Haveing a bit of a dip.....

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feeling really flat tonight... know that its to do with being perimenapausal but when does perimenapausal become menapausal?

i'm on hrt but due to allergies etc i can't take tables so have a merano coil and patches which have been now up-ed to a higher dose..

helped at first but... not sure if its enough... also on sertaline...

back to feeling like bursting in to tears..

but also angry for no reason at all...

fed up with buzzing in my ears, pressure in my head etc ba humbug...

I am happy enough pottering about at home.. which is good as i also work from home.. and am happy enough dealing with customers that come in past & people who phone... etc. but can't be bothered with going visiting people.. myself.. and tonight my aunt phoned who i haven't spoken to for a while... no reason just couldn't be bothered picking up the phone to phone people.. and then tonight she phoned as she hadn't heard from me and wondered how i was doing... i told her i hadn't been well and couldn't talk and would phone her back... when she asked if i was ok, i fobbed her of with not being able to talk and said i'd phone her back tomorrow...

i was a bit sharp with her... I love her to bits but can't be bothered...

What the hell is going on with me..

i just want to be the old me...

with plenty of get up and go loads of energy and smiling just because the suns shining...

any sujestions or do you know of any one brave enough to give me a kick up the bum and to get on with it....frown  cry.....

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    Welcome to menopause yes the moods are really there. If you can't take HRTs can you take an antidepressant to help with how you are feeling. 

    I have had my moods up and down with a lot of crying, anger, at lashing out at my boyfriend and others, and then the anxieties. 

    Try to get out do not keep yourself in your house because that can make your moods worse 

    there are times i don't feel like going out but i have to push myself to get out of the place andwhen i come back i feel much better. Take a walk or go for a bike ride to get away from people. Don't just ignore them completly 

    There are times i feel like that where i just sleep all day and not answer any phones but it makes me feel worse

    Take a bubble bath to help relax, do some yoga get into a yoga class yoga helps relax a person. 

    Do something for yourself and you will feel better

    Try to smile and don't let your moods run your life you can run it not your moods 

    I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts

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      Hi Susan I'm on 2 lots off anti depressants and I still feel like killing someone, I just don't know what to do anymore I think I'm going mad at times , I have even overdosed ,just can't be bothered just sitting in my room in bed, don't laugh I should be happy going away on holiday and I can't be bothered to pack just feeling down all the time 
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      Hi my love

      Please dont despair. Dont lose hope. I know how you feel. Ive been in perimenopause eight years im now 48.

      There have been times when I have felt so bad I didn't want to wake up the next day.

      But with positive thinking books ( norman Vincent peale) his books are amazing and lots of prayer I get through the teally rough days.

      Im on a low dose AD mirtazapine which takes the edge off.

      Keep urself connected to the ladies on here. They have been a great source of strength.

      Just knowing ur not alone and not going crazy helps loads.

      We will get through this stage of life together.

      Keeping you in my prayers.

      Today will be a good day for you today. Keep telling urself that.

      Where the mind goes the man follows so practice positive thinking even when you dont feel like it.

      Google some books also

      Sending hugs xx

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      Its not the end of the world. How many antidepressants are you on maybe its the combo of the antidepressant making you feel so down and depressed 

      You should talk to your doctor because to me you are in a depression and not going out can make it worse, you need to talk to a therapist about how you feel that will help and please do not overdose on your meds get some help because you are a good person and I don't want to see you in despair 

      like you are. 

      Talk to someone please and if you need to maybe you need to be put in the hospital if you are that down on yourself. 

      Yes i have been down on myself, and i talk to a therapist and i tell myself i want to be happy with myself so she has me think of the positive stuff in me 

      Tell yourself something positive you are pretty you are a good cook, you are friendly and kind, this is just a start for you to do it on your own. Pray to God read the bible this will pass it will just hang in the 

      Just write down everything positive about yourself on paper and keep it beside yourself things will work out it will do not lose hope 

      You are in my prayers

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      Thank you michelle 

      I have been there with my depression and anxieties and being down on yourself is not good and isolating yourself is not good if she need help she need to find it so she does not do anything to herself she seems to be a nice person 

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      Yes like you I have also battled depression and anxiety in perimenopause. I fully understand. Like you say not isolating yourself is the best thing to do. Its very hard I know. Ladies like yourself on this site will hopefully see her through the bad patch.

      God bless x

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      thanks for this Susan...

      and your right... i hate this meapausal crap... but got to get on with it... got sorted out witha yoga class (start next week. and going to an acupunture and meditation session tomorrow lunchtime...

      my aunt phoned this morning and i burst into tears and had a long blether with her... which helped... so we are going to make a point of meeting up for a coffee over next couple of weeks...

      and im smiling at myself because it could be so much worse...


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      oh poor thing.. please speak to your doctor.. and if your present doctor isn't the right one try another...

      everything just builds up and can get to much..

      all because of the menaupasal crap.. we all need help with it one way or another... and the lovely ladies on here all know what we are going through...

      sending you a hug...

