Hate feeling like this!

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Can anxiety make you feel overwhelmed with life? I'm not suicidal in anyway shape or form, it's just a weird feeling to explain. It's like I just feel overwhelmed at the thought of life. Maybe it's because i'm scared i'll feel like this forever, I really don't know how to explain it.

I've been taking Sertraline for 5/6 weeks now and its only been the last week i've felt like this. Sometimes I feel ok but other times I just feel overwhelmed.

Why is it so hard to explain? I just feel like my head is so full all the time that I cant even string a thought together.

I also have a fear of going crazy which I fear every day. Sometimes I can talk myself out of it but then other my thoughts just take over and convince me otherwise.

Please tell me i'm not alone. I need advice.

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    Not alone at all. Many times I've felt overwhelmed by my anxiety and my head has just been useless. It comes and goes. I'm taking a low dose of Citalopram which i find helps x

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    Hey buddy,

    You are not alone! I have a anxiety disorder and what you said about feeling like your head is full of stuff but you cant string a thought together sounds very familiar. Also the fear of going crazy is familiar to me. For me its more the fear of losing control of my mind, but it comes to the same point actually. I never thought it could have to do with the meds. I take fluoxetine 10MG, but before my meds I 'think' i had kind of the same problem, but now is more often. Do you also sometimes feel like you are forgetting things? I find out that I make a lot language errors sometimes, it kinda reminds me of dementi

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      Oops there went something wrong;)

      *It kinda reminds me of dementia.

      Anyway you're not alone.

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    Hi, Amanda! You're definitely not alone, anxiety makes most of us feel that way.

    I suffer from anxiety and depression, I have been taking Luvox for over two years now. I can tell you, even after all that time, the feeling doesn't really go away. It's just that, with the effect of the medicine together with therapy, you learn to control it.

    The advice I can give you: try to clear your head. If you're in the middle of an activity, stop. If you're in a meeting or interacting with people, excuse yourself. Not doing this will only overwhelm you even more.

    My therapist recommended to me a cognitive approach. You need to rationalize a little what you're feeling and then change your conduct. Identify the circumstances where you feel like that, what triggers it and what's your usual response. Then, think of what you would like to do when that feeling comes again (e.g.; confront it and conquer it) and start taking steps towards that action.

    I know it's hard, but it's the best way to go. Better than denying it or running away. I found that in my case, therapy was a great help, and being able to talk to somebody who could give me advice was great. You can also talk to your family or friends... anyone close to you. From my personal experience (I don't know if that's your case), I'm not able to open up easily, so I had to do the effort to go talk to them, but it was very satisfying when I did... not that I felt happy, just a weight lifted off my shoulders.

    Hope this helps you.

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      hi....I'm gonna second what Julianne had to say then add a couple of things that have happened to me.

      once when I'd gone to the atm (which I'd done 1000 times before), I completely went blank....couldn't remember my pin #, didn't remember why I was there or how much $$ I wanted....It was terrible and frightening! the harder I tried to remember, the worse it got!

      I was sweating and hyper-ventilating and thought I'd pass out for sure!

      I ended going back and sitting in my car for 20m just deep breathing.

      I finally got it together and everything came rushing back to me as quickly as it had left!

      I've not been able to figure out why that happened, it JUST DID!!

      and till I was willing to let it go and just "breathe", I was just making it worse!

      my point is, when you get an onset of such anxiety/panic, DON'T fight it...it'll pass....just don't panic!

      I hope this will help you or anyone else!!

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