Had a aniexty attack n I was fired from new job

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I started a new job I was doing so well for the first five days. But it all fell apart when the big boss came in and humiliated me in front of a load of other people making unescorted comment to me which weren't professional I was the only female in the room she was very nice to the men and mean to myself I was alright for ten minutes after the incident happened but when I went to bath room I started to have a panic attack n felt trapped and couldn't stop crying the other manager came to check on me I couldn't talk I felt frighten he told me its best I go home and come back tomorrow once I got home I was phone to say the big boss dosent want me working for her this broke me I feel I couldnt help what happened to me how do I control panic attacks how

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    Jennifer, I am so sorry. This sounds like a horrible and upsetting situation.

    Firstly, if you strongly feel that you lost your job due to a panick attack (and can prove this,) then I am fairly sure this is a form of discrimination. I warn you though; if you choose to pursue holding them accountable then it is a long, lengthy and stressful process. But with the right advice it may be something to consider.

    Here is another thing to think about:

    The woman you spoke of sounds like she may well have made your working life fairly difficult. Also, the company clearly has little time for its employees healthy, be this mental of physical, especially if they let someone go for having an anxiety attack.

    As you suffer from anxiety, ask yourself this: is this really an atmosphere that you want to work in?

    Was the loss so great? Or perhaps did they do you a favour? Simply...is your glass half full, or half empty? Think on this for a little...

    All is not lost. Sometimes we have to change our perspectives a bit.

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      Hi thank you looking at this has helped me consider it wasn't the right place for me if they treat people like that I feel if I appeal it and they take me back I feel she will just bully me further but I do want some justice done to her to make her wake up and smell the coffee on the way she behaves towards other female employee I'm not the only one she started on the only bad things is I need a new job now and the other day this pushed me a step behind on the progress I have done over the year to face my aniexty but now I'm looking at it this way there nothing wrong with me but there a lot wrong with that women n company thank you for your understanding it's helped me a lot

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      Best way to stop a panic attack 1 stop thinking negative think positive 2 relax image everything going to be ok 3 distract your mind with music or something this is i do it works ofcourse sometimes it doesn't work but I need to keep practicing

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      Jennifer, I'm glad I helped you smile

      I have worked in an environment that was incredibly toxic and I can really empathise with you.

      The situation that you described has a name and is often referred to as a 'toxic work environment.'

      One of the biggest causes for people being signed off from work by their doctors are due to the stress that they are under from their job. This stress can be attributed to either the work they are doing or the people they work with (or both.)

      Hundreds of people are put on anxiety medication because of their working lives.

      This isn't me making huge assumptions either. When it happened to me I went to my doctor and this was the discussion we had and the intimation that he gave me.

      Work related stress is a very serious thing and sometimes it helps to realise this. It isn't you as you rightfully said. It is firmly their issue.

      It's completely natural to want justice, but with this we have to weigh up how important this is.

      Sometimes it is just better to walk away knowing you are better off. But only you know how important justice would be to you and so only you can make that decision.

      Also, I do not believe a panick attack can be stopped...but it can be shorter lived depending on your own coping techniques as well as the reaction of the people around you. A panick attack is no ones fault. Neither you nor anyone should be fired or punished in any way for having one.

      In a proper working environment your panick attack would have been dealt with far, far better.

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      Thank I was going walk away from the situation but they have sent a letter out to me which I received today lying in the letter saying that it was inaproniante behaviour on my side for having a aniexty attack I have called acas who advised that they will take on my case n also due to recieving this letter caused me to go in a unstable way I rang my doctor to help me calm down but unfortunately they couldn't talk so have to ring back early tomorrow I ended up listening to music which really helped me calm down n I feel for u having to work in a toxic working environment what did you do in the end did u pursue them or did u leave it and thank you for your understanding it's made me feel less insane and made me feel there still some human understanding and comprassion left in this world ty x

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