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    Hello Scottish Granny and welcome to the club! I think we'd ALL like to know when this misery ends.rolleyes

    I'm on HRT and when I first started it was great. Then I started getting breakthrough bleeding - only a little - but annoying, so I took a break until the hot flushes became too much. At the moment I've just started taking it again and the flushing/ night sweats are getting less.

    To add to the hilarity I have a frozen shoulder, so if the night sweats don't get me, the frozen shoulder wakes me up. I haven't had a good nights sleep in MONTHS. To top everything off nicely, I've got a head cold - does anyone know where I can get a head transplant?

    No, I don't want to kick you up the bum (if I wanted to, I haven't the energy!) Just go easy with yourself girl and if you want to moan you go right on ahead.

    Your talk about the 'phone call has prompted me to phone an elderly friend of mine. She called last week and I didn't take the call as I didn't want to 'chat'. I must do something about that. At 92 I know every day of our friendship is precious and she LOVES a good rant!lol

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      thanks bobbysgirl... spoke to my aunt today we both had a blether and a greet... so between that and all the lovely ladies on here i'm back to being a bit more upbeat.... so going to spend the evening checking out my diary and contacting a few friends to organise a coffee and ablether...

      Hope your shoulders feeling better soon...


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      Thanks for that. I'm glad you got in touch with your aunt.

      I called in to our local garden centre today looking for a particular plant. It's a bit late in the season so I had no luck. But I did get chatting to Bernie the owner's wife. They are both lovely people and we get on really well. I stood chatting for almost an hour! We put the world to rights and had a good laugh at the expense of our squabbling political leaders (I live in Northern Ireland - you have to laugh or you'd cry!)

      For an hour I forgot all about my shoulder and cold. Wonderful things - friends!

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    Hi my doctor wants me to go on HRT but I don't know what to do with it, I'm 46 what was it like for you when you first went on it. I have taken to my bed I can't be bothered to do anything at all just want to sleep all the time. I'm getting a lot off headaches and sweats feeling sick, the ringing in my eyes I have had for the last past 12 months I did not think it was related to the menopause. I'm to scared because off the risk off breast cancer I can walk past someone who has a cold and I get it by the next day like.
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      oh my god poor you...sending you a hug...

      before i started on the hrtroute things were pretty bad.. kept going to doctor and teeling her what was happening... she sujested i was still greiving for my dad and that grief can take many forms.... she was about as much help as a fish out of water....

      i went to see a different dr about something completely unrelated.. and he asked how i was doing...  and i burst into tears.... but had no idea why. so we sat and had a chat about everything that had happened and been happening.... he then asked if he could do some tests to rule out various thing... and bless him asked if there was any possibilty that i could be starting to go through the change even though i was quite young...

      wow it was like a light had been switched on.....

      he did the relevant tests and arranged for me to come back and see him when the result s came back... 

      it was official i was perimenapausal and obviously had been for a while due to the results... he sujjested i saw a female doctor as they would have abetter understanding of the situation.. as he felt that a man had no hope of even hoping to understand...

      so this i did but went back to see the origional female doctor who informed me that i was to young blah blah blah.... when i told her i had been tested she looked at my notes and then said that things would pass.... went back to her again and again... eventually took hubby with me as i felt like i had lost the plot big style and was worried sick i was either going to murder him or my grown up sons...

      when asked how the doctor could help me.. with a tone of oh its you again... i told her what was going on and shesaid that everything would feel more over the top due to being menapausal and that if i remembered that it would settle down...  

      fortunately hubby stepped in and asked her to get a realitty check.. and told her what had been going on.. how extremme my mood swings were and even though he loved me to bits he wasn't sure how long he could cope... and she obviously wasn't the right doctor to see... so we walked out and he had a chat with the receptionist and asked who they had that was keyed up on the menapause etc... so that was when i met the right doctor.. she was seriously keyed up onit and when i went to see her she sat listened.. and then smiled... and said join the most special club there is.. she told me that i wasn't grieving/ or going crazy... and as for trying to get anyone to understand it was as simple as this.. if they are female they are either going through it or gone through it and will understan what im going through.  and if they haven't gone through it they will be so relieved that you went through it and can then help them further down the line and as to the men.. well F**K them its there turn to look after us and to try to pacify us etc... as we have had to do for them or there mothers had to.. let them try period pains child birth and then the meapause...  ... shes amazing... we had a long chat about the pros and cons of hrt... and agreed that with me it was an idea to try a lower dose...  its amazing how quickly it helped with the sweats the mood swings and the tierdness... 

      unfortunately further down the line it wasn't enough so it was agreed to up the dose and we tried a few different types. im now also on a low dose of sertiline (Antidepressant)  to help with the hot and cold flushes wch slowly started to creep back in and the mood swings that started to slowly surface.... its helped.. but i think it must be time to pop back and see her because now that i think about it...its possibly why ive been getting a bit out of sorts again....

      keep your chin up... oh and give Menopase a try that works for some people..  sending you a hug... and a remider to speak to people on here as it helps...


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