said but they saw it was grade 3 nearly grade four basically in between grade 3/4 in one area and grade 2 in the rest and that is what was needed a replacement, and he just still said everyone has their own opinion , so I left in tears because I am in constant pain and now I’m thinking I have to live with this forever and apparently it’s all fine , so I am seeking a second opinion as my gp can’t understand why this surgeon said it was all fine , but I’m scared this next surgeon is going to say the same thing and I’m left this way for good, and unable to get back to my work and everyday life. I just dont understand how after actually going in to my knee and seeing what they saw and saying a knee replacement is all they can do, which I was happy with by one surgeon can go to no nothing is wrong perhaps physio even though I told him I had been doing physio since this all started.

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    Two diagnosis so far removed in treatment and diagnosis. No wonder patients lose faith in doctors. That is upsetting. Leaving you to sort out the mess is unacceptable. 

    Sometimes we have to be our own self advocate and become more “Assertive”and hold these doctors more accountable. A quote by the way from my hip surgeon who said that to me when my PC was not available to help me with a health issue and the surgeon had no choice but to write me a script.And yet this is the very surgeon who was doing the same thing to me by putting off Revision surgery on a known damaged hip implant. So I had a lawyer who was very “Assertive” that held that surgeon accountable. After 6 years of waiting for this surgery the hip implant components were finally removed . 

     So there you have my story taken from the horses mouth or the surgeons mouth... I should say!  “Be ASSERTIVE was the direction advised, and I took that advice literally.

    I know you will find resolution thru a better quality of care. Keep looking never give up

    dont be discouraged. Ask for a better explanation thru a consultation with another doctor who can help analyze your symptoms and health records for the best treatments possible for you! 


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      Thanks, I know the surgeon that did my arthroscopy was correct because it all married up with MRI and X-ray both mentioning the 3/4 grade OA , but for some reason this other surgeon is basically saying the surgeon that did my op and the MRi and X-ray show nothing, even though it says it in the report, even my GP could see it and that there is s lit wrong, so he has referred me to another surgeon I’m just hoping that they don’t talk to one another or know each other, and thus next surgeon can form his own opinion and see what the jntisl surgeon saw and go with that treatment plan so I get book something in so I can get on with a pain fee life .
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    Dear Jen....

    you poor baby..... what a schmuck that last doctor was....... do NOT listen to him since you have been told different by other doctors...... I hope that last doctor you saw slips and trashes his knees..... then he will be more sympathetic to his patients.

    What State do you live in....... the best in California are at UCSF and Stanford.... the have the best orthopedic specialist and a department specifically studying OA.... do you do hydrotherapy  (swimming) ..... in the water I feel the best even though I do still have pain in my condition..... years ago I would get in a warm pool and be "pain free"..... how I long for those days.....

    If I can help you research options in your area let me know....... frustration does not help you....... do NOT give up .... and do not let anyone tell you you are faking and or are a hypochondriac........ I went through that for years before my bone condition slapped those specialists in the face! lol...... they all apologized........ I did not accept their apologizes......the only thing I did say was I hoped they treated others better from then on......... I have no respect for Bad Doctors........doctors that do not listen.... and are cold and indifferent should not be doctors.....

    Take care......God Bless you...... I will add you to my prayers and will look forward to reading some better reports on your condition from you.....



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      Thank you, I’m not going to give up, I just wished I hadn’t had to change surgeons or move , because I would be having the knee replacement as planned, I have read heaps about OA and what grade 3/4 degeneration in the joints mean and they all mention the partial knee replacement or full , and my original surgeon said a partial won’t work in my case because there is wear in several areas , I’m in Australia 
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    I am sorry to here that Jen.......  I will pray that you find an amazing doctor soon..... Do they have "teaching Medical Schools" there like we have here?  Maybe you would have better luck with a specialty unit in one of those then with a "private" doctor.....  

    I will be praying for you!  Send you Hugs & Kisses on the wind...... Message me when and if you want....



